Cutting Robinson puts more focus on Grimes

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Last year, the Falcons entered the season with a top-notch depth chart of cornerbacks:  Brent Grimes, Dunta Robinson, and Asante Samuel.

This year, two thirds of that trio could be gone.

With Robinson cut, only Samuel remains under contract.  Grimes signed a one-year franchise tender in 2012, which paid him $10.284 million last season.  He then tore his Achilles tendon in Week One.

To tag Grimes again, it would cost the Falcons $12.34 million for the 2013 season.  Even though the Falcons cleared more than enough cap space on Friday to pay for Grimes by dumping Robinson, defensive end John Abraham, and running back Michael Turner, it would be a surprise if Grimes is tagged again.

Without Robinson and Grimes, the Falcons have four corners on the roster other than Samuel.  Chris Owens, a third-round pick in 2009, appeared in 13 games with one start in 2012.  Dominique Franks, a fifth-rounder in 2010, appeared in 16 games.   Terrence Johnson, a two-year veteran signed in 2012, appeared in two games.  Robert McClain, who appeared in 15 games and started three, was signed last season as a free agents after spending his first two years with Carolina and Jacksonville.

There’s no way the Falcons made the move to dump Robinson and, possibly, to let Grimes go without a plan.  In due time, we’ll find out what it is.

Who knows?  Maybe Samuel will be dumped, too.

14 responses to “Cutting Robinson puts more focus on Grimes

  1. Welcome back, Chris Houston. We really liked you…really. Our bad, trading you to Detroit. We’re very close to winning it all so, please come back (for a more reasonable $ amount than these guys) and we’ll make you a starting CB again…maybe even give you your old number. Whadya say?

  2. They don’t need any decent corners. After all, they’re only in the same division as Drew Brees.

  3. You really think we are going to cut Samuels and then have no cornerbacks? Please. The goal is obviously to resign Grimes. If it wasn’t then they would not have let Robinson go.

  4. I don’t get this. The defensive backfield was their strong unit on defense, and it looks like their blowing it up (the corners at least). They have to realize it was their defense combined with lack of a run game that caused them to lose the NFC Championship game. Really puzzling.

  5. Our Secondary was the best part of our defense last year, and that was without Grimes considering he played half of a game all year. McLain really stepped up this year and really out performed Dunta Robinson. We can have Asante Samuel and McLain on the outside and pick up a CB in free agency. It’s extremely hard to come off a torn Achilles and On top of that Grimes is a zone corner and Mike Nolan has us in a primarily man to man system now. Love Grimey but we need to look elsewhere

  6. I bet they are targeting Mike Jenkins, he would be a good fit without breaking the bank…

  7. So exactly what do you call close to winning it all? 10 yards from the Super Bowl isn’t close? I think you’re the one that’s delusional or maybe just stupid

  8. Atl will struggle within that division next year. Might even miss the playoffs without the cupcake schedule they had this year.

    All the teams in their division will improve and they draw the NFCW with 3 solid teams 2 of which are considered superbowl caliber teams.

    They need to keep there secondary in that pass happy division. I expect they will but be careful other teams in the NFC have gotten better don’t expect them as a #1 or#2 seed next season. If they are they will be the best team in the league bc that schedules tough!

  9. 1 close play-off victory in what 10 years and all of a sudden the Falcons are a team to fear. Most delusional fan base in all of sports.

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