Flacco deal makes Rodgers’ contract even more glaring

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Another quarterback has busted the $20 million annual barrier.  And perhaps the best quarterback in the game is making roughly half that amount.

In 2008, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers signed a six-year, $63.5 million contract.  Structured to keep the cap hits close to the annual compensation, the pay-as-you-go deal has Rodgers earning a base salary of $9.25 million and a roster bonus of $500,000 in 2013, for a cap hit of $9.75 million, via spotrac.com.

In 2014, Rodgers’ salary moves to $10.5 million with another $500,000 roster bonus.  The cap charge is $11 million.

So with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco exceeding $20 million per year and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning soon to unlock $40 million guaranteed over two years, why haven’t the Packers adjusted the compensation given to the 2011 NFL MVP and the Super Bowl XLV MVP?

To his credit, Rodgers has not griped publicly about his situation.  The fact that he won’t clamor for a new deal coupled with the reality that his cap number isn’t pushing the Packers to seek relief means gives him little leverage — and in turn gives the Packers little reason to rip up his current contract, unlike the three quarterbacks currently in line for new deals.

In many ways, Rodgers deserves more credit than St. Thomas of San Mateo, who took less while actually getting more.  Rodgers is getting less, he’s not complaining, and he has borne the risk of injury for two seasons at a total payout of $15.25 million.

On one hand Rodgers’ position can be explained by a desire to leave enough cap space behind to allow the Packers to sign other players.  On the other hand, the Packers aren’t exactly known for splurging.

Ironic.  With so many teams tying up so much cap space in their quarterback, preventing them from using it on other players, the team that doesn’t spend it on other players doesn’t even have eight figures in 2013 cap space devoted to one of the best quarterbacks in football.

It’ll change in two years, at the latest.  In fairness to Rodgers, it needs to change sooner.

86 responses to “Flacco deal makes Rodgers’ contract even more glaring

  1. Just shows you how ruthless and classless Ted Thompson and the rest of the organization is. Favre’s was the bad guy, yeah right, lmao.

  2. He is the best player in the game right now. The left tackle sucks, his running backs are garbage, tight end has butter fingers and is a terrible route runner. And last year all his receivers not named James Jones were hurt at 1 time or another. These aren’t opinions they are all facts. 84 tds 14 ints over the past 2 seasons.

  3. GB front office gambled by not extending him sooner. Now the Flacco deal and the Brady extension will play a part in Rodgers negotiations. I do see Rodgers not trying to break the bank. Hes publicly stated he wants to win more championships and he also carries himself as the ultimate team guy, a class act. He’ll get paid and he will be happy about it. He learned a lot about how to carry yourself from the QB who preceded him.

  4. With all the deliberate sacks that Rodgers takes in order to never put his stats at risk and the fact that he only throws to wide receivers that are schemed to be wide open, he hardly falls into the same class of the current elite QB’s in the game. He does not deserve 20mil/yr and the Pack will not be stupid enough to pay him that.

  5. They will take care of it soon. I have heard Aaron say he is grateful they committed to him back in 2008 after 8 starts or whatever it was (a la Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kevin Kolb, other unproven QBs who received similar deals).

    Obviously Rodgers has outperformed his, he is not stupid, I believe he, Ted, and his agent have had conversations about his new contract and when he should be in line for it.

    Who knows, if he keeps playing like he has he could pull a Joe Flacco and push his number higher and higher.

  6. Mike why do you feel the need to bash Tom Brady in every post about QB’s? He took a contract extension that helped the “Team” I know you have no concept of team but with that being said you are coming off as petty and ignorant to what was accomplished with the contract by Brady and the Patriots. I almost think you have an agenda hmmm.

  7. Flacco is a winner. Hard to hate on a Super Bowl champion MVP. The more you people make that attempt, the more I chuckle.

