Report: Jets, Revis relationship could get “ugly”


The speculation about the future of Darrelle Revis continues.

In a story published Saturday, longtime NFL writer Gary Myers of the New York Daily News quoted a league source who predicted relations between Revis and the Jets will continue to sour.

“I think it’s going to get ugly, very ugly. You can’t trade your best player,” the NFL source told Myers. “You do everything to keep him. It’s going to get ugly with the player and the agent. I don’t know how you get around it. It’s very difficult.”

By now, we all have a pretty good sense of the factors that could lead to Revis being traded. He is in the final year of his contract. If he checks out medically, the Jets — who need to bolster their roster — could spin him off for strong draft-pick compensation. The 49ers, who will have plenty of  selections, have been speculated as a potential suitor for Revis.

Of course, at his best, Revis is one of the game’s top defensive players, and he will be just 28 in July. Should he make a quick recovery from an ACL tear that ended his 2012 season, he would give the Jets’ defense a nice boost, to say the least.

The circumstances here haven’t changed. The Jets have a blue-chip player coming off a knee injury, and he is slated to be a free agent in 2014. Until the puzzle pieces come together, we are left to ponder the various possibilities, including the chance that there may be more drama between the Jets and Revis.

39 responses to “Report: Jets, Revis relationship could get “ugly”

  1. Just trade this guy. Hes a self-absorbed, ego drivin brat who is only out to fatten his bank account.

  2. Sign and restructure..Trading the best for an unproven draft pick is silly..if you trade him it should be to a non contender..Not a the NFC champs

  3. The Jets have a blue-chip player coming off a knee injury, and he is slated to be a free agent in 2014.

    And that is the key, he will want the big money based on past performance…but will he be the same player after the injury?

  4. Of course this is going to get ugly. How can all this drama not drag this team further into the grips of a 2-14 season? They should trade him as quickly as they can, rebuild, and heal from the Tanny years.

  5. Let the niners pick him up and then we the raiders will take him in trade for our 3rd overall and take a late the 31st in the first round and the their 2Nd round pick to. The 9rs hold the most pics of anybody and have very few holes to fill, i bet they would love3Rd pick in the 1st. Revis is the best and will have something to prove just like Peterson. He is worth the trade for a shut down corner for us!!! Come on Reg make it happen!

  6. I think the NY Jets should keep Revis,because there is none else like him. The Jets should pick UNC RB Geo Bernard, and build they offense around him, not around Sanchez,around Geo Bernard.

    Can Geo Bernard block?

  7. This relationship is already ugly. There isn’t a lot NFL franchises can learn from Josh McDaniels’ infamous tenure in Denver; but if there is one thing, it’s don’t ever mention the words “[your star player]” and “trade” in the same sentence. It’s all downhill from there.

  8. Lol trading away the only player on the team anyone cares about and enjoys watching play. Might as well keep tebow, thats the only way woody is selling those tickets once revis is gone. Goodbye 2 nfc championship games, hello last place.

  9. This guy isn’t worth the hassle, I get it he is talented, but it no matter what the Jets do, it is NEVER going to be enough to keep him happy longterm.

    After this season when Ryan gets canned no one is going to have Revis’ back.

  10. The NFL is a Business first! I don’t blame the guy for being pissy about money he just messed his knee up and might not ever be the same player.

    Hes the only real asset on a team worth anything, trade him. He doesn’t have all the cards so I don’t expect him to be picky or demand to be on a winning team like a patriots, niners, or seahawks like many have speculated.

    He needs to get his now his best years are now and his injury may cut that short and could have him prime behind him .

    This leagues driven by offensive talent which the jets have very little and a bad cap situation. Send him off for some picks to rebuild the team. They won’t win anything anytime soon with him around.

  11. Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t Revis understand this? This is the same guy that’s held out multiple times is a relatively short career, each time saying that it’s just business. Well, this is just business for the team. This seems extremely hypocritical on every level from Revis. He knows how this game is played. It’s just weird, of all players, for him to throw a hissy fit about the idea of doing what’s best for themselves.

