Kyle Arrington hopes to return to the Pats


With so much focus on the status of Pats cornerback Aqib Talib and Alfonzo Dennard, it’s important to remember there are other defensive backs on the team.

One, specifically, is due to become a free agent.

Kyle Arrington hopes to return, and he recently told SiriusXM NFL Radio that the interest is mutual.”I love my teammates, I enjoy being here and definitely want things to work out; there’s mutual interest on both sides as far as trying to get something done. [But] it’s a business,” Arrington said, via Mike Reiss of  “So you just have to let it play out and see where the chips fall.”

Arrington also talked about the “Patriot way,” explaining that it means being the “ultimate professional and team player” for the organization.

“Take Tom [Brady] as the latest example, what he did with his contract, for the team,” Arrington said.  “A lot of things play into it – professionalism, things like that. It’s not a hard thing to buy in to.”

In other words, the Tom-took-less-but-he-really-got-more routine is working.  And maybe Arrington will take less (and really get less) as a result of the non-example Brady set.

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  1. “In other words, the Tom-took-less-but-he-really-got-more routine is working. And maybe Arrington will take less (and really get less) as a result of the non-example Brady set.”

    This line of thinking from people is interesting. Brady added 3 years to his agreement at $9M per below market value to lower cap hit for his team in exchange more security, up front $, and injury security and he somehow did something wrong here (i.e., way below – say 50% to 55% below – given he could have asked for $18-$20M given what Brees, Flacco, and P Manning got in their most recent deals)? He lowered his cap hit, evening out the hits over the next 5 years, and took 3 years way below market to do that so his team could sign more players to give them a better chance to win. Yes he gets $3 million more the next two years than otherwise would be the case (assuming the Pats were not going to cut him in that window) & more guaranteed, but in this day and age, taking less than MV should be applauded rather than going for every last nickel and exhausting more of your team’s $ available under cap. Plus adding the years was needed to extend the accruals and lower the caps in next two seasons.

  2. Florio, the fact that Brady left millions on the table is undebatable. Your first posts about this topic were off base. Now you are doubling down on it. Get your head out of your back field.

  3. As a Pats fan I hope he returns too. I just want the team to make sure he plays in the slot. When Talib was LC and Dennard was RC and Arrington was SC and McCourty/Gregory were the safety’s it looked like they had a defensive backfield that could win a SuperBowl.

  4. Don’t know why you keep spreading this crap that Brady didn’t actually take less money. NFL players get huge signing bonuses all the time. If he had wanted to, Brady definitely could have gotten just as much money up front, just as much guaranteed, and MORE overall.

    Arrington is a fine player within his given role, and I’d gladly like to see him back.

  5. “In other words, the Tom-took-less-but-he-really-got-more routine is working. ”

    As soon as I saw this line, I thought, “I bet Florio wrote this nonsense.” Then I scrolled back up to see who wrote it… YUP, as expected.

  6. He better take a hometown discount. He’s decent in the slot, but terrible on the outside. If he won’t go on the cheaper side, its probably better to let him go and work from FA or the draft. I would much rather they work hard to get Talib back than Arrington, even though I do like him.

    And Mike, this Brady bash was much less subtle than your St. Thomas one. Not sure which you wrote first, but you either warmed yourself up to the St. one or came out swinging but couldn’t manage a second round.

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