  8. You mean the contract the Packers gave Rodgers when he was an unproven commodity? Rodgers will get paid very well when the time comes, but it should be noted the Packers rolled the dice on this kid before be put up the big numbers, thus he got paid more when he was still a “coin-flip”

  9. The game of one upsmanship mathematically can’t last forever and it will end up doing much more harm than good to the game and the fans, who actually pay for these absurd contracts one way or another. I’m not begrudging anyone a pay day, I’m all for it, but I’m also a realist.

  10. Here’s a weird idea–

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s content with what he’s getting, and his employers are content with what they’re paying him.

    Maybe, just maybe, he’s content to honor the contract he signed.

    Maybe, just maybe, both sides are putting the TEAM first.

    I know it’s a quarterback-oriented league, but as strange as it may sound, it’s not ALL about the quarterback.

  11. Rodgers signed his deal when he was still unproven and his team went 6-10 that year.

    When he does re-sign he too will become the “highest paid QB of all-time”.

  12. Flacco got hot at the right time, but Rodgers has been a stud all along…Pay the man what he’s worth.

  13. Hey Florio, why are you now commenting on what players should be paid? Brady signed his new contract and you criticized him for it, now you are criticizing the Packers over a contract that Rodgers signed several years back. If you want to be an agent, give up this gig and become one! Given the economy that those that don’t make millions have to live in, we don’t need to hear you wonder why millionaires are not getting enough pay (Rodgers) or whining about how somebody could have got more millions (Brady). Come Clean! What is your motive?

  14. The Packers gambled and won with the contract they signed their “unproven” at the time, quarterback.

    He is due a pay raise in time, but I think the guy is content right now. If he’s not, he learned to keep his frustrations to himself and stay in the good graces with his fans.

    He’s already gotten one good pay day, won a ring, and an MVP. Dude is just building in his legacy this way forward.

    My bet: he lets the business end get handled by his agent and Packers management next off season and no one hears a peep about it until the contract figures are released.

  15. Flacco is a fluke and won’t be back. He’s just a modern day Brad Johnson.

    Rodgers will be a multiple Super Bowl winner and an Hall of Famer when it’s all said and done.

    Ravenator, shut up and go away.

  16. Packers have been given special permission to supplement Erin’s compensation with an unlimited supply of double chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and tampons.

  17. it is unbelievable to me how many people come to the internet simply to complain about or demean athletes that they have never met, or to jealously state “oh i wish i had 63 million” well you aren’t the star quarterback of the green bay packers, and nobody cares about your jealousy.

  18. Quit stirring stuff up Florio. Rodgers knows what he is doing. He will get another contract and he will continue to give a home team discount to the team that ended his draft day free fall.

  19. Florio your jealously of Tom Brady ( St. Thomas of San Mateo) is cute. Not funny, are you on some sort of medication? Better check the dosage.

  20. I’m sure Rodgers has spoken with his agent about this and the agent has spoken with the Packers. Not everything has to be known to the media. Or MAYBE, Rodgers isn’t super money hungry. Maybe 10 mil a year is enough. Crazy.

  21. Pay him 100 million a year, I don’t care. But don’t make it sound likes he’s suffering or somehow being taken advantage of.

    If you do, I can make a case that the guy spending 5% of his income for season tickets is being taken advantage of, which is also not true.

  22. He should just let it ride all the way to free agency. That team owes him. If he were to hit free agency the feeding frenzy would dwarf the Peyton sweepstakes.

  23. I think Florio caught his wife with a picture of Brady in one hand, and a battery operated device in the other.

  24. As an nfc north fan, Vikings in particular, I applaud Rodgers. He would rather take less money, and give his team the opportunity to bring players in to win, than be a burden. Kudos Rodgers.

  25. Just because we dont spend like the cowboys doesnt mean we dont spend money on other players. Its not like we have the most cap room in the league. The only reason we have 20 mill in cap space right now is because we cut 10 mill a year woodson and saturday retired at 3 mill a year. We still have important people to sign like shields and give extensions to like matthews and raji. What a dumb reporter

  26. Florio’s obsession with Brady is getting awkward and uncomfortable. Every single post about quarterbacks includes a jab at Brady.

