Andre Smith eyeing $9 million per year

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The Bengals have applied the franchise tag to defensive end Michael Johnson.  Which means that right tackle Andre Smith will be headed to unrestricted free agency, absent a new deal.  Soon.

Smith, a first-round pick in 2009 who had the final two years of his rookie deal disappear when the Bengals opted not to pay him a $4.75 million option bonus in 2011, will be able to negotiate with other teams as of March 9, and to sign elsewhere on March 12.

Of course, the negotiations already have begun.  Tampering, yes, but they’re happening.  And word is that Smith is looking for a deal that pays out $9 million per year.

In hindsight, perhaps the Bengals should have paid the money and kept Smith.  He has become in recent years a very good player.  And if he gets what he’s looking for on the open market, Smith’s much-maligned rookie deal will look a lot better in hindsight.

After all, how many pre-2011 first-round picks who aren’t busts get to the open market after only four years?

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  1. with his injury history prior to 2012 no way would anyone have paid him a 4.5 mil bonus.. now with a gun charge over his head and at min. a 2 game suspension I don’t see him getting 9mil..

  2. Voiding the last two years of Smith’s deal is a chicken or the egg thing. All he did the first few years of his deal was show up fat and allow his girth to cause foot stress fractures. It wasn’t until the Bengals passed on the last two years of his deal that he decided to start impersonating a professional. I predict he will leave for a higher guaranteed amount followed shortly by the purchase of a Krispy Kreme franchise. He will be fat and hurt within 3 months of getting his money. Bet.

  3. I believe he will sign with the Bengals for about half that, 4.5 million. He wants stay with the team that helped him turn it around. Plus the Bengals money is real money, smart players and agents know this.

  4. Anyone who thinks Smith is a bust hasn’t watched an ounce of football. He plays RT because Whitworth is a pro bowl caliber LT.

    Check Smiths grades at PFfocus and tell us he’s a bust again.

  5. jpb12 says:Mar 2, 2013 9:47 AM

    They paid him big money to play LEFT tackle. He’s a RT… He’s a bust. Move on.

    They never intended for him to be a LT, always a RT. They had Whitworth at LT already. He certainly is not a bust either. He is one of the best RTs right now and has put a couple decent years together.

  6. He’s got a bad rap because of his combine/rookie holdout, but he was one of the best RTs in the NFL last season.

    I’d love for Dallas to sign him to a deal.

  7. 5 million a year and a 12 pack of Hamburgers a day should get the deal done.

  8. His work ethic sucks. Except at the end of his contract. He would have been a good candidate for the tag, but the Bengals couldn’t let M. Johnson hit the open market.

  9. He only played this well because he knew his contract was coming to an end.

    I would be scared to death giving this guy a lot of guaranteed money.

  10. He started out on the wrong foot with holdout when drafted, then fractured it. Has turned into the best o lineman on the Bengals. Whit is highly over rated. Need to lock this beast down.

  11. The Bengals did what they had to do. Do you think Brown wanted Dre’ to hold out of almost all of training camp rookie year? No. They loved his talent but realized the risk they were taking especially when he showed to a meeting looking unsvelte. So they put in a clause to opt out of the final two years if they felt he was going belly up, which he was after year two when they had to make the call.

    It’s like Whodeydaytonchapter says, he started impersonating a professional. I don’t know if I believe that entirely but he has become more of a pro and has worked his ass off like he should have when he first showed. Now he finds himself in a sweet position. The Bengals aren’t going to overpay and they shouldn’t. Dre’ knows that Brown has been straight up and down with him the entire time. If anything, Dre’ needs to thank Blackburn/ Brown for putting that clause into his contract and motivating him to be at his best.

    If he was a true pro he should reciprocate by accepting a fair offer from the Bengals (35 mill, 5 years). However, this isn’t a perfect world and some delusional jackass team that thinks they are a tackle away from being a playoff contender (Jaguars, Bills, Rams) will probably get into a bidding war for him.

    IMO Dre’ is gone, I think Brown would want him to sign another incentive laden deal which he clearly won’t have to do this time with other suitors in the mix. However, this will be his downfall since he will get paid, complacent, fat, and then eat himself out of the league when he is not held accountable.

