Trading Revis keeps Jets from losing him to Pats

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The headline of the article in the New York Daily News implies a much stronger report than the text from Gary Myers ultimately provides.  Still, the notion that the Jets don’t/won’t/wouldn’t want to see cornerback Darrelle Revis bolt for the Patriots in 2014 would/could/should be a major factor in the decisions made regarding what otherwise would be his last year in New York.

Because of a contract that prevents the Jets from using the franchise tag on Revis after the coming season, the only way to prevent him from landing in the division would be to trade him to another team that would then sign Revis to a long-term deal.

While no Jets source is cited in support of the idea that the team hopes to avoid a defection to New England, the possibility is sufficiently scary to make the Jets consider seriously the wisdom of cutting the cord on Revis now, in order to not be haunted by him later.  After all, the 2013 season is shaping up to be a cap-and-contracts calamity.  Why waste the last dance with Revis on a team that doesn’t have the talent to take advantage of his?

Still, it won’t be easy.  The desire to keep Revis out of New England doesn’t mean the Jets will accept a bag of pistachios from a team like the 49ers.  And the next team Revis signs with will have to be willing to pay him, despite the ACL injury.

There’s a way to work it all out, with option bonuses and conditional picks and balloon terms, if he is later traded to the Patriots.  If keeping Revis out of New England is a priority for the Jets, the Jets will be willing to put in the effort necessary to complete a complex trade.

49 responses to “Trading Revis keeps Jets from losing him to Pats

  1. Did Revis ever state interest in the Pats? if no, we shouldn’t focus solely on that he could join pretty much any team since most teams in today’s game deploy 3 cb almost every down.

  2. Revis is probably the only player that would scare anyone on the Patriots from that team.

  3. He is not going to New England. New England isn’t going to make him the highest paid player in the NFL.

  4. The Patriots are good because of Tom Brady. Winning teams dont spend resources like that on one cornerback. The players closest to the ball should be your best. Billichick is just playing the Jets into doing something stupid…which is brilliant.

  5. I seriously doubt the Patriots would be in the market for Revis. He’ll cost them far too much under the cap; they prefer signing lower-priced free agents, not the top tier. If I were the Jets I wouldn’t worry about this scenario at all — the Jets don’t have a top wide receiver for Revis to cover, anyway!!

  6. They should probably be more focused on their on QB situation. Going up against Sanchez will make any secondary look like there’s four Revises in the defensive backfield. Even for the Pats.

  7. Couldn’t Revis refuse to sign with any team he’s traded to and still become a free agent at the end of the season? Meaning, that if Revis wants to play for the Pats in 2014, there isn’t anything the Jets can do to stop that (assuming the Pats want him).

  8. I’m not even a Jets fan but this whole Revis situation is just annoying. He signs a huge deal wants more the next season and get more… Then gets hurt and still wants more. Revis is amazing and probably the best corner in football but sometime he has to realize he signed a “contract” which means both sides hold up their end of the deal.

  9. Belichick would never pay Revis the kind of money he wants, never mind his me first, hold out every other year attitude, IMO. BB has never really wanted to pay secondary guys the big money, even back in his Giant days. He’s a front 7 guy, although judging by the last few yrs he may need to rethink that. Don’t forget, he let Milloy, TLaw and ASamuel go. Still think Talib winds up back there, along with some of their young corners. Don’t think the market for Talib is going to be too outrageous.

  10. its all talk, its always all talk and rumors and ppl hear this and said this…I dont even pay attention until its official, Revis could destroy on any team tho but hes always going to hold out every year because of contract disputes as well

  11. If Revis wants to go to Pats in 2014, they can’t stop him. He still has control over whether or not he signs a long term deal to whatever team trades for him.

    He’s be a fool to do that. He’ll get more $ in free agency.

    No team will trade for him for 1 year.

    #Jets are screwed. #Tannenbaumed.

  12. No way Revis comes to NE. Pats don’t want the “money first” players and Revis has spoken out against the Pats multiple times. Anyone remember the awkward ESPN studio bit with Revis and Gronk?

  13. Doesn’t matter where he goes. They won’t be contenders while revis is playing

  14. Any chance Revis intentionally leaked that he’d be “interested in the Pats in 2014” to initiate the trade process to get him out of the circus and onto a quality team for 2013 and beyond?

  15. This is pretty absurd. I’m sure the Jets are much more concerned with getting him to play for NY this year and the cap situation beyond.

  16. Of course the “If we can’t have him, you can’t either” strategy…the M.O. psycho ex-girlfriends have been relying on since the dawn of free agency.

  17. Give me a break… who are the Jets kidding? They’ve got AT LEAST three years of sorting out to do… and because of a terrible Sanchez contract they decided to keep a terrible coach around for another year so we can all watch them crash and burn.

    By the time the Jets are anywhere near the level of the Pats Revis will be old and Brady will be retired.

  18. Revis wants to get paid.
    Can’t blame him, but he hurts his own market, with his own behavior.

    If Revis came down a bit, it’d get the fish (no, not the Phins) to bite, and inevitable 2 or more teams would lock horns throwing money at the guy to try to acquire him.

    Asomaugha is a perfect example, guy had a couple good seasons, came on the market, kept his lip closed about compensation, then suddenly teams were throwing money at him, to get him to sign.

  19. The last I remembered, Revis hated the Patriots and thought Belichick was a jerk.

    Also when was the last time the Patriots signed a superstar player that they couldn’t get for at least some kind of discount?

