D.J. Williams isn’t expected back with Broncos


Linebacker D.J. Williams has had a long run with the Broncos, but it appears to be coming to an end after nine seasons.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post expects that Williams will be a starting linebacker in 2013, but that there’s no chance that he’ll be filling that role on the Broncos defense. Williams is set to make $6 million (and count the same against the salary cap) in the 2013 season, a number Klis believes is too big for a Broncos team that moved on without Williams while missed nine games in 2012 serving two different suspensions.

It’s expected that the Broncos will try to trade Williams when the league opens for business on March 12, although the $6 million salary probably doesn’t look any better to other teams than it does to the Broncos. If they can’t swing a trade, the Broncos are expected to cut Williams loose before they start their offseason program in mid-April.

Von Miller, Wesley Woodyard and Nate Irving are the projected starters at linebacker for Denver in 2013.

14 responses to “D.J. Williams isn’t expected back with Broncos

  1. Teflon John gots to make sure this team is all his ASAP. Wether it’s trading up to draft a 6th Round 3rd Down RB that can’t catch or protect, forcing the never-will-be-ready Nate Irving into the line up, or arming PMFM with a clipboard, its gotta be all his.

    Next up? Fortifying at SAM and outside WR positions in the draft.

  2. I would hope once they cut him, Buffalo takes a run at him he’s a veteran LB who can provide leadership to a young roster. I wouldn’t expect him to be a high impact free agent but at least he would be better then what we currently have.

  3. I knew this was coming, he done nothing to help the last season except missing 9 games and allowing Wesley woodyard to have a outstanding year. Williams gave us good years but he just couldn’t stay out of trouble, good luck on another team

  4. I’m a bronco fan and hurricane fan this guy don’t care about football he care to party more then anything good Ridens hasn’t been good for years

  5. @ kgun80 DJ Williams is far from a leader. Has been nothing but a headache for the broncos for the last 3 yrs. I don’t understand why this has taken so long.

    @vietnambob2473 Trevathan is not a MLB and will not be starting at MLB over anyone. Elway said a few weeks back Nate Irving & Steven Johnson will get a chance at starting MLB.

  6. If you state “If we can’t trade him, then we’ll cut him” who would possibly give up players or picks for him?

  7. In 3 years time he went from my favorite player to someone I am glad the team is parting ways with. Sad waste of Talent. I remember when Al Wilson was stating that DJ was the next big thing in DEN at LB and how excited I was. The DJ Williams story has been sad to follow and hard to read about.

    I hope you get your head back on DJ, and that wherever you land in the league you find a way back to who you were before this teflon crap found you.

  8. He was a stud for us his first few years but he is definitely NOT worth $6 million. I think that even without his off-field problems he would be traded or released.

  9. Wow, it’s sad to hear that DJ is all but removed from the Broncos roster. He was such a remarkable talent and a fixture on that defense for almost a decade. I remember watching some of his high school/college games and thinking, “once in the NFL this guy is going to reek havoc”. Unfortunately, league violations and court problems over the last few seasons have derailed such a promising career and he is unable to contribute to the teams success like in years past. His game has diminished to a relief/back-up role at the start of the season. With that said DJ does still have talent and can be an asset to any team So if, on the plus side, DJ goes through the league with no one claiming him off waivers then the Broncos could be able to re-sign him for way less than his current price tag. I hope that does in fact happen and DJ can still contribute at a high level and redeem itself before its too late.

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