Flacco deal done, signing tomorrow

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When word broke Friday night of a deal in principle between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco, agent Joe Linta issued a statement explaining that, if there are no issues with the language of the contract, Flacco would sign it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Flacco is signing it.  Tomorrow.

The six-year, $120.6 million deal pays out $51 million over the first two years, and $62 million over the first three, we’re told.

In all, $52 million is guaranteed.  It’s currently unclear how much is fully guaranteed upon signing, and how much is guaranteed for injury only.

The agreement will be signed at 2:00 p.m. ET.  Two hours before the window closes on using the franchise tag.

50 responses to “Flacco deal done, signing tomorrow

  1. Hypothetically, if all the QB’s were free agents and there was a draft to pick them up, I don’t think he goes in the top 7.

    No unbiased person could watch flacco over his career and conclude he’s a top 5 QB, let alone the top QB. This contract is a joke.

  2. Joe Flacco had a nice run in the playoffs. He’s a good young quarterback in the NFL but he is not a $20 million a year player.

    Cap number associated with your top player is more important than most know.

  3. I can’t wait to stop what Im doing and tune into the mothership to watch it live in person. I’m setting my alarm now for 1:55pm!

  4. I don’t see anymore Super Bowl appearances in their future. Ray Lewis is gone, Ed Reed soon to follow and some of their key players are questionable to return partially due to cap space issues. Not saying they can’t do it, but I think this big of a contract is a bit bittersweet for a team. Who knows? I didn’t see many people, including myself picking the Ravens to win the AFC or the big one last year.
    Anyways, congrats to Joe (and the Ravens)on the contract and on the Superbowl. It’s been an extraordinarily monumental year for him.

  5. Love it. Those of us who saw his potential for greatness and trusted in him from the beginning are feeling pretty validated right about now. This makes Baltimore a perennial contender for the next half decade. The cost was steep, no doubt, but that’s the price of doing business in a quarterback driven league. Now it’s time for the Wizard of Ozz to work his magic in free agency and the draft room.

  6. They overpaid but they had no choice.

    I don’t see his individual play coming close to justifying that kind of price tag, but if they win another superbowl I guess its worth it then.

    These contracts are getting out of hand.

  7. Props to the Ravens, Ozzie, agent Linta, and Flacco for getting this done quickly and professionally, and for keeping most of the negotiations out of the media spotlight.

    As a Steelers fan, I don’t have to LIKE the Ravens, but sure as heck I RESPECT their performance this past season and how they do business.

  8. The Ravens have signed the contract that will prevent them from putting the same type of talent they enjoyed this year around Flacco ever again.

    Huge error. Top $$ for a QB not even in the top 10. Enjoy the salary cap anchor for the next 6 years.

  9. Throws up ducks all day.. And has recievers that deserve to get paid before him!! If it wasn’t for anquan Flacco looks like garbage and throws up picks… The NFL gave the Ravens that ring.. From the holds to the p.i.’s… But not spending money else where needed and overpaying this guy takes you guys outa contention… Anquan made big plays that kept you In The playoffs time after time.. GO NINERS

  10. LOL, why are people ripping this contract? If he were a fee agent, he would had gotten more. The market has been set.

  11. The Ravens did not give Joe Flacco this contract because they believe he is the best QB in the NFL, and Joe Linta did not ask for it because he believes Flacco is the best QB in the NFL.

    The market always dictates compensation. Meanwhile, the NFL has become a passing league, and if you have a QB capable of leading you to a Super Bowl, your franchise is miles ahead of those franchises that do not. Flacco is good enough to be above the “cut line” for franchise QB status, in the opinion of many teams, including the Ravens.

    Any QB above that cut line, particularly one who has a recent ring to prove it, will be offered $15M-$20M a year, or more, at this point. Because if you don’t have a QB who can get you there, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

    Pretty soon, Matthew Stafford will get paid very close to this money (my guess is $15M-$18M a year). Not because he’s got a ring, like Flacco, but because the popular consensus is he has the talent and production to be a franchise QB for a Super Bowl team, which is pretty much the most important single position in major sports today.

