Moss’ teammates think he’ll try to play one more year


PFT‘s been reporting for quite a while that Randy Moss would like to play at least one more year and it seems that his teammates from the 49ers have gotten the same message.

A member of the 49ers told Mike Freeman of that he thinks Moss wants to play one more year “and then head off into the Hall of Fame.” That teammate admitted, however, that it isn’t quite as simple as Moss wanting to play. As we’ve previously discussed in these parts, Moss has several demands — contending team, quality quarterback, contract, bigger role than he had with the 49ers — that could get in the way and the 49er also mentioned another potential stumbling block.

“I think Randy wants to play again,” the player said. “I’m just not sure he wants to go to another team and have to learn another system.”

With all indications being that he’s done in San Francisco, that could be problematic. While the consensus among his teammates may well be that Moss will try to play another year, it’s way too early in the offseason to say with any confidence what Moss will wind up doing because it is going to take a specific set of circumstances to see him back on the field in 2013.

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  1. Wants to play for a contender with a good QB. We’re down to about six teams. Wants to play within the same system (probably too lazy to learn a new one), the list dwindles to three or four teams.

  2. Sounds like he is either going to SeaHawks or Ravens. It will be a loss for 49ers let him go.
    I am surprised that 49ers don’t have any play maker receivers, yet they want to let Moss go in a hope to land someone in free agency or pick someone from the draft of moss caliber.

  3. Good luck 49ers. With dumbest drafts of the 2012 (except la michael james), chances are getting slimmer to make it to super bowl this year and forget about next year.

  4. I would say that 49ers future is completly in Trent Balke’s hand. If he drafts right this year, 49ers will make to superbowl again but if he fails in picking up the right players from the draft like last year, 49ers will be doomed.

  5. I have feelings that there is something else cooking in a background which we have no clue about and that is why 49ers didn’t want to bring him back. He also distracted 49ers before the superbowl with comment of being the greatest of all and comments about his playing role.

  6. Ok lets get real folks at this stage in the game they already have 3 pss catchers better than Moss. Crabtree, Manningham and Davis. There was a reason Manningham was the opposite starter and hell Manningham is really only a #3. Moss drew coverage based more on rep than true threat. Truth is he dropped several balls he should have caught and made little effort on some others. Yes there were times he was open. Even wide open.. that’s called being an NFL receiver. How many times did we see TO blow by coverage in preseason only to not come up with the ball or eventually a job. Randy helped Crabtree evolve into a potential elite receiver. He certainly tore it up with the qb switch and even before then was having a pretty good season. That was Randy’s greatest contribution. It wasn’t on the field

  7. As for calling their draft stupid they had ONE starting spot up for grabs. RG. Boone filled in quite nicely at that so having none of their draft picks needed to start means they did a brilliant job the year before but hey we will just ignore that Miller, Hunter, Kaepernick, Culliver, and Aldon Smith are some of the brightest up and coming stars right? All five out of 2011 draft. All five called reaches or silly picks by so called “experts”

  8. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to go to a contender. The only missing from this guy’s resume is a ring, so why would he play another year if it wasn’t for a team that could win one?

  9. What contender would take him? Moss is 0 for 2 on two Super Bowl favorites. It’s like signing a black cat. Moss will never win a Super Bowl and the day he enters the HOF the roof will probably cave in.

  10. Maybe following this draft, then again, it may take 2 or 3 more. Eventually though, NFL followers are going to accept the reality that Trent Baalke is as good as they come at acquiring talent – from whatever source – be it draft or free agency. I’ve been a Niner since before soap was invented, and I have seen a lot of drafts. And genius or no, love the man’s end result, but he drives me absolutely nuts the way he does things. Still…….!

  11. Randy, if you want to play this year, and be remembered, you have to do what TO did. Only you know, do it right…

    I don’t mean go to buffalo. I DO mean go to a ‘fair’ team, who has playoff potential but isn’t a shoe-in. I DO mean find a mediocre QB who can get the ball to you, but is going to count on you to do a lot of/most of the work. And finally, I DO mean showing both this league and their fans that this is what you love to do; this is what you do best; and you aren’t even going to let time slow you down.

    Randy, I don’t think you’re the best to play the game, But I think You, Terrell, and Chad are all part of a dying breed that was inspired by the best, and that you alone have the ability to stand out from the other 2 now. Keep quiet (don’t be a TO), and when you make start making those catches, act like it’s normal and you’ve been there you’re whole life(don’t be an ochocinco).

    And most of all Randy, remember that you’re incredible, but you’re rusted. And if you want to get in the Hall, use every last of drop of gas in that tank. Otherwise, feel free to sit behind Andre and Keyshawn “waiting”.

  12. He’ll try, but it is going to be hard.

    Workout warriors are not just at the combine, they seemed to be aging veterans who had recent years of declining tape.

  13. Moss dropped couple of passes because they were badly thrown. He saved Kaepernick couple of time by drawing penalties or knocking the badly thrown balls so they won’t be intercepted. He did it with class and experience.

  14. As far as Crabtree goes, he is not a vertical threat and Davis at tight end position, is overrated. Davis performs inconstantly; he is a good blocker but an average TE. I was more impressed by Garret Clek’s performance against Seattle then Davis or walker’s performance. Walker drops too many crucial passes.
    Garret is a natural TE but I don’t know much about his blocking skills. Mario Maninghan is a good WR but can’t stretch the field. So what do we left with at vertical threat WR position??? nothing.

  15. Why are 1/3 of the comments on this page from somebody calling themselves “zachameen”? BTW, this dude sounds like a Seattle fan who is hoping the 49ers get worse instead of better. We’ll see. Seattle will go from the hunter to the hunted next season. That usually is not an easy transition.

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