Ultimately, Ravens got Flacco for seven years, $127.3 million

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When assessing the consequences of the gamble the Ravens lost (by winning the Super Bowl), it’s important to remember one thing.

By not signing a new deal prior to the 2012 season, quarterback Joe Flacco played last year for $6.76 million.

If, hypothetically (wink . . . nod . . . fart), the Ravens had offered Flacco in August 2012 a five-year deal that would have replaced the final season of his five-year rookie contract and if, hypothetically (wink . . . nod . . . shart), the five-year package had an average of $16 million per year, the Ravens came out of this not with a five-year, $80 million dollar deal but a seven-year, $127.3 million arrangement.

The average over the seven years is $18.19 million.  By the last few seasons of the deal, there’s a chance that 10 or more quarterbacks will be making as much or more per year.

Even if the Ravens had been offering $18 million per year last August, they would have had Flacco under contract through 2016.  He’s now under contract through 2018, at roughly the same average.

So while Flacco indeed took a chance and won, the Ravens didn’t lose quite as badly as they could have — especially if the two sides hadn’t agreed to a deal by Monday, at which time the Ravens most likely would have applied the non-exclusive franchise tag and other teams would have accelerated their plans to make a run at getting Flacco to sign a front-loaded offer sheet.

To his credit, Flacco opted not to push the game of chess/chicken to the brink.  In that regard, he did far more for his team this week than did St. Thomas of San Mateo.

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  1. Some witnesses have reported that if you look carefully at the Ravens’ Gatorade/Super Bowl backdrop curtain you can make out what appears to be the image of Joe Flacco there. Even non believers have verified this.

  2. Also important to remember…..aside from a really amazing playoff run, he has been a pretty pedestrian QB.

    Who now gets $127.3 million over the next 7 years.

    Hope for their sake he plays to that amazing playoff run bar instead of the much much lower bar he’s performed to otherwise.

  3. I don’t get all this Flacco hate. He’s owned Tom Brady over the last few years, outperforming him even in the playoff loss two seasons ago, he had a strong regular season, was clutch in the playoffs and won his first Super Bowl. This guy isn’t Mark Sanchez. If anything, he might be the AFC version of Eli Manning, another elite QB who has owned Tom Brady, had several clutch games and won two Super Bowls.

    The Ravens weren’t competing with themselves in resigning Flacco. Had he been in a position where other teams could have presented him with contract offers, Joe would have been contemplating offers from at least half a dozen teams, if not more. The Ravens did well to lock up their franchise QB longterm, now they can consider using the franchise tag on one of their other soon to be free agents.

  4. Everybody talking bout the wrong part of this deal. Theres always a 50/50 chance he’s not a Raven 6-7yrs from now, and or they restructure him in 4 yrs to fit under the cap (Like so many teams have done this year) So the ONLY thing that matters is the amount of upfront money & the guaranteed money he’s set to receive.

  5. The ravens closed this deal because they’ve been suffering the regret of not locking up Trent Dilfer to a mega-contract after his SB win.

  6. Maybe in terms of needing to sign Flacco because of offers that would have been presented, I understand.

    As far as what they actually are getting for their money is another story.

    All the quaterbacks listed have proven to be able to carry their teams when their repective teams have had significant injuries or just plain lack of talent.
    The question is can Joe Flacco carry the Ravens if they suffer a signicant loss?

    I don’t believe he can.





  7. The “highest paid Qb in the league” has never been selected for a pro bowl, had a consistently good regular season, and thrown for 4k yards despite never being injured when the old 4k yard benchmark is now 5k yards given all of the rules favoring QB’s.

  8. But everyone knows the team will exdend him towards the end of that contract, in about 5 years. This contract wont last for 7 seasons.

  9. I am not sure what you haters of Flacco see? He has been a class act and took a huge gamble on himself and won. I say good for him. The Ravens will be competitive for a long time to come. This is a qb driven league and the Ravens have a solid and extremely productive one. Quit hating and thank God you got him. You could be like me and my fellow Dolphin fans still searching.

  10. Until the last 5 games of his career, he was a 10 mil a year QB at best… With huge help from refs and some hail-maries he is now a 20 mil a year guy. Overpaid.

  11. The cap hit will be only about 7 million. Haters can hate, but all must marvel at the best GM in the business

  12. Flacco’s is a good QB, but he isn’t a difference maker worth this kind of money. The Ravens made a mistake. I hope they keep him for many many years.