  12. wasnt this the guy who ran at the combine and looked like he needed a bra? pretty much a dud til contract year, thats a huge red flags for GM’s 9 mill a year? LOL

  13. Whit over rated, Pre snap penalties on the rise, sacks allowed on the rise, costly holding calls. BJGE couldn’t run behind him. His locker room presence and on field leadership are unmatched but he’s not a top notch tackle.

  14. This would qualify nicely as a “double dip” for Mike Lombardi. The Browns have had a revolving door of players at RT and they have the cap space to pay a premium for Smith.

  15. That doesnt spell good news for MN and Loadholt if this guy gets anywhere close to 9m because he is half the player of Loadholt.

  16. Nobody is going to pay Smith 9 mil per year. I expect the Bengals are letting Smith test the market to see his value with the idea that they will match his best offer. That probably won’t be for more than 7.5 and maybe even less with the glut of tackles this year.

  17. He’s also eyeing the buffet. 9 mil is not going to happen buddy.

  18. Why didnt you guys use the man breast flopping, make ya throw up picture for him?

    Anyway, he’s an average RT. you draft a OT 8th to be your franchiss LT. He clearly did not fulfill expectations. He’s dreaming if he thinks he’ll get anything over 5-6.

  19. If the Bengals turn out to have played this right, just remember, even a blind squirrel gets an acorn now and then. 22 years, zero playoff wins.

  20. He did fulfill “expectations” but we have overachieving Whit at LT. I think your team have they’re own O-Line problems, so leave it to us to decide what he’s worth. By the way he stone walled Woodley last year after struggling against him his first year

  21. Both sides gambled on that rookie deal- especially with that bonus in 2011.

    If you’re the Bengals, you don’t pay it and get out of a pre-rookie wage scale top 10 contract before the big money years and hopefully sign him back at a number below the original final 2 years.

    If your’re Smith, you either get the security+ >$4mil of having those final 2 years or you hopefully hit the market earlier than you would have with youth to break the bank earlier than you would have normally (Restricted free agency being reduced to 4 years also makes that deal that much better).

  22. Andre Smith is not a professional, because of the off field problem. The way that he played vs Houston, in the playoffs, I think that what the Bengals may be look at, J.J. Watts ate him up. I think that the Bengals should test the free agent market too. I feel they could look at Phil Loadholt – MIN, also. If the Bengals could sign Loadholt, still think, they should try to find a good offensive lineman in the draft. Feel that the OL is a problem spot, 22nd Total Offense, 18th Rushing,
    17th Passing, 27th 3rd Pct., and gave up 46 sacks. It all starts up front.
    This has to fixed before they can move to the next level.

  23. “In hindsight, perhaps the Bengals should have paid the money and kept Smith.”

    The Bengals never pay, hence no playoff wins in 22 years.

    Mike Brown is proud of his empty trophy case and his fans support him blindly.

  24. I know I am late to this love-fest, but there is one point everyone is overlooking.

    It is the unwillingness of Bengals owners’/management to admit they made a mistake.

    They will let Andre walk rather than admit they should have not voided the final two years of his rookie contract. It won’t be the first time the Bengals have done something that hurt the team due to pride.

    Someone will come along and offer Andre top five money and the Bengals won’t match. He’s gone. Start looking for his replacement.

  25. joetoronto your team has taken a backseat since but have fun with that top 5 pick. Lol coming from a fan with the most notorious owner in HISTORY… why comment on Bengals posts..

  26. Whitworth is a top 5 LT right now. Andre Smith has stepped up lately and may be a top 10 RT. It is the rest of the line that is underachieving.

    I say let him test the market. There are a lot of tackles coming out in the draft and a bunch of free agent tackles. It is a buyers market for tackles this year. If he wants to come back at a fair price, fine, otherwise good luck to the team that overpays.

  27. hitdog042 says: Mar 2, 2013 10:19 AM

    Anyone who thinks Smith is a bust hasn’t watched an ounce of football. He plays RT because Whitworth is a pro bowl caliber LT.

    Check Smiths grades at PFfocus and tell us he’s a bust again.

    And you don’t have an ounce of financial sense, because paying a guy for 4 years for only 1.5 years worth of productivity is most definitely a bust.

    And Whitworth it not elite. He would be much better suited at RT (or even a guard spot), he does decent, but his pre-snap penalties are ridiculous and I suspect if he were under less pressure on the right side he’d have a far less problems pre-snap.

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