    I don’t get it. Brady took no credit for taking a pay cut. He refused to do an interview and unless he made Peter King gush he had nothing to do with the praise others heaped on him. If he talked with Florio the jabs would have never started, not that Brady cares.

    As for Rodgers as much as I love Brady Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on the planet right now. It’s pretty obvious if you watch the games. He’s going to get a monster contract and unlike Flacco he will deserve it.

  27. If your comment contains, “Erin” or “Rogers”, please go jump off a cliff. Your ignorance is making us all look bad.

  28. I still say Rogers and Flacco are related. How can you look at their pictures and not think this?

  29. It amazing how so many can hat on a guy with so much talent…no O-line no RB yet he gets it done with Mediocre receivers, yea they got more depth then any other team, but none of there receivers is “great”

    He’s going get his money, but I think he prefers more rings.

  30. Carson Palmer and mike Vick were once the highest paid qbs of all time. I remember that when I think of flacco having that title now.

  31. The pack should sign him to a 5 year 105 million dollar contract extension. 30 million of it being a signing bonus to get him money now. This way the rodgers will get money now and will sign the biggest extension ever, and the pack will have a 7 year 125 mil contract for cap purposes, which keeps rodgers number less than the new 20 mil average.

  32. r0b1b0y you made the dumbest comment I have ever heard. All teams scheme their receivers to be wide open!!!!! Do you think they scheme receivers to be covered? You are an idiot.

  33. And that’s why the pack will be competitive for years to come. How much does one man need of the cap? I’m sure he would like to have a good team around him.

  34. Usually, Mike is correct when writing about dollar-related topics.

    Not this time.

    He falsely wrote: “On the other hand, the Packers aren’t exactly known for splurging.”

    In fact, Green Bay’s cap management is why it’s remained among the top teams in the NFC since 1993.

    Splurging is what you’d deem Washington and Philadelphia doing to get in trouble in recent years.

    Green Bay is merely wise in managing the cap.

    Who can argue with a system that has worked and is likely to include 10 to 13 wins for the next few seasons as a playoff team?

  35. I don’t get what all the gripe is a about.

    He got extended after 8 starts. He got a healthy chunk of money for the bit he had showed on the field obviously they saw him in practice liked him a ton, the Packers gambled it paid off for them.

    Small market teams do need to gamble at times on potential stars like Rodgers, but then you also have a team like Buffalo who takes a gamble on Fitz and comes up with egg on their face.

  36. I assume Rodgers is getting extended soon. The money they save on Jennings, Woodson, and possibly Finley, is going to go to extending Rodgers and Matthews Jr.

  37. It doesn’t pay to be the good soldier. I’ve yet to hear of a team rewarding an underpaid player because he didn’t make an issue out of it. Rodgers would triple his pay if he held out. Without him, gb wouldn’t win one game.

  38. He’s going to get paid big and the Packers waiting to do it is probably going to cost them a lot more. No big deal, he deserves it it and the Packers will give it to him because he’s earned it.

  39. It blows my mind that Flacco is making more money than any other QB at the moment, he had a great postseason but other than that hes kinda sucked it up in his career. Rodgers has throw 174 tds and only 46 ints with a Superbowl win and a MVP award on top of it. Flacco doesnt deserve it, without the defense he would be an average QB

  40. First. Rodgers himself has said he signed the original deal and a new deal will take care of itself. So he doesn’t seem too concerned. Second just because the Packers don’t overspend in FA doesn’t mean they have tons of money. They pay the players they develop. Third, to anyone watching the Packers cap numbers recently they’ve been clearing room. It’s gone from 7 to 20 mil available over the last few weeks which seems to indicate the are preparing to adjust Rodgers contract.

  41. 7 of 32 QBs have won a SB,of which Flacco is the latest to do so. That makes him a hot commodity,thus he got paid. Why is this so hard for fans to accept? I think because the Ravens are such a young team(17 years) that fans brush them off. Still,every other franchise that has multiple rings has been around > 40 years. 2 in 17 is awesome,and with Ozzie N drafting there’s no reason to think they can’t get 2 or more in the next 17 years.

