Historic tryout by Lauren Silberman cut short by injury

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It was always a long shot that Lauren Silberman would wind up impressing an NFL team so much during a regional combine that they wound up signing her for a chance to compete to become their kicker this summer.

It’s a much longer shot after her day at the New York/New Jersey Regional Scouting Combine, held at Jets headquarters in New Jersey, ended early because of an injury. Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Silberman landed awkwardly after her first kickoff, which traveled just 16 yards, and then asked to see a trainer after a 14-yard kick on her second try.

She would come back on the field once more, but Garafolo writes that she had a noticeable limp and never kicked again before the end of the session. And that was the end of a disappointing day for the first woman to participate in a league-sponsored tryout.

As we said, it was always a long shot that Silberman, who played soccer at Wisconsin, would get past the combine stage but it’s still too bad that an injury got in the way of her giving it her best shot.

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  1. I hope she keeps trying out till she makes it.

    Who would be more accepted more readily in the NFL, a female or gay athlete? May not matter but an interesting debate.

  2. All you have to do is average 15 yards on a kickoff to get an NFL tryout? Where do I sign up?

  3. Too bad about the injury, and kudos to Lauren for her efforts, which sadly only elicit scorn from some of you.

  4. The large sigh of relief you hear is T’eo glad Silberman was not fit enough to run the 40.

  5. Wonder how a team’s cap numbers would be affected when she is barefoot and pregnant at home…

  6. Did she shower with dudes?

    If not, Florio needs to write an article on her dude-a-phobia and lobby that Goodell speak out against this bigotry!

  7. Wow, has anybody seen that Always Sunny episode when Dee tries out for the Eagles, wows a coach with her punting and then when she tries to kick the ball again she screws up and breaks her foot??? This is life imitating art all the way!

  8. Ah, too bad!

    Next thing you know that the National Organization Of Gals (NAGS) will sue the NFL for treating her like a man and not pursuing her for a position. I am sure she can invoke pre-partum, post-partum, no-partum, that time of the month, or some female excuse to claim she is now under the ADA and should be given a roster spot because she is a disabled woman.

    Sarcasm is intended.

  9. This story is false. Silberman was injured when the wind picked up and the ball fell off the tee twice. Then Roger Goodell acted as her holder. Then he put his plan in place. Roger mimicked Lucy, as Silberman, with uncanny accuracy, mimicked Charlie Brown. Down she fell, as Roger Godell, like Desmond Howard, struck the Heisman pose, saying to Silberman, “There’s no crying in the NFL”.

  10. She did NOT play at Wisconsin! She played club soccer, like intramurals. This was a publicity stunt, nothing more

  11. Wonder how many reps she did…….What was her 40 time or do they not do the same tests as the rest of the players?

  12. I laugh at the media for making a big deal of an event where the only requirement to tryout is payment of a $275 registration fee.

  13. Publicity stunt. She never had a shot. Whats really shameful is all the guys in Semi-pro leagues around the country kicking, and kicking well, and they never even get a shot like she did.

  14. There is nothing “historic” about this inasmuch as it was nothing more than publicity stunt.

    Consider all of the NCAA kickers who have no realistic shot of making a team, those who’ve already been cut and get called up when there is an injury and that teams don’t even carry backups.

    Why not put a 10 year old out there? That would be “historic” in the same sense and yet equally ridiculous.

    You don’t have to be misogynistic to know that this was ridiculous from the start.

  15. While I wish the NFL remains an all mens sport, If a woman comes along and EARNS a spot on an NFL team I will be fine with it. But the logistic will be a nightmare. Forget about keeping cheerleaders too.

  16. What the hell? 30 yards total? Did she never bother to even practice before? A decent (as in not a pro) soccer player should be able to kick it that far on 1 kick.

  17. I just reported 2 people while trying to give thumbs up. Please move the report link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I googled her name when I first read the story about her try out. Lauren is some sort of artist and she was using this occasion for basic self promotion. Shameful that the media promoted this tryout as being serious in any way.

  19. “Your bones are made of glass” yes this is a scene ripped straight from its always sunny… What a joke. All this media b.s. is worth it just to read this story. Priceless.

  20. This is nothing derogatory toward her for trying but if she is going to try to do this she might as well just sign up for front line infantry in the army because her chances of surviving would be better in the military, she could only do one thing and that is kick the ball and then run for the sidelines or at least get the hell out of the way as fast as possible and Im not saying guys are going to try to hurt her but overall she is setting a foolish example and in light of this her getting injured was a “good thing” she doesn’t need an industrial accident

  21. “Historic tryout…. cut short by injury”

    Really? You don’t think the fact that she didn’t kick anything over 20 yards had anything to do with it?

    I truly hope you wrote this entire piece under the influence of heavy amounts of scotch, because at least that would explain the tone.

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