  12. Can a day go by without an instigating article to bring out those fans who say, “I’m tired of the Jets circus”, but live to reply.

  13. You’ve got a player with an knee injury and now there could be bad blood. If you pay him a bunch of money, that bad blood now might turn into some sort of re-injury next year and he’ll teach you a lesson and drag his @ss thru next season, sitting on the bench and getting paid for it.

    [See also: Chris Johnson of the Titans and , MJD of the Jags]

    So, if things could get “ugly, very ugly”, the Jets would be wise to trade Revis now and avoid the risk of him being “re-injured” next season.

  14. Trade him to the 49ers. They will have a hole to fill when Goldson gets picked up by Buffalo. Revis can move into the right Cornerback position and they can drop their present Corner back to Safety.

  15. GM John Idzik SHOULD be talking with GM John Schneider of the Hawks about Revis. QB Matt Flynn should be pushing Sanchez to be the starter on the Jets.

  16. I’d love to know who the lame “league source” is who feels to compelled to comment on team player personnel. Probably the one in charge of electrical operations for the Super Bowl. What a farce.

  17. Ampats- Just worry about your own players being convicted for assaulting police offers. Us Jet fans will be just fine, but thanks for your concern.

  18. Not only is the jets organization a mess, but they’re also stuck with atrocious beat writers. Mehta, Cimini, and Myers are all out to out-troll each other.

  19. The Jets ownership and management are like deer in the headlights. They’re afraid to release Tebow never mind deal with Revis.

  20. A team would be crazy to sign Revis to a contract extension without seeing him play first.

    In other words, I’m sure any day now we’ll be reading, “Jets and Revis agree on $100 million contract extension.”

  21. What would you give in a trade for a Revis coming off a bad knee injury for one year? Maybe you give a 3rd rounder.

  22. A cornerback doesn’t win games for you. At best, he takes away one of the other teams receivers. He doesn’t handle the ball or put points in the board.
    If the other team is consistently beating you even with one receiver negated, why keep him?
    A bad team with a top corner is still a bad team. Use the picks you can get for him and make the team better.

  23. I can’t wait till Mevis gets traded to the 49ers and tries to pull his “Hold-Out” routine of faking injuries on Coach Jimmy.

  24. I don’t like it that Revis is always holding out, but the Jets secondary is the only thing on the team that isn’t broke! We were 2nd in the league in passes defensed @53.8 comp %, but we were 26th in rushing defense and 30th in total offense.

    The defensive backfield held its own without Revis in 2012, regardless we should sign him anyway, continue to kept intact and build around what is working while drafting well & signing smart. Hopefully Idzik is master of the craft over the next two years.

  25. according to all the report ive heard – not aying its 100% factual – but this whole revis mess lies at the feet of woody johnson.

    Guy is a terrible owner. As a Patriot fan I whole heartedly endorse and support the wood man and rex comedy hour currently playing in new york.

    and to Revis – spend the season riding a bike, get your free agent walkin papers then come on up to New England.

  26. It will get ugly. They bankrupted themselves for Sanchez and Bart Scott and let their team be an AFC East doormat.

    Money well spent so Revis won’t have any he truly deserves!!!

  27. We know why the Jets need to trade him now… why do the 49ers need a guy coming off knee injury… with a no trade and no franchise clause in his contract?
    Why do the 49ers need a 1 year player coming off injury and is that worth a 1st round pick?

    Who is their competition? There is no other team. Jets have no leverage.

  28. One day, Brady will be gone and NE can look forward to another 4 decades of sub, sub-par football pre-Brady.

    Then again, these pimply-faced bandwagoners will return to watching bowling on Sundays.

  29. Revis has been causing drama for years. Great player but when a CB ties up your cap, you can’t win. 49ers on the other hand, were a CB away from a championship.

    A SB win next year should be worth trading for Revis for one year, then let him walk. Revis will soon learn, no one can afford his price.

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