Brandon Carr likes Monte Kiffin’s “old-school” approach


New Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin turned 73 this week, and he’s half a century older than some of his players. One of the Cowboys’ top defensive players seems to like having a coach who does things the old-fashioned way.

Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr says that when he met Kiffin, the two of them hit it off, and that he’s excited for the way Kiffin will transform the defense.

“He seemed like an old-school ball coach, a no-nonsense guy that makes everyone out there accountable for their actions,” Carr told the Dallas Morning News. “The short meeting that we had he gave me a lot of information and insight. He let his enthusiasm rub off on me.”

But while Kiffin certainly has a different personality than his predecessor, Rob Ryan, the bigger question is whether Kiffin’s 4-3 front and Tampa 2 coverage will mesh with a defense that was built with different schemes in mind. Carr admitted he’s not sure how that’s going to play out.

“As far as going from a 3-4 to a 4-3, I guess only time will tell where this progresses,” Carr said. “Just talking to the guys, everybody has a good attitude and we’re eager to get back at it.”

Cowboys fans will be eager to see if Kiffin’s old-school approach brings a renewed energy in 2013 to a defense that disappointed in 2012.

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  1. If everyone remembers it’s the 4-3 def that has who the Superbowls in Dallas along with the Flex Def that Coach Landry developed. If we can sign say Freeney or Osi in free agency or draft a stud DE we will be just fine.

  2. It’s clear that the problem (other than Jerry Jones) is Jason Garrett. He isn’t a leader. He doesn’t have command over the locker room. He isn’t a guy players want to play for. A good coordinator, but it ends there.

  3. What are the odds on who kicks the bucket first, Kiffin or JJ? Both need to retire into the sunset.

  4. I think Carr could thrive in the 4-3 tampa 2 because he is a bit of a ball hawk
    I hope this is sarcasm. Carr is nothing like a ballhawk. He doesn’t he possess the hands or the ability to turn his head around to see the ball in order to be one. Just because you took a #2 CB, overpaid him by 4M$/year and slapped a star on his helmet, doesn’t make him something he’s not and he’s definitely not a ballhawk.

  5. Carr’s going to be a perfect fit for your new D, it’s like the type of press he played in KC under Herm, only now he’s much better.

  6. This move has bust written all over it. Monte is one of the most overhyped def coaches out there. When he was the bucs coach the talent on his teams were top notch- brooks, sapp, lynch, barber, rice……but look at what happens to his teams when he has to work with non all pro talent. Stats don’t lie. Look at USC he got torched with his scheme….his excuse….takes too long to learn is utter BS.

  7. It’s amazing how many of you Ret’s know nothing about football. You just come on to bash anything that another team you don’t like does. Some of the things that are posted are so idiotic I can’t help but think its sarcasm. Or dt’s are garbage lol how would you know because our dt’s are gonna be former d ends except ratt who was a pro bowler before injury. Carr isn’t a ball hawk lol idiot what do you know let me guess you are a pro scout and you study all of his game tape. No your right just cause we slap a star in his helmet doesn’t make him a ball hawk but I’m sure if we took the star off and slapped what ever trash team you root for on his head he would be the next d sanders.

  8. Next season, after Mr. Kiffin is fired, all we’ll hear is: “Guy’s around here are used to being treated like Men, not yelled at like little Boys, this is the NFL, not Pop Warner.”

    Cowboys, all drama.

  9. paulsmith107

    I agree with your rant…the cowboys will continue the championship form they have exhibited over the past 15 years…ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  10. Pardon me, but I expect Brandon Carr likes playing anywhere that he gets paid $10,000,000 a year.

  11. Paulsmith107
    Did u just criticize everyone for their opinion and being biased? Go re-read your own post and let us know about 1 valid point that you made. You must be too busy watching game film…lol. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

    I think u need to rip on yourself. Weak cowboy drivel from a rose colored glasses wearin cowboy fan.

    I thought my point about monte’s nfl history is very relevant. Go ask warren sapp what he thinks about monte and his childlike coaching skills. I can’t wait (like Bart Scott) until the boys self implode AGAIN this year. Ya think there is a reason why he wasn’t invited to the 10 year reunion for the bucs Super Bowl this past year? Yes he is a hated old man. Keep it real cowgirl fans.

  12. J4man1
    Thank you for making my point. As soon as someone critiques your team you get your panties in a bunch.

    All cowboy fans are so sensitive. I guess having a terrible owner and under achieving team is starting to affect the mental stability of the fan base. Lol.

  13. Same number of SB rings as Robert Craft… Or close to it… He just did it recently vs lately.

  14. The problem is you aren’t maximizing Carr’s and Claiborne’s value by putting them in zones and making them responsible for RB’s. Both these guys can be put on an island against opposing starters. The money going to them in a Tampa 2 would be better spent on the pass rush.

  15. PaulSmith107, I don’t think people are bashing the Cowboys because people don’t know football. I think people are bashing the Cowboys because of the product they have witnessed on the field for the last fifteen years or so.
    The proof is right there for all to see, whether you love or hate the Cowboys.
    The monetary success of the Cowboys has not been transferred to the field for a long time.

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