Abraham doesn’t close door on a return to Falcons

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Cut Friday by the Falcons, defensive end John Abraham took the high road when the time came to talk about the team.

Possibly because he knows he could be back.

We are going to take it day by day,” Abraham told NFL Network regarding the possibility of a return, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “They have to weigh their options, I have to weigh mine.  If something better comes up for either one of us, I think we are going to make it happen.”

Abraham, who was wearing Falcons gear during the interview, was asked whether the team is better without him.  And he didn’t say no.

“You never can tell,” Abraham said.  “It is like when San Francisco changed quarterbacks — it could have been a good move or  a bad move, but they ended up going to the Super Bowl.  You really can’t judge that.  You hope for the best,  you hope for the best for Atlanta.  I have so many friends on the team, I don’t want to see them do bad.”

Especially since he may be doing bad, or good, right alongside them.

8 responses to “Abraham doesn’t close door on a return to Falcons

  1. Seeing him wear the Falcons gear on NFL network and have nothing but good things to say was a nice reminder that we still got some class in this league and we aren’t littered with unproven chauch’s like Titus.

  2. Those are going to be REALLY big shoes to fill. He has been responsible for majority of the sack production over the past few years.

  3. This is why I respect the falcons organization so much. We always have players with class. They are actually players that should be looked up to on and off the field. Both Abe and Turner had nothing but good things to say. Abe come back at a reasonable contract. Retire with the falcons.

  4. Yes take less money to back and play for those lovable Losers of the South, the FalCants.

  5. Hey saints idiot it’s over for you. You had a nice little run but its done. Your defense is historically bad and you are probably going to hover around 8-8 until Brees is done and then sink back where you belong.

  6. The Saints will win the South and everything will be back to normal. Someone said these classy dudes should be looked up to.lol Both Abe and Turner were arrested last year, yeah role models

  7. Even if and it’s far from over the Saints have and will once again be on top of the mountain. While you lowly FalCants will be mere bridemaids, the last fat chick at the bar after last call.

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