  13. If you understand that the money to run an NFL franchise flows from fans and consumers, and not directly from player’s statistics, this deal makes plenty of sense. Flacco is a superbowl hero now and will help the Ravens get butts in seats, sell jerseys, banner ads, etc.

  14. So Brady’s 5 years/$57 million is somehow less team friendly than 6 years/$120.6million(reportedly)

    You really have some seriously Brady hate going on. I don’t know why you even had to bring him into this discussion(last line, Brady is from San Mateo, a not very subtle dig)

    I’m pretty sure demanding to be the highest paid NFL player is pushing it to the brink.

    Brady signs on for below market value to balance the cap hits for the team and free up space. Flacco demands highest average contract in NFL history. Praise Flacco? what?

  15. ravens fan and not a brady hater. but please dont believe that brady did something solely for the team. he doubled his guaranteed money and actually made an extra 3 million more. no doubt this gave immediate cap relief to the pats but eventually bradys bonus will count against the cap. as far as flacco all reports indicate that his cap number will be no more than 10 million…he signed a very friendly cap deal to help the ravens. and eventually his number will go against the cap.

  16. Brady gets $3 million more over the next 2 years than he would have previously. After that, he gets significantly less.

    Brady’s cap hits:
    2013: $13.8 million
    2014: $14.8 million
    2015: $13 million
    2016: $14 million
    2017: $15 million

    Brady gets a couple perks in the form of more guaranteed money, more up front money(signing bonus).

    Blah, I don’t want to make this about Brady. But his name being repeatedly dragged through the mud based on false claims is getting annoying

    I’d be more worried about how Flacco’s money is going to hit the cap in the future if his hit this year is really only $10 million out of $120.6 million

  17. The difference between Brady and Flacco in regard to the contract values is age, plain and simple.

    How many teams that aren’t the Patriots would have given a 35 year old QB almost $60M guaranteed at this point in his career?

    Now how many teams would give a 28 year old QB $120M?

    That’s why Brady’s deal keeps getting brought up in conjunction to Flacco’s….because the idea that he took one for the team has been overblown by the media.

    It isn’t hate, its reality.

  18. Brady could easily get more money from another team. No doubt in my mind. He took a team friendly deal

    Flacco’s deal is not team friendly in the slightest.

    I’m not going to debate QB quality because it’s irrelevant in this context.

    The point is simply that Flacco’s deal is in no way generous to the Ravens. He’s becoming the highest paid NFL player. There’s no way to argue that he somehow left money on the table/could have kept fighting for more.

    This article painting Flacco as somehow more generous than someone signing on for below market value is just a joke.

    Ravens fans should be terrified of how this is structured and going to hit the team moving forward, not celebrating the contract.

  19. This is not good for the NFL. Teams that have to shell out 15% of their cap on 1 player is not going to be helpful for building solid overall teams.

    Considering where Ravens are at with free agency and retiring players, I can’t see where this kind of move is worthwhile when it can hardly be said Flacco was the main reason for their superbowl win. Ravens were solid in many positions.

  20. People also need to stop comparing Flacco with Brady. Brady happens to be 1 of maybe 4 players that can actually justify their pay in relation to the success they bring year in and year out.

    1. Brady
    2. P. Manning
    3. A. Rodgers
    4. A.Peterson

    Flacco’s name shouldn’t appear anywhere close to these names.

  21. and since brady started getting all of his big deals how many super bowls has he won. brady is a sure fire hall of famer…one of the best ever. and of course flacco isnt in his league yet. but right now i would rather pay a 28 yr old than a 35 yr olf

  22. more wins than any QB with 5 years experience in the league. this last playoff set 11 TD and 0 INTs. A total 9-4 playoff record which is light years better than peyton manning. has not missed a game in 5 years of starting. is he the best in the league. probably not. but that is the way contracts go. Matt Ice Ryan will get a better contract than Joe and likely will not have won a SB let along a SB MVP, Personally, I don’t think Ryan holds Joes jock, but you can bet that his contract will be better because that is the way it is.

  23. The Ratbirds without the felon and Reed will be the biggest joke ever. Crackhoe is a joke. The only reason why he looked that good is because of Bolden. The fans are even worse, if that was not the case the Colts would still be there. The Clowns would be a Super Bowl champions. So get ready for some reality….. A 500% ball club……weak up

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