Moss becomes man of mystery, again

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In a week, teams can begin to negotiate with agents representing impending free agents.  (Of course, the negotiations already are occurring.)

In two weeks, Randy Moss could have a new team.  Or be retired.  Again.

Two years ago, Moss became a free agent.  When the money he thought he deserved didn’t come his way, he walked away.  Throughout the 2011 season, however, rumors persisted that, with the right quarterback and for the right offer, he’d return.

Last year, Moss suddenly decided he wanted to play again.  He joined the 49ers on a one-year deal, hardly spoke to the media, by all accounts was a model teammate despite having a minimal role, and then admitted in the days preceding the Super Bowl that he wasn’t happy with his minimal role.

We’ve consistently been told that Moss plans to play for at least another year.  When it comes to Moss, however, you never quite know what will happen.

He surely has a short list of teams for which he’d play, including those that will contend for a championship, those that have a franchise quarterback with a live arm, and those that would put him at the top of the depth chart and use him accordingly.

Still, suddenly deciding not to play remains an option for the mercurial and unpredictable Moss.  The one thing we know about Moss is that, with Moss, you never really know what’s going to happen until it does.

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  1. Man, as a 9er fan, I had high hopes for Moss, especially when Kaep took over and we actually had someone who could heave the ball downfield. First 3/4 of the season, he showed flashes of his old self (on the field) and I hoped he’d come back with us for another year. Then the flashes of his old self (off the field) showed up. What a shame, he had a good thing going with a good team, and a QB who could get him the ball…SMH

  2. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed in hopes this guy eventually is out of the NFL and never gets a ring.

  3. I’ve been saying it for months: He’ll finish his career in New England. He loves Tommy, loves Belichick, and loves Kraft. He can still be effective in the Pats’ offense and he’s got a great chance to go out with a ring.

  4. I still think Moss started all that GOAT talk to help take the pressure off Kap. Ray Lewis was the focus on that side, taking focus off Flacco. That SB was all about Ray. The QB’s were mostly ignored story wise and on the 49’s side I think Moss did that on purpose. Just a thought.

  5. When you have scored 156 tds in the National Football League you earn the right to do what you please. Now, they may impact his chances, but still.

  6. Moss to return to 9ers or maybe a move to New England or possibly Baltimore.

    NE has a ton of options.

    In Baltimore…. although they have Ray Rice, Smith and Boldin…. Flacco likes those “toss up-go get” throws that could suit Moss.

    I cannot see any contender giving him a major role. Cellar dweller MAYBE. You are on the down curve Randy!

  7. I think the best fit for Moss in 13 could be the Colts. Luck would really benefit from him and Moss could see a lot more playing time.

  8. what you dont hear people say about moss as a 49er is how he draws coverage to the deep zones, and that allows kappernick to have a lot more running room. he also allowed for crabtree to have a breakout year. Percy Harvin was having stellar production when moss was in Minnesota again, briefly. Harvin looked like Steve Smith. that’s why harvin was so mad when moss was cut; he knew his production would fall because more attention would be drawn toward him without moss.

  9. for those saying he’ll return to the pats, just stop. it’s not happening. I’m a huge pats fan, and moss is my favorite receiver of all time, and even I know it won’t happen. with that said I hope he signs a one day contract with us and retires a patriot.

  10. With the Niners he almost got his ring. Sadly, that goal may not be realized for Mr. Moss.

    But in light of the obvious changes in his abilities and its reflection in a reduced role and also compounded by his ludicrous statements (fundamentally against Jerry Rice who BTW has 3 Rings and 207 TD’s) during SuperBowl week, I think I would say “I get it Randy you’re a rollin stone. Adios!”

  11. The Vikings are the obvious choice, only this time they don’t have to trade away draft picks and they can keep him for more than 3 games. The downside is, the Vikings will have to get a new catering company but the food, much like the Vikings themselves, sucked anyway.

  12. Playing opposite Megatron would be interesting…

    The Lions need recievers very badly. He may not be the Moss of old, but he would see single coverage consistently and has good hands.

    A good QB is also a plus.

  13. Seattle brought in T.O. and Braylon Edwards in 2012, and neither one could fill a role. Moss could fill a role there in 2013. Russell Wilson has superior anticipation and touch required for vertical accuracy on deep throws, which is what Kaepernick lacks, honestly (his missiles are impressive, but inconsistently timed). I can see Moss playing the decoy role in Seattle, of course, but with greater opportunity to be productive as a target due to Wilson’s vertical accuracy. Moss would also be insurance for the oft-injured Sidney Rice…

  14. Not too many regrets about Moss from this Niner fan. He was cheap and was not disruptive. He was even spotted blocking down field at times! The D had to account for him to some extent and I think he had an overall positive contribution to the locker room. The worst part about Moss (which may be partially perception) is his apparent lack of effort at times. This is certainly nothing new with him. I think we all agree that if Randy had the “hustle” gene, he could have been the greatest.

    I don’t particularly want him gone, but I do want an upgrade across from Crabtree. Very hopeful that Jenkins can develop, but definitely not holding my breath after last year.

  15. There should be no mystery to this guy!

    Moss should be a man of irrelevance, most definitely!

    He might be able to run, but if he only runs 9-routes, can’t jump, wants footballs, and can be replaced by younger and/or better guys that can do what he used to or currently does no one should knock on his door.

    Joseph Morgan, TY Hilton, Golden Tate, Sidney Rice, Jeremy Kerley, Mike Wallace, Santana Moss, and others are way better options for vertical passing teams than Moss.

    He’s not worth it and idiots like Heath Evans, Brian Billick, and all those other Moss sycophants need reality pills and need to understand their obnoxious cheer leading days for this guy need to end!!!

  16. Moss has over-estimated his skill level and market value for three years now.

    Hey Randy, when that phone don’t ring, that’s the rest of the league talking 😉

  17. Well stellar performance I hope he goes to your team!! Unless you are a niner fan.

  18. Willie Gault made a career running go routes on teams that dint have a qb with a big arm. Cutler got a monster arm…
    just sayin.

  19. Hey stop this! Were talking the greatest receiver not only on this planet but the whole universe. He could play another ten or twenty years. Especially in that daring decoy role, where he runs 10 yards, stops and looks at the play going somewhere else.

    Why didn’t the niners toss it to the greatest receiver of all time at the end and win the guy that ring.

    Ya know that bum will stick with the 9er’s if they will have him. I suspect he will be cut and the youth movement continues. With all their picks, 15, you know they will get a top receiver with speed.

    Good bye Randy.

  20. cbblitz21 says: Mar 2, 2013 3:36 PM

    I think he would be a good fit in GB now that Driver and most likely Jennings are gone.
    I’ve been a Packers fan for 47 years. I can honestly say that if the Packers sign Moss I will not watch a single game in 2013.

    Yes, part of the reason is because I dislike him with the intensity of 1000 white-hot suns.

    However, last year he showed that he is nothing more than a role player at this point in his career. He may still have talent, but he doesn’t have enough to be a difference maker.

    I was pretty certain that the 49ers would win the SB last year because Moss would make some insane catches to put the 9ers over the top. I’m actually surprised, but very happy, that that didn’t happen.

  21. Crabtree will be trash again. Moss almost always draws a safety and keeps the secondary honest.

    The 49’ers likely have no clue how much the benefitted from him being on the field.

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