Eagles, Asomugha inch toward decision time


The Eagles have the cap space to carry cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha’s $15 million base salary beyond March 12, when every team must be in compliance with the 2013 spending limit.  But if they expect Asomugha to consider a reduced contract, Asomugha will want the final decision to be made before the free-agency market opens.

The money flows more freely in the first few days after the checkered flag is waved.  After that, it’s harder to get paid in large amounts.

Of course, the Eagles aren’t compelled to do Asomugha any favors.  If the player opts to refuse the offer the team makes, the alternative could be not to cut him but to carry him on the roster until it’s too late to get more elsewhere than the Eagles are offering.

Complicating matters for the Eagles is that $4 million of Asomugha’s pay is fully guaranteed, without offset language.  Thus, even if the Eagles cut him, he’ll make $4 million this year.  And so, if Asomugha ultimately is motivated by money (and he may not be), the Eagles will have to offer at least $4 million more than any other team may be offering on a behind-the-scenes, hypothetical basis.

“We’ve done film evaluation, and our staff and [G.M.] Howie [Roseman] will sit down together and see where we’ll move forward,” coach Chip Kelly told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Friday night regarding Asomugha.  “But as a person, I think he’s outstanding.”

Asomugha may not feel the same way if the Eagles opt to squat on his contract until after the point at which potentially interested teams have addressed their needs elsewhere.

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  1. Too bad, Nnamdi. If you had played anywhere near your contract, this wouldn’t be an issue. You may have to be content with the $4 million plus whatever you can squeeze out of another team.

  2. I still feel that Nnamdi will end up in New Orleans.

    Rob Ryan knew how to let Aso play in Oakland. Rob Ryan wanted Aso to come play in Dallas. Rob Ryan now badly needs secondary help in New Orleans.

  3. Let Assandtwat (the last “t” is silent like his game) walk as soon as possible. Don’t even attempt to sign him at a lower number. This is a case of addition by subtraction. Let him and Doesn’tReallyCare both leave and draft Milner at #4 and sign Brent Grimes and let’s get after it.

    New scheme, New attitude. Get guy’s that give a damn.

  4. He was fine in the AFC when nobody would throw at him but once he got to the pass happy NFC everyone saw he was all hype.

  5. I don’t believer the schemes and philosophy’s of the defensive coordinator ever were suited for him. I could be wrong but I think if he goes to a team that allows him to play predominately man to man defense, he’ll thrive.

  6. I see him back with Rob Ryan in New Orleans, (maybe) the Jets with Rex, Oakland, or Berkeley.

    Not for playing or doing his masters I see him going to one of those places to eat sandwiches in his car.

  7. The Eagles used to the guy in a zone D when he clearly is press man corner. The Eagles are garbage.

  8. Eagles actually let him play almost exclusively man this past year and he was still horrible. He’s lost a step, he’s stiff turning and running and he has ZERO desire to hit anyone.
    Send him on his way.

  9. They owe him the $4M, they don’t owe him any more favors. They can wait until free agency and after the draft to decide what to do with him.

  10. i’m an eagles fan and it’s really hard to defend this guy after watching him get beat over and over for two years…but it’s really hard to believe that he had this much of a drop off from the time he left oakland…his last year in oakland, he was targeted around 60 less times by opposing QBs than revis was…how is it possible to go from the most feared DB in the league to one of the top 5 worse in two seasons? there were times he showed flashes of his old self too…like when he erased megatron for the first 3.5 quarters…something in me just says that if they release him, he’s gonna get picked up and return to his old form, and us philly fans will resort to the good old “every athlete that leaves philly for another team turns into a superstar”…at the end of the day i think they bring him back simply because they need to completely replace the entire secondary and if you can get him cheap then he’s a body to put out there while you try to rebuild the defense and turn it into a 3-4…hopefully with the new coaches they see that he is awful in zone coverage and they allow him to just go out every sunday and strictly play press coverage and he can be serviceable…we’re obviously going to target secondary help in the draft, but does anyone see us going after any veteran free agents?? reed, goldson, woodson, robinson etc..???

  11. Ouch! What a paycut! To hell with the dream team this is starting to sound like the fab five. Apparently he already purchased a crystal ball with his first two years salary in Philly…..he is already packing his lunch and enjoying it in a used car.

  12. He had lost a step his last year with the Raiders and the nagging injuries had started a couple of years prior.

    As much as I loved him with the Raiders, it was obvious his best days were behind him and the Raiders did good cutting the cord when they did.

  13. I love the clown acting like Nnamdi is too good for philly.
    This guy came in as the best press corner in the league,,, so Andy Reid thought it best to let him play zone coverage, 11yds off the ball.

    Now we don’t have arrogant fools running the team, maybe players will get to play their natural positions.no more press corners playing zone, or converted 1AA DE’s playing OLB.,, just a few of the 100’s other terrible personel decisions that lead to the demise of the big fat redman

  14. I’ve seen Asomo try and tackle plenty of receivers. They were usually running past him and the ball was always in the air but he he tried.

    I don’t know how he was in Oakland but he was a train wreck on the Eagles. As bad as they get.

    Kick him to the curb already.

  15. You guys are freakin crazy sometimes. Look we have to pay the dude 4 xtra large regardless. Kelly just needs to sit down with 24. Find out what this dudes problem is then fix it. If it’s all about the money then live up to the contract and pay the dude. I really don’t think that’s gonna happen. Restructure for three years at a lower amount with incentives. He seems like a smart enough guy. He is normally pretty damn good. Let em compete for a championship and see what happens. That defense last year was ran by two different coaches. One was a first time head D coach too. New system with Chip. Seems like they’re all levell headed. Man I sure do miss the days of Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor… Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown. Man I really thought Nnamdi and DRC was the next.

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