Keyshawn’s advice to Jets — trade Revis


Having had the Jets in a similar situation, and benefitted from it, Keyshawn Johnson has some simple advice for them now — trade Darrelle Revis.

I think it’s a smart move if they do move him and get value,” Johnson told Newsday’s Bob Glauber. “He’s not going to win any games for you. He’s a defensive back who will shut down the [opponents’] top receiver, but the ball is not in his hands. The Jets need more than a top corner. They need some pieces. If he gives them the value to get those pieces, then move him.”

When the ESPN analyst wanted a new deal the team didn’t want to give in 2000, the Jets traded him to the Buccaneers for two first-round picks. Once in Tampa Bay, Johnson won a Super Bowl ring, and had then-Bucs exec John Idzik (now the Jets GM) give him an eight-year, $56 million contract.

“When you see him, tell him I said thanks for the money,” Johnson said of Idzik.

But to the point of the current Jets mess, Johnson said the team’s lack of stability on offense makes dealing their disgruntled cornerback a good move.

“It’s a bad football team, and the quarterback doesn’t know if he’s coming or going,” Johnson said of Mark Sanchez. “One minute, he wants to be Hollywood. The next, he wants to be a quarterback. Can’t do both, son.”

Obviously Idzik helping him be rich has made Johnson quite generous with his free advice.

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  1. The Jets can either trade him now and get some value for him, or let him play out the year and leave in free agency. With free agency you only get a compensatory draft pick and the chance he signs with the rival Patriots. Best DB in the league but you build your team with players who play closest to the ball out, not the other way around.

  2. He is kind of right though…YOu can find decent cb’s all around although not as good as him. If you can fill 3 spots by trading this one guy, then maybe you should, esp if he wants a new contract every 2 years

  3. The Jets would benefit big time trading Revis. Not only could they use the draft pick or picks on one of the great players from this years deep CB class, they could also use it to bolster their Offense. I know they are in need of WR, OL and QB help. I’m sure they could get a second and third round pick from whoever they deal Revis to. Not only would moving Revis solve his never ending Pay Me problem, but the locker room will become less problematic with one less big head in there. Yes, he is a good Corner, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  4. Trade him to who? What team would take a guy in his last yr, with a contract clause that prevents a team from using franchise tag? Oh… and did I mention that he’s likely to hold out… for the 3rd time in his young career?

    He wants to be a free agent, and any team that trades for him will get a 1 year guy.

    That’s not worth a #1 draft pick.

  5. Lol first time I haven’t felt the urge to tell key to shutup… give me more sanchez insults

  6. Keyshawn was 1000 nicer in person than Chrebet. Wayne was a egotistical Napoleon complex guy. Met them both.

  7. Actually he does have a good point. 1 top cb or two/three very good cb’s.

    Most teams will go with the latter.

  8. Revis is probably the least “tradeable” player in the league. He is their best player so they will want significant compensation from the trade partner and not many would be willing to give up much at all. Revis was (probably) the best CB in the league but he has an injury that most CBs are unable to recover from and be completely back to their prior form. He is disgruntled. He has held out twice already and threatened to do it a third time last year. He will be an unrestricted free agent next year and he cannot be franchise tagged. He is paid a ton of money and still wants more. He has a desire to be the highest paid defensive player in the league (if not highest paid at any position). There are several good CB prospects in the draft. There are also several decent veteran CBs available in free agency this year. The trade partner would be essentially using him for a run at the SB this year. That means that the only teams that would be possible trade partners are ones that believe they are merely a CB away from winning it all. That is likely SF, GB, NE, Den and possibly Hou. How many of them would be willing to roll the dice for a one year shot? If he gets traded, the Jets will not get what they believe his value is worth. They are probably stuck with a talented but injured malcontent for this year and gain only the comp pick when he leaves.

  9. Problem is that the Jets will NOT be able to get any SIGNIFICANT value for Revis because he’s coming off a serious injury and he wants a BIG contract. No team is going to give the Jets high draft picks and be willing to take that big a chance on Revis AND Give him a fat contract. Maybe Keyshawn should stick to talking about what he knows best…..being a a$$hole.

