Phil Costa signs two-year deal with Cowboys


After scrambling to restructure a bunch of contracts last week, the Cowboys continue to work the fringes of their own free agent market.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys signed center Phil Costa to a two-year contract.

Costa was going to be a restricted free agent, and will make something less than the $1.323 million tender he would have required now. Such deals generally include some guaranteed money in the form of a signing bonus in exchange for one of his unrestricted free agency years.

Costa started every game for the Cowboys in 2011, but only played in parts of three games last year because of back and ankle problems.

The Cowboys have also signed long snapper L.P. Ladouceur, after having the restrucuture most of the significant veteran contracts just to get within the bounds of the salary cap.

13 responses to “Phil Costa signs two-year deal with Cowboys

  1. The only reason we aren’t talking about how poorly Costa played last year, is because he didn’t play last year. He isn’t the answer at center but he is what they have and he doesn’t cost a lot.

    Jerry better upgrade the guards or it will be a repeat of last season.

  2. Shame… They need to draft all o lineman this year just in hopes they can hit on one or two of them

  3. fluglyflorio, you must not have much life, I see your comments wayyy too much on here.

    it’s good comedy though because everything you say is total opposite of what’s goin on in the NFL..

    Just because you put kittens in the oven doesn’t make em biscuits..

    BTW, cowboys will take over the basement from.the eagles next season with the gmen and skins battling it out for the division. Cowboys will be a joke of the NFL as long as jerruh and Stephen Jones are running the team.

    by all means, keep up the wishful thinkin and crap talkin cowgirls fans, everyone outside the cowboys knows that team is a JOKE.

  4. I second that..I agree with mitchem
    Costa is undersized and gets blown of the line…plus he’s got a bad back!!

    Look for Romo to take his 16.8 mil next season and bail out of that disaster….if he lives with that Oline

  5. hah, another cowgirls fan remark, so original. How long did it take you for that one? It’s funny how cowboy bashers don’t reveal their teams, I wouldn’t either, most likely eagles or someone else who hasn’t one five sb’s. cowboys 4203 and jerryyour the bandwagon left shouldn’t you be going for the ravens now?

  6. This was a smart move. Depth at C was a problem last year, and this is cheap insurance. Cook played decent at C at best (and the Cowboys just restructured his contract to keep him as well), but it was the rt side of the O-line was a problem, in general. Costa, when healthy, will battle for the starting spot. Bernadeau is rumored to also be a possibility for C, and then there is always FA and the draft. Let ’em all battle it out for the starting spot.

    Livings played pretty well last year, as did Smith. It was the C, RG, and RT that all underperformed, and it will be addressed this year. There are a # of options at RG and RT via FA and the draft, and the Cowboys will address it. They have already gotten below the cap with all the restructuring, and more money will be found once they restructure with Free, Scandrick, and Ratliff.

    This is a defense-heavy draft this year, and as a result, the Cowboys will be fine. Haters don’t want to admit it, but the Cowboys will be very inconveniently competitive this season, especially with a new defensive scheme, and an offense that will be even more improved behind a much more solid O-line. You heard it here first, haters……

  7. J4 I will always be a Cowboys fan but lets be realistic nothing good has come out of Jerry Jones he is a terrible GM we had jimmie johnson won 2 superbowls jerry gets rid of him after Switzer won the superbowl with what Johnson created we have been garbage… We will never have a great head coach because of Jerry. For instance Bill Parcells got us back to winning but Jerry didnt like Bill cuz he wouldnt let jerry be involved so we will always have soft coaches like jason garret as long as jerry is around he should just be owner president GM coach and offensive coordinator i hate to say it but as long as Jerry is there we will not be successful he is terrible.

  8. Undersized but smart/athletic and playing next to monsters is what made Mark Stepnoski effective.

    Costa is undersized, short armed, and often overwhelmed (watch any footage) and he plays next to garbage interior linemen.

    A crippled Andre Gurode would be just as good, and not get blown up nearly as many times.

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