  12. It’s really only a 3 year deal. 2016 has a cap number more than $25 million. It will restructured to time with the new TV deals.

  13. If e flounders next year or can’t get out of the division, then this will be a bigger bust than Tebow going to the Jets.

    Contracts like this are given to guys who have been unflappable for more than a single year. Now every other team will be put on the spot to sign their franchise QB to a ridiculous number and term, all comparing their stats to Flacco’s.

    How do you spend this kind of cash and not have the other tools in place to protect him, for him to throw to, and get him the ball back? You have to spend wisely.
    Next year they’ll ask him to redo his contract to get under the cap to acquire free agents or resign intricate parts on the team.

  14. Both Flacco and Roethlisberger are a lot alike in that they aren’t being paid by the standards set by their respective counterparts — Brady, Brees, Rodgers, P. Manning — but rather by the standards that were set by the their respective franchise’s former quarterbacks.
    Flacco is better than Dilfer. Roethlisberger is better than Maddox or Stewart. Bingo!!! Instant cash!!!
    If either of them were to be judged by the top quarterbacks of today, they both would have to work second jobs.

  15. The Cap Rules are Rediclulous!

    How does a QB with a $29 Million siging bonus get a 6.2 mikkion cap number?

    These are crazy rules…….

  16. truthfactory says: Mar 3, 2013 10:41 PM

    Hypothetically, if all the QB’s were free agents and there was a draft to pick them up, I don’t think he goes in the top 7.

    No unbiased person could watch flacco over his career and conclude he’s a top 5 QB, let alone the top QB. This contract is a joke.

    This is really getting annoying. Why are all you fake GMs out in droves criticizing this deal? Ozzie Newsome has consistently placed the Ravens in position to make the playoffs year after year. The team he built was one play away from the Super bowl last year and won it all this year. Year after year he has juggled contracts and adjusted for the salary cap about as well as any GM in the league. Yet I keep hearing his judgment taking a hit from people who couldn’t balance their own household budget. How about this folks…….leave the NFL contract signing to the professionals. Obviously the factors that a GM must weight against when drafting a contract are way too complicated for some of you to grasp.

  17. Its interesting how $51M guaranteed over 6 years for a 28 year old QB, coming off a SB MVP and one of the best postseasons ever, and with no injury history is perceived as a cap anchor, but $57M guaranteed over 5 years for a 35 year old QB is portrayed as altruistic and team friendly.

    Must be that new math they’re teaching in school these days.

  18. furious76 says: Mar 3, 2013 11:44 PM

    The Ravens have signed the contract that will prevent them from putting the same type of talent they enjoyed this year around Flacco ever again.

    Huge error. Top $$ for a QB not even in the top 10. Enjoy the salary cap anchor for the next 6 years.
    How much of Flacco’s contract count against the cap this year? What’s the base salary of this contract over the next 4 years? How much of his bonuses are fully guaranteed? Partially guaranteed? How much under or above the cap are the Ravens this year? These questions (and much more) are all questions Ozzie could answer without blinking an eye. If you can’t do that I suggest you sit back, be quiet, and let the professionals handle this.

  19. The biggest mistake teams that shell out the big bucks to QBs often make is assuming that he will all of sudden flip the switch and be able to carry the team on his shoulders for the duration of the contract.

    The Ravens will be better served in doing what they have done to get them to this point…win with defense, a consistent run game and mistake free pass game. Just because Flacco is being paid like he is the next coming of Peyton Manning does not mean that the team shouldn’t stick to the script. Flacco would not have performed as well as he did if he had the pressure of scoring on every possession week to week; the defense would give him the ball and allow the offense to stay in games. They better pray that the drafts for the next three years are slam dunks because with this contract, there will be no room to build depth through free agency.

    Lastly, another guy that has to be thinking of his future is one Ray Rice…with the contract that Flacco is getting, just one mere sign of slippage will give the team ample ammunition to unload his contract in a salary dump trade or just by plain cutting him. Can say the same about Nata too. I will not be surprised to see the Ravens go running back early in this draft in order to protect themselves financially over the next three years in case Rice does indeed slip.

