Manti Te’o: I’m “obviously” faster than I showed at the Combine


Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o says the 4.82-second 40-yard dash that he showed off at the Scouting Combine doesn’t indicate how fast he really is.

And Te’o says it should be obvious that he’ll run faster than that at Notre Dame’s Pro Day.

Obviously, faster than a 4.8,” Te’o told Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune. “We’ll see what happens.”

Te’o has blamed stress for his slow time at the Combine, but there have long been questions about Te’o’s speed. We noted in December that people were questioning whether he was fast enough to be an elite NFL linebacker, and Te’o still hasn’t done anything to answer those questions sufficiently.

But Te’o insists that he plays a lot faster than his Combine 40 showed.

“I think the 40 time measures what the 40 time is supposed to measure,” Te’o said. “I think that’s something that I’m going to get better. The only way from here is up, so I’m definitely going to get better at that. I think, as far as play, I think what’s on the film, that’s the play. Obviously, I can get faster in my 40.”

It may be obvious to Te’o, but it’s not obvious to NFL teams that he’s any faster than 4.82.

68 responses to “Manti Te’o: I’m “obviously” faster than I showed at the Combine

  1. He might turn out to be an average player but I doubt it. When he played against a good team (Alabama) he got used and abused.

  2. Between “obviously” and “faaaaaaar from it,” he’s going draw a flag for excessive use of the adverb.

  3. GO TE’O!!! Hope he proves everybody wrong. The best solution is for trolling Alabama fans & Irish haters and especially the media is to leave this guy alone and just let him play. Hope he goes to a good team. It would be a cryin’ shame if he were to be a Chief, Brown, or a Jaguar. He’d have to go to the Grotto @ Notre Dame to work al that out with God.

  4. I think he is what Alabama showed him to be in the championship game… overrated. Should go in the 3rd-5th round, based on skill and not college media hype.

  5. What’s most obvious is that the more we hear from Manti Te’o the more oblivious he sounds. While he may feel obliged to speak about the game with the oblong object, his draft stock is plummeting towards oblivion.

  6. He doesn’t know how to run, upright start, small steps, rigid back. It doesn’t look like his body would allow him to run any faster.

  7. It’s hard to run fast with your d and b’s taped securely between your butt cheeks.

  8. I would not go anywhere near this guy. I can definitely see him taking a Burfict-like plunge next month. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bengals be the one to take a chance on him.

  9. In a Maury Povich voice, “Our speed detector tests again proves that is a lie!”

  10. I hear he has a new girlfriend but she lives in Canada and he met her at Niagara Falls so we wouldn’t know her.

  11. Maybe his lost connection with his made-up-girlfriend-dude is taking a toll on him. It’s something no one has ever experienced the NFL should look past his issues and take him in the top
    10. Right, only ND fans that support him?

  12. notre dame crybabies can’t take the truth.
    your beloved Te’o is a gay fraud that can’t play in the NFL.
    think about that when you sing the irish fight song, you douche-bags.

  13. You are what we thought you were, and we’re not letting you off the hook! – D Green

  14. I haven’t seen any Teo haters from Bama fans on here. All I think the NC game showed is that in the SEC he would be a back up. I wish him well in the draft.

  15. At least he has abandoned his assertion that he was running 4.5 and 4.6 during his training sessions. Recall he made that comment when put on the spot as he sat between Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock of NFL Network for a post performance interview.

    But really, how much straight line speed does a player in the ILB position need.

    Are we nitpicking about his 40 time when his real value is his ability to weave his way to the guy with the ball? His knowledge and instincts are what got him this far because obviously, he’s not built for speed.

  16. The combine is the measuring gauge at the moment ,not the Notre Dame media machine. The tape doesn’t lie and neither does the stop watch. Somebody has got to have a sit down with this kid and explain the new reality is the media is not your friend. You went from media darling to media clown ,so just don’t say anything because it can an will be used against you. If you do well at the N.D. pro day just smile and point up at the clock.

  17. It doesn’t matter what school he played for, what time he runs in the 40 or whether or not he likes women. Once the pads go on, everybody knows he can play. People are only second guessing what they thought of him a half a year ago because of all the drama that has come up. Before all the crap hit the fan, most had him pegged as a first rounder. Now, everybody is saying he’ll be lucky to be taken before the third. Why? Because he had some drama going on? What does that have to do with what he does on the field? Nothing.