  42. He apparently thought the contract was fair when he signed it. A few years after any high profile contract signing it seems meager by the new, currant standard.

    No one ever offers money back to the teams for under-performing (yes, I’m talking to you, Lamar Woodley).

  43. Now that there is little to talk about after Flacco is done we are subjected to some manufactured controversy where there is none with this article. Rodgers and the packers are pretty happy. This place is becoming like the National Enquired.

  44. Pack fan here.. Why all the Flacco hate? WHat QB doesnt throw an INT the entire playoffs and is considered mediocre..most road wins in playoff history..you people are seriously irrational of any logical football knowladge. Because he doesnt paint YOUR picture of what a Qb should act like and look like? idiots..Flacco is elite, get used to it.

  45. Flacco will never win an SB thanks to his greed. If Rodgers does anything Ill say the same. Otherwise keep tight. enjoy more money than 90% of America will see in a life time and get ballers on your team.

  46. Flacco entered the postseason playing for a contract. And play he did. His four-game run and delivery of a Lombardi to Baltimore earned him this contract. I would still take Rodgers’ four-game playoff run in 2011 over Flacco’s in 2013, but not by much.

  47. Rodgers is undoubtedly a better quarterback than Flacco and the Packers are a more fiscally sound organization than the Ravens. Neither the Packers nor Rodgers will have any inclination to “match” the Flacco contract. It was objectively bad business and the Ravens will regret it sorely over the next 5 years.

  48. Yawn. Non-story.

    Y’all gotta understand that Florio is an admitted Viking fan, so he’s naturally going to toot his horn to generate controversy over the fact that Rodgers is now grossly underpaid relative to the rest of the pretenders that he is compared to…

  49. I find it mildly strange that Florio is all hung up in Aaron’s contract, yet Rodgers seems content to building a team around him while not being greedy, as Florio thinks he should be.

    Deadly sins, buddy. Worry about your own contract.

  50. Hes been to the playoffs 5 years in a row all relying on his TEAM why should a QB get paid for their TEAM achievements not their personal stats like every other position in the NFL. there better be some offset language reducing his salary if he doesn’t get league MVP or OPOY atleast once because they are paying him like hes peyton manning which he isn’t.

  51. Wow! Rodgers is getting robbed by the Packers. If I were him, I’d seriously consider holding out until the salary disparity is addressed. These are his prime years & he can never make up the money he is losing right now. Too bad such a great talent is being jobbed by his team.

  52. Why the “St.Thomas” shot at Brady? What did he ever do to you? Did he pee in your cornflakes?
    Can you please just report the news and leave your personal biases out of the story? It would be appreciated.

  53. Past his prime? Are you on crack? He’s 29. I know that because we Re the same Age. I know that because I dated his high school homecoming date. And that’s as close as I will ever get to him :-(. Aaron Rogers is the man

  54. Rodgers is a class guy all the way. I think 7 years and 100 mill will do the job, leaving his cap number closer to 15 mill a year rather than 20. I tell you what…if Flacco is work 120 mill to the Ravens, then Rodgers would have cost them about 400. That Flacco contract is worse than any NBA contract out there.

  55. Oh great, a story about a person doing what he should do. He signed the contract. Now live with it. I love Aaron Rogers, but I’m so sick of this renegotiating thing. Only in the NFL and only in America could people clamor that $10 million is underpaid. And, I am a free market conservative. Beat that with a stick

  56. The tax man loves those huge salaries,the IRS will get their fair share,the State where taxes are paid on income will get their share,the agent will get a huge share and any ex wives will go to court to get more of their share so that leaves the poor player working longer to become super rich.how much money does a person need to live a happy,contented,financially secure life.

  57. Oh, Mike, you can’t help youself getting a little dig in at the Pats and Brady.

    It was a good one, though. I laughed.