    With this contract, the Ravens have thrown all of their eggs into the draft (no more lure for free agents of playing with Ray Lewis and taking the discount) for the next three years and if less than half of the players pan out, the team will be 8-8 and openly trying to find ways to get from under the deal.

    Other than that, go get’em Joe!! And don’t go and get all Tony Eason on the fans now that you’ve gotten paid.

  20. I don’t understand how we’re at a lower salary cap than we were a few years ago, and the owners have leveraged the players to take a slightly smaller chunk of the revenue, but we’re handing out contracts that make Albert Haynesworth blush. I don’t know how any team can justify using 1/6 of their cap on one player, and as a packers fan, I’m scared of what Rodgers’s impending mega contract will mean for my team’s future.

  21. Are you f’n kidding me? A $120 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT over 6 years for an at best mediocre QB? Great, now that the NFL is just giving these contracts away to undeserving players, all players will now think they deserve more than they are worth and before too long, an average ticket in the NFL will be 5k! Didn’t these bone head owners learn anything from the albert hainesworth $100 million dollar flop?

  22. The ravens were in in an unenviable position. They are stuck with Flacco as a “upper middle class” quarterback. There are no better options and with the Browns poised to throw mad cash his way, the Purples had no choice. If he could, Art Modell would agree that Karma is a bitch!

  23. So what happens if the Bears win the Super Bowl next year, do they pay Cutler this kind of money? I certainly couldn’t imagine they would…..

  24. Congrats to Flacco, get money! Although they better hook up Jacoby Jones too the real SB MVP. With this deal Baltimore is officially not a playoff contender anymore. Do they have enough cap room for Ed reed or any of their FA? Feeling pretty good right now knowing SF has a better and younger QB costing less than 1 mil leaving much room for more talent and another SB run!

  25. Flacco is a winner and a superbowl MVP. i can only imagine the haters response if he wasnt signed. Ravens will continue to win, haters will continue to hate. Cheers!

  26. Funny how miners fans remember a non-call at the end but forget a non-call at end of first quarter on Torrey smith that would have been a ravens TD. It was a great game and your team lost, let it go. As for the contract, I’m sure the ravens FO knows more than we all do how this deal will be against the cap now and future years. All teams do. With no information what the future total cap will be or what Flacco’s number will be its all uneducated hypotheses on everyone’s part

  27. Baymac: Did the nfl let them score 34 PTs on the terrible def. suck it up u got beat. O yea 1st down on the 5 and u don’t even try to run with gore or qb. Start questioning the play calling and then come back

  28. Flacco cap number is 6.8 mil.for the ucoming year…. Half of Brady’s cap number…Who is the team player now? Keep Hating Flacco lol

  29. The folks calling this a terrible contract, and already writing the Ravens off for the next 6 seasons are probably the same people who said the ravens would be one and done in the playoffs.

  30. Love all the Flacco haters. Check your QB’s performance over the past 5 years and see who deserves a better contract. Maybe only Eli manning who won two superbowls. Then you have Arod, Brees and Brady. That my friends make’s Joe top 5 if you care about winning and not fantasy numbers. Regardless of Cap space, Ozzie ALWAYS will put talent around him.

    Black and Purple!

  31. If I had to wait a few days to sign a contract like that, I would be so tense. I probably wouldn’t leave the house for fear of car crash, meteor, patch of ice messing me up before I signed.

    Probably the best thing to do while waiting to sign is just take a relaxing motorcycle ride through a scenic, snowy mountainside, wind in your hair, no helmet, followed by some alcohol-fueled BASE jumping to clear the head.

  32. The truth, Mr. Factory, is that over the last five years, when it comes to winning, no one has a better resume than Flacco. So you can say “He’s not top 10 or top 5” but remember, the Ravens play real football for real wins not fantasy points.

  33. There’s no denying Flacco had a spectacular post-season run and frankly would have had them in the Superbowl *last* year if not for Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff. Still, how many Ravens fans are honestly happy with this and feel that Flacco is worth the $$$ thats being thrown his way? For 5 years I’ve heard more Ravens fans than not bash this guy and complain that his inconsistency is a liability; now he’s had a single great run and he’s cashing in. Can he continue to play at that high level, or was it a well-timed fluke?

