Report: Breaston considering knee procedure


Well, perhaps we now know why receiver Steve Breaston has not signed with a new team since being cut by the Chiefs.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Breaston is considering the so-called “Regenokine treatment” in Germany for a lingering knee problem.

Schefter writes that Breaston, who recently visited the Browns and Steelers, has “knee inflammation and early arthritic symptoms.”

The procedure entails removing blood, incubating it at an elevated temperature, spinning it in a centrifuge to make a serum, and then injecting it to fight inflammation.

In leaking this info to the media, Breaston’s camp is walking a fine line between maintaining the impression that he can pass a physical without it and creating the perception that he could end up being even better if it works.

Indeed, Breaston, Schefter writes, believes the procedure isn’t needed.  Breaston’s family and agent are pushing him to do it.

Regardless of whether he undergoes the procedure, he plans to keep trying to improve the knee.  Which means that the knee, while possibly “fine,” isn’t 100 percent.

17 responses to “Report: Breaston considering knee procedure

  1. wow NBC removes informative comments I made re guarding the USA ignoring treatments like this, the Bob Beck Protocol, H2O2 and ozone water therapies I alluded to. Yet Europe and Asia Embrace them.Censorship at it finest.

  2. does Breaston play in the NFL?

    Currently no it’s off season fool. But you seem to be asking a lot of obvious questions today.. Put your readers on…it says one pill once a day as needed…moron

  3. As a high speed collision sport, played by big, stong men, there is no pro team sport with shorter career span and higher risk of injury. Takes a lot of courage to do what these guys put themselves through for the chance to keep playing.

  4. Ridiculous that athletes must fly to Germany to have this done.

    What? is Dr. Andrews and co. afraid that the Regenokine therapy is going to cut into their business? Seriously.

    It’s less invasive and may even be more appropriate to try first versus going directly to knee reconstruction, in my non-MD humble opinion.

  5. Yeah, I agree with you Kyle. Essentially, all the procedure is, is using concentrated blood, to heal with. it’s not all that different from microfracture where they intentionally injure key points in the knee to have the blood heal it. I don’t understand why it’s an issue.

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