  18. Brandon Spikes ran a 5.0. He was drafted in the second round and is a solid player.

  19. Oh how I hope this weak minded clown runs slower at his Pro Day so we can get some more comedy gold while he scrambles to make excuses.

  20. Couldn’t pay me to draft this kid if I was an NFL team.

    Manti Te’o, welcome to undrafted free agency.

  21. He is as fast… as he ran…

    He struggled against NFL quality RBs and TEs…

    Maybe he’s better than that… but which NFL team wants to burn a high pick to find out??? None that I know of.

  22. Remember when Burfict ran the 40 in over 5.0 and was declared undraftable?
    Remember when Laurinaitis ran nearly the same as Te’o did?
    Both of those guys must suck.
    People should stop reading tabloid stories and watching guys run around in their underwear if they’re going to try to figure out who’s good at playing football. Give watching some football games a try.

  23. One major upside for him now, he doesn’t have to worry about being labeled a draft bust. If he’d been taken in the first round (especially top 15), he could have been inching close to the ever painful Russell/Leaf line. Now, when he’s taken 4th round or later, he’ll be seen as either a run of the mill 3rd string guy, or at best, a solid special teams player.

  24. On the one hand, Terrell Suggs combine 40 time was reportedly 4.8. Pretty sure most teams would like him on their roster. So that time thing shouldn’t be treated as the magic key.

    On the other hand, Te’o’s lack of self-awareness is a giant red flag.

  25. I think he’s quicker more than he is fast. He looked good in the drills at the combine, quick feet, good agility, good acceleration but the game against alabama scares me a bit. However, when I watched georgia vs alabama olgetree didnt look any better. yeah he had a TD but throughout the game he wasn’t very effective. so it’s not only te’o who had a bad game aginast bama. But from what it looks like, it seems he’ll be a early 2nd round pick.

  26. His credibility is lacking. The proof is in his stats from last season and the combine. Stats don’t lie.

  27. The only way a small linebacker can survive in the NFL is if he is lightning quick or built like a monster. That way they can beat the block with speed or power. That is even a rarity, most NFL linebackers are about 50 lbs short of a lineman and just get off blocks with their size. Teo will get devoured in the nfl. That being said, I hope he works hard and makes it. I will be the one guy rooting for this kid. It is kind of sad that people root for a young man to fail just because he isnt elite and made a dumb mistake. If we wished that on everyone young man, we wouldnt have any left.

  28. Now if he doesn’t improve 40 yard time at nfl pro day by say .5-.8 then what.. Here’s to him doing so and having a prolific career.. Human nature to kick someone when their down.. I know he cleaned up every defensive award this past year.. 1 bad game vs a power house.. He still managed 10 tackles.. Clearly missed lots too. O missed on the 1st five 3rd down conversions.. Terrible game

  29. If I remember correctly, James Laurinaitis also had a pretty slow 40 time, and he’s been a steal for the Rams. Not really saying anything about Te’o here, even though I do like him, but I think too much emphasis is put on combine numbers. A lot of people can lift an impressive amount if weight, but can’t block. If 40 times meant everything, Carl Lewis would be a football hall of famer.

  30. Headline:
    I’m “obviously” faster than I showed at the Combine

    What he was actually quoted as saying: “Obviously, I can get faster in my 40.”

    There IS a difference. We HOPE that a first year student in “journalism” school would recognize such a misleading headline for what it is.

    Teo not quoted as what he IS, only what he expects TO BE. C’mon. Be accurate. Make an attempt to be fair.

  31. This article is not fair to Te’o. I didn’t say he was “obviously” faster than I showed at the Combine””…he said:

    “Obviously, I can get faster in my 40.”

    Big difference. He is simply saying he can do better – not that he is obviously faster.

  32. Manti Te’o is a drama queen and a big fat liar! If Te’o could run a faster 40 than why didn’t he? Is it because he chokes for the big game? Any NFL team that drafts his worthless carcass is going to be wasting their money and draft pick. He’ll be an even bigger drama queen than his hero, Tiny Tim Teblow.

    Manti and Tiny Tim should go for the Lingerie League since both are such drama queens. Maybe then they’ll learn how to play with girls, become real men. Maybe the girls can teach Tiny Tim how to throw like a man.

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