    My buddy at work, a rabid Ravens fan, spent all of 2012 complaining about Flacco and state flat-out that he’d rather have Ben Roethlisberger as his QB. Now that they won the SB, he’s done an about face and tells me that the only reason I’d still take Ben over Joe is because I’m a ‘homer’. No, it’s because over the career body of their work Ben has been more consistent and a better QB. Time may yet prove me wrong, but I’m certainly not sold on Flacco being a top-3 (or even top-5) QB at this time.

  34. Mediocre at best. I love the signing. Now u r stuck with an average qb that is eating up all ur cap room.
    Yeah, Ozzie sure is enough. At least he will have enough $ to keep his eyebrow waxed. Dude looks like Bert or Ernie.

  35. Go watch the Super Bowl again!! With an UN BIAS attitude! 9-2 in penalties.. We lost and should have ran the ball in on last drive, but that doesn’t explain the P.I. On 2nd down and 4th down… That’s not even bringing up 2 blatant holds on kickoff return on miller #49 and the multiple holds especially on culliver when they wasted time on punt.. Lot of questionable calls and no calls.. I. Favor for the ravens…. So like I said if it wasn’t for anquan you wouldn’t have won!! It’s cool Flacco got paid more power to him but he doesn’t deserve that type of money… ravens we will be smashing for years to come… Will you?? Nag..

  36. He’s Mark Sanchez, except his running game, wr, and defense have all stayed the same or gotten better. Let’s see what happens this year when he has no Boldin, no Ray Lewis, and he better pray Rice has another 4th and 29 to save his sorry butt. He did nothing in the regular season to help them win.

  37. I’ll try and quote mike tomlin here. “Excuses are for losers…” Forgive me if it’s slightly off, but you get the idea.
    Why is everyone else worried about th ravens cap? Flacco cap number is 6.8 milling in 13. By the time it’s gets out of control the will extend again.

  38. Folks, again, his cap number is low for the next two years. Then it goes up. So does the cap by a large amount when the TV deals come in next year. That’s why teams are willing to restructure by pushing out 2+ years. One area you can’t compare Flacco to other QBs is that he is on his first contract after the rookie contract. Other QBs are on the restructure train with their existing contract. Flacco will too soon enough.

  39. The only thing the Flacco deal does for me is strengthen my opinion the Franchise tag should be based in part on the *actual money earned* in recent contracts.

    You see so many big free agent signings of guys that are in their late 20’s, and they are cut 2-3 years later when the big money kicks in and their performance declines. So they sign for 5 years 50 million, but are cut after making 20 million in 2 years. They then take another contract for say 2 years 8 million before they are out of the league. So the reality is that they make 4 years, 28 million.

    Maybe it doesn’t matter since the money isn’t guaranteed, but it seems like the current system could start to put QB’s in a position where they take up a massive % of the cap.

  40. edreedisgod says: Mar 4, 2013 8:10 AM

    Flacco cap number is 6.8 mil.for the ucoming year…. Half of Brady’s cap number…Who is the team player now? Keep Hating Flacco lol


    Yes, for one year. The point is how horribly huge the number gets in future years. And with his signing bonus, that’s money guaranteed to hit the cap even if you cut him. It’s a scary situation for the ravens future

    fans should honestly be hoping that he bombs/plays as mediocre as usual over the next couple years so the team will be able to restructure him at a reasonable rate. Based on how this negotiation went, Flacco is not going to take less in future contracts so long as he’s playing at a decent level

    It’s unsustainable, just like the Brees contract. I’ve read multiple reports that the salary cap spike teams are hoping for is simply not going to happen. Instead, the increase will be spaced out over a few years

    plus, as the cap increases, every other player uses it to justify wanting more. and teams who are not handcuffed by massive salaries will pay them

    it’s pretty sad, the direction of QB contracts. :/ I’m hoping Rodgers isn’t a diva. He could help “right the ship.” Plus taking less is good PR and Rodgers loves his endorsements. He also has more of the face and personality for them than Flacco. So I guess Flacco does need the contract more than others in that regard.

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