    With no disrespect to The Island. I don’t see Revis coming to the Pats either way.

  20. As tedmurph pointed out ,I agree there is no way NE pays Mevis what he wants. That is not how business is done at One Patriots Place.

  21. Have JJ in Dallas just trade Jenkins and a 3rd round pick to NY for DR, and make either Carr or Claiborne the cover safety they have needed for a decade now. Problem solved

  22. Lol this guy really thinks the Pats would pay a corner the kind of money Revis gets ? He knows ZERO about the Pats.

    Reference – Ty Law, Assante Samuel.

    Not to mention they would have nothing to do with a player that demands a new and outrageously huge contract every other year.

  23. I’ve never in my life seen a team get into another’s head like the Patriots are in the Jets’.

    I mean, when have the Patriots broken the bank to overpay players?

  24. I don’t see the big deal. He goes to the Patriots then you just throw at somebody else. Like they’re going to stop you!

  25. Revis has already fleeced the jets for a boatload of money, if he decides he will take less for a team that continuously contends year after year this might just happen.

  26. The Pats are in the Jets’ heads like someone’s old high school girlfriend. Virtually every move they make is made looking over their shoulder at the Patriots. Clearly, the hold up with releasing Tebow, and the signing of him originally, is (was) to keep him from being an h-back with New England. Now they are worried about Revis. The Jets should just do their job and stop worrying about Belichick, who is a bigger curse to the Jets than Ruth is to the Red Sox.

  27. ha ha…this is why the Jets are the Jets. They’re so worried about their neighbors to the north that they’ll do something thinking that it’ll hurt or not help the Pats.

    They need to focus on themselves and what’s right for their team. Everything else will fall into place if they’re doing a good job for themselves.

  28. cdoyle444cdoyle444 says:Mar 1, 2013 8:35 AM

    Hello Mr. Revis. Come on down to New England. We could use you and we got the money to sign you. Talib and Revis. Hell Ya!!

    1. NE is north (up) from NY.

    2. Kraft is so tight, when he walks his ass squeaks.

  29. The Jets should do like George Castanza in that epsisode of Sinfield when George tried doing the opposite of everything he would normally do. After all, the Jets are the George Castanza of the NFL.

  30. Florio and his jets obsession always calls me to point out how foolish it is to talk about a broken down one year wonder is you should work for espn as much time you spend over rating hold out island he’s past his 15 minutes of fame everybody knows the hype surpassed his play years ago and it’s a fad and trend that has passed let the 49ers trade for him and then do actual research and tell me when the super bowl loser went back let alone with a one legged over hyped one year wonder first take can’t believe how much you over hype a non factor

  31. Teams better worry about that knee, before breaking the bank on this guy, if it should slow him down even a little, that’s too much for a cornerback.

  32. Who cares about Pats. Jets need to worry about there own problems, not the spats.

    As long as Brady is there, they will never win the division. If Pats present a trade the Jets can’t refuse, take him.

  33. lrjets says,

    Kraft is so tight, when he walks his ass squeaks. Says the fan of the team that guarantees the contract of one of the worst QB’s in the NFL and has not played in the Super Bowl in over 45 years !

  34. I have a question I’d like someone to help me with; when the Packers traded Brett Favre away, there was a stipulation in the trade agreement that if the Jets traded Favre to any of the teams in the Packers’ division, the compensation due the Packers would increase. I don’t remember how much it would, but it would increase. Couldn’t the Jets do the same if they trade Revis to keep him out of the East?

  35. Florio, as a lawyer, why don’tyou chime in on the legality of a contract increasing the trade compensation due the team that currently owns the contractual rights of a player if the player is subsequently traded to a specific team or a group of teams. This strikes me as an antitrust violation in the making given that the player would not be agreeing to the exclusion.

  36. ampats says:Mar 1, 2013 12:07 PM

    lrjets says,

    Kraft is so tight, when he walks his ass squeaks. Says the fan of the team that guarantees the contract of one of the worst QB’s in the NFL and has not played in the Super Bowl in over 45 years !

    Gee….41 more years to catch the Red Sox streak.
    And BTW, the total record of the Pats-Jets is 54-51-1. That’s with Brady!
    Here is something you Patridiots should think of on this probable empty week-end.
    Belichick and the Pats have not won the SB without Mangini!
    Aren’t facts pesky?

  37. The Patriots simply will not pay what Revis wants. He’s on record as wanting $16 mill per year.

    Revis is also locker room drama with his diva hold out antics.

    Revis would have to want a ring for him to sign with NE. Cause he’d need to sign on for less $$ and agree to keep quiet. And Revis seems to want money more than a championship

    He’s a great CB. But not a good fit with the Pats.

    Plus, he thinks Belichick is a jerk. So idk how much Revis wants to work under him.

  38. Besides, Belichick has completely forgotten how to win in the playoffs.

    So satisfying, sad to say, that as a Jets fan I was so happy to watch the Patriots miss out on last years super bowl thanks to Ray Rice and the mighty Ravens.

    But seriously, as a Pats fan, you gotta be pissed off that Brady’s last few years, and the past 8 years, no super bowls I hold Belichick responsible, he has forgotten all about defense and your team could have won 4 more super bowls with a coach like Cowher.

  39. Iejets. As though winning the Super Bowl is easy. Before you can win it, you have to get there; and that starts by winning your division. And the Patriots have been the most consistently competitive team, year after year in the modern salary cap era. Using your logic, the Jets should fire Rex Ryan and exhume Weeb Ewbank. Can they be any worse?

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