    As for Rogers, good on him for not complaining, at least in the open (to the sports media, who will undoubtedly stoop to paparazzi levels in order to try and steal a quote from him about his contract for the next year, even if they have to make it up). He certainly deserves more pay than he’s getting. I have no doubt he’ll get paid when its up for renewal.

    And yes, that was a totally not subtle dig at the sports media because you hit my Pats, even if it was a good one.

  58. I chuckle reading all the folks here who making 1/20th(or less) per YEAR than Flacco makes for one GAME and people feeling sorry for Aaron Rodgers or any other NFL QB. Even the lowest-paid NFL starting QB is set for life if they’re smart with their money. Are you?
    The insane pay levels today are reflective of fan interest, both in-stadium and through the media paying for rights. Business will only pay to keep competitive based on projected revenues, all of it based on fan interest. So the QB’s should be thanking all of us for making them rich. I don’t hear that very often.

    It’s just another thing to chatter about during the incredibly long NFL offseason. All I care about is the players show up and strap on the chin straps.

  59. I think you need to keep the Rodgers deal in its original context. The Packers gave Rodgers what, at the time, seemed like a rather lucrative contract for a guy who had been put on IR multiple times alread despite having never started a game.

    They made a good gamble and now they are reaping the benefits. However, it is unlikely that they’d let Rodgers complete his current contract. He’ll probaby get a fat new deal at the end of this season.

  60. Most of the blog posts here reflect conventional thinking and Ted Thompson is not of that mindset. Watch what happens next and you will see that GB will not only extend Rodger’s contract but will do so in a way that mirrors the anticipated increases in the team’s overall salary cap (due to the new broadcasting contract) .

    Rodgers will get his money, GB will manage the salary cap more effectively than the vast majority of the other 31, and the Viking fans will post gibberish, as usual.

  61. This is dumb. Why should the Packers rip up his current contract? Like anybody else, Rodgers will take the highest bid at the right time. And with the franchise tag, the Packers will get to bid first. And, do you think any player will leave a system he’s comfortable with just for spite? It’s dumb for teams to ever renegotiate. Has there ever been another team that has given up two number 1’s to steal a franchised player, and then made that player the highest paid? Ever?

  62. Maybe there is one QB out there that lives off of $10 million a year and is happy with his megabucks insurance deal and plays for the big contract he signed years ago. Maybe Rodgers is that kind of a person.

  63. As a Vikings fan I think that Rodgers is grossly underpaid. The Packers need to ante up big time.

  64. The Ratbirds without the felon and Reed will be the biggest joke ever. Crackhoe is a joke. The only reason why he looked that good is because of Bolden. The fans are even worse, if that was not the case the Colts would still be there. The Clowns would be a Super Bowl champions. So get ready for some reality….. A 500% ball club……weak up

  65. Rodgers will get paid, releasing Woodson, not going to overpaying Jennings. All these moves are GB loading up to make Rodgers one of, if not the highest paid QB.

  66. My thoughts:

    -Rodgers is a classy guy. He doesn’t complain to the media. He just does his job for the team.

    -Rodgers wants to win. He reminds me a bit of Brady, they always want to win and get a championship rather than a huge pay day. I can see Rodgers taking less than Flacco and Brees to help the team stay competitive

    -He has a great PR team, they get him what have to be very lucrative deals. He can easily make up the money gap without hurting his team. It makes him look even better to the public if he takes a team friendly deal=more endorsement $$

    -He doesn’t need a huge contract to prove his QB status in the NFL.

    -I’m sure he’s more than willing to take less in exchange for an offensive line. And maybe a new o-line coach to go with it. Anything to keep him from constant sacks. I’m not even a Packers fan and I felt bad for him all season

  67. Just had to take a swipe at Brady whether this article on Rodgers had anything to do with him or not. Thus now, according to all PFT indicators, Brady actually fleeced the Patriots.
    Any more questions about the state of “journalism” nowadays?

  68. Its kind of disappointing knowing that joe flacco will never earn that money outright, or that a-rod has been given twice that amount just on one contract alone.. Baseball is like watching paint dry

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