  10. How much cash did Revis slip to Keyshawn to say this? Help! Get me outta here! I hate Clowns!

  11. Ravenstor please look up flaco vs the jets cb’s all you will deevin revis int returns and cro int returns…yall have yall ring now enjoy

  12. As a Jets fan I’d love to see Revis hit the open market just to find out that no team would be willing to give him the money he wants. He is so freaking over-rated its crazy! Stevie Johnson of the Bills dominates him every time they play, and who can forget Randy Moss beating him when he returned from his last hold-out? He has too big of an ego and the NY media does not help the cause. So let him walk and have teams pay him half of what he thinks he’s worth, or let him hold out from signing with a team until they are willing to pay him what he wants, which I hope is never.

  13. why Do people say Jets will lose him to N he will accept a team friendly contract…not goin to happen..i would rather watch the Db’s they have then be handcuffed by D. MEvis… great corner tho..Man wants his Doe

  14. In the end, it doesn’t matter if the front can’t pressure the qb. Revis, as great as he is, can’t cover someone for 6 seconds. Not to mention you don’t know how he will respond to the injury. Get what you can as long as it is at least a 2nd and a 3rd, and start to rebuild with offense!!!!! QB, WR, RB, interior oline, TE. This is going to have to wait for a season since Woody is too much of a cheapskate/coward to pull the plug on footlove.

  15. 1. He is coming off an injury. No one knows how well he will come back from it. Everyone is different.

    2. Any trade that is made will require the team trading for him agreeing on a long term deal before the trade goes through. There isn’t going to be a rental situation. The size of that contract will affect what the Jets get via trade.

    3. Even if a team was stupid enough to go for a rental situation, the Jets would get much less in return than a sign and trade type deal.

    4. The market for Revis is going to be small due to all of the contract issues he has had in the past with the Jets. No teams wants to pay top dollar and trade draft picks for a headache that doesn’t go away.

    5. The Patriots won’t go after Revis, unless he is willing to be a team first, contract second guy. I just don’t see that happening.

  16. Where did Keyshawn play last? I remember he was still playing somewhere but was on the panel of people at the nfl draft and I am not sure who was called up for his team and said he would help him out and show him some moves and the next day they cut keyshawn or something. OUCH! right on national tv they did it! Got the other guy to replace him not for him to train to be as good as him some day. very sad

  17. Johnson was released from the Panthers on May 1, 2007 after just one season with the team. He posted 70 receptions for 815 yards and four touchdowns in Carolina.

    Ironically, his release from the Panthers came just three days after he suggested, when working as an analyst for ESPN at the 2007 NFL Draft, that the Panthers should draft a young wide receiver, which they did with the selection of Dwayne Jarrett. Johnson said on air that he was “excited to work with the young (Jarrett).”

    um so all of you who can’t stand Keyshawn…I didn’t really dislike him or like him I just thought he was a good player in his prime and maybe his last year wasn’t the greatest but no one deserves a dish that Carolina gave him. They knew they were going to cut him and he was on air saying he was excited to work with Jarrett. The man they got to REPLACE Keyshawn. Totally messed up. He retired even though miami and tennessee said they wanted him that his numbers weren’t that bad last year and he was still a good player.

  18. “It’s a bad football team, and the quarterback doesn’t know if he’s coming or going,” Johnson said of Mark Sanchez.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. sanchez is a total joke of a pro QB. Hope he plays in NJ forever.

  19. Trade Revis.

    He will not be a lifetime Jet, but I am not being a jerk when I do not fully believe that he wants “Quarterback Money”

    Plus, the Jets have a bright side. The last team to win the Super Bowl with an active Pro Bowl corner was Green Bay, but the 2010 Packers were the first team since the 2003 New England Patriots to do so!

    Get a pass rush first!!!!

    The Giants, Packers, the 2003-04 Patriots, and Steelers all had it!!!!

    Even in the 2010 AFC Title Game their pass rush was questioned!!!

  20. Remember when Key said he was a superstar and Chrebet was a flashlight and that week Key had one catch for nine yards. Meanwhile, the “flashlight” caught the game winning catch on the last play of the game to beat Key’s Bucs.

  21. kev86 says: Mar 2, 2013 9:56 AM

    Keyshawn was 1000 nicer in person than Chrebet. Wayne was a egotistical Napoleon complex guy. Met them both.


    Sadly I have heard the same thing about Chrebet. that he would not run the routes they wanted him to run and he was to undisciplined for the WCO. Finally Chad had to talk to him to get him in line. But I have read the same thing that he was a very selfish player. But the public perception is Chrebet is the white knight and Keyshawn was the jerk.

    Perfromance wise Chrebet was a poor mans Ricky Proehl. A decent slot 3rd receiver. Nothing more. He was no Derrick Gaffney. But because of his image as the underdog people inflate him as a player.

    Keyshawn on the other hand while not great was a good number one possession receiver. Maybe not what you want from the 1st draft pick but a very good player. Although Parcells swindled the Bucs in that trade.

  22. If you want to find out about the probably market for Revis, just look at how it worked out for the Eagles with Asomough. He was the last guy who was toute as the best in the league and HE didn’t cost the Eagles a pick nor was he coming off a serious injury.

    Spending top dollar for an elite player is a risky business to begin with. One that rarely works out for the the team. Paying top dollar PLUS high draft picks is an exercise doomed to failure

    It may be the right idea for the Jets, but its likely the WRONG idea for the team that makes that tradde

  23. jets fans have never realized this…but rest of NFL & their fans laugh @ you. Not because you are funny either.

    Enjoy your circus, won’t get better…AND :

    Happy 44th anniversary jet fans…2 division titles in 44 years. Some very poor dumb football.

  24. @MTLighthouse69, Pats would be one of the 1st in line to sign Revis if he became a free agent. I don’t remember Adalius Thomas and others being team guys.

  25. @ idothis2:

    The Adalius Thomas experiment did not work out well for the Pats at all. It was a disaster. Not as bad as Chad Johnson in terms of production, but close.

    The Patriots aren’t going to pay out the kind of money that it would take to sign Revis long term. It is not in their DNA. just take a look their history when it comes to bringing in players.

    If Revis wants to be the top paid player on defense in the NFL, what happens when another defensive player gets paid more than him? Does he automatically demand a pay raise?

  26. Of all the current/ex-receivers that talk to much, I don’t think any bother me more than Keyshawn. Don’t get me wrong, guys like Irvin and Carter are super obnoxious. But does anyone talk more that has done less than Keyshawn. The dude had 100+ catch season with only one TD! That borders on pathetic if you ask me. His play far from justifies the swag this guy walks around with.

  27. Looking at Keyshawn’s numbers, they are very similar to the numbers that were getting Crabtree called a bust (until this season).

  28. Regis’s ego, money demands and selfishness will likely prevent him from going to NE. The thing about the Pats is that they never let a player dictate to them. Revis thinks he’s a god and demands people bow down and kiss his feet. That ain’t happening in NE.

  29. i see where “report comment” comes up after you sign in. thank you for having that there. used it by mistake today but will no doubt use it in the future for the same character. if you’re truly ‘listening’, thank you.

  30. jets fans have never realized this…but rest of NFL & their fans laugh @ you. Not because you are funny either.

    Enjoy your circus, won’t get better…AND :
    Happy 44th anniversary jet fans…2 division titles in 44 years. Some very poor dumb football.

    there have been some really tough times being a jet fan. some real good years but a big shortage on super bowls. i’ll probably never stop. until they get over the top i’ll just have to take consolation from the fact that i’m a decent person.

  31. Jets defensive backfield is the only part of the team that played well last year consistently. Even though the secondary held its own without Revis last year they should find a way to sign him & solidify this strength. A transitional contract that ties the bigger money to playing time & performance this year & beyond to mitigate concerns about his successful return from injury would make sense for both sides. But of course that would require Revis be fair & rational about it, which may be asking a lot.

    As far a Keyshawn is concerned doesn’t shutting down half the field over the course of a game translate into the blueprint of a win? He’s just as much a one dimensional underperforming narcisstic analyst as he was the player.. as if a win is only about the offense… How amateur!

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