Not much buzz about Jake Long

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Five years ago, the Dolphins made left tackle Jake Long the first overall pick in the draft.  Now, as his rookie deal expires, there’s little or no chatter in league circles about someone making a major play for him.

It would be a shock if the Dolphins use the franchise tag to keep Long, given that his 2012 cap number with a 20-percent raise would require a $15.3 million tender.  “There’s no way they’re tagging him,” one league source said Saturday.

So the question is whether he’ll get a big contract in the early days of free agency, when cap money is burning a hole in the pockets of some teams and/or owners have decided to spend in order to create the impression that the team is trying (even if the “trying” consists of “flailing”).

Some think Long would be better off on the right side, which pays a lot less money.  Regardless, if he doesn’t get a big deal early in free agency, his options could become narrow — both from a money standpoint and from the perspective of which side of the line he’ll land.

If Long leaves, Jonathan Martin most likely will become the left tackle for the Dolphins.  Martin is the tackle drafted in round two last year by Miami.  The guy who played left tackle exclusively in college.  The guy who started 12 games at right tackle as a rookie before moving to the left side after Long landed on injured reserve.

And so it could be that speculation about Long’s future after Martin was drafted could be right on the money.  Despite the things G.M. Jeff Ireland said last year.“I don’t normally go overboard on media speculation,” Ireland said after the 2012 draft.  “But [Friday night] I saw an article about Jake Long.  I have plans to keep Jake Long here for a long time.  So, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. . . .  We drafted Jonathan Martin to be a tackle on this football team, a right tackle on this football team.  Let’s don’t speculate any further than that.”

It’s probably safe to do more than speculate now.  Though there’s still a chance Long stays, it likely won’t happen until Long has determined that big money won’t be flowing his way from any other team.

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  1. starting at left tackle for the Chicago Bears in 2013 Jake Long! at 28 the guy has plenty of time left and even if he is only half the player he was it is still better than a 100% j’marcus webb.

  2. In fairness to Ireland, Long took a nosedive this past season. At times before his injury, he looked overmatched and powerless to change it. He’s young enough that he should regain some of his previous form, but it’s no guarantee. That’s why he won’t get LT money in free agency.

  3. Jake Long’s best days are behind him. He was elite at one time but age and injuries have taken its toll. First of all , he’s gonna have to pass a pretty intense physical to get “any” kind of contract. He should try to go to a winner. At any cost.

  4. I still don’t see how people could have ever made the argument that he was better than Joe Thomas.

  5. This why it sucks to be a fins fan they are gonna let him sign with another team even though they have the money to resign him he will probably sign with the pats because he wants to win and finish off a great career in NE

  6. Tony Sparano decided to play Long extended minutes in the 4th preseason game in 2010 or 11 against Dallas. Of course, Long hurt his knee in that game, and he’s never been the same since.

    Once again, Tony Sparano ladies and gentlemen! And don’t forget the man who decided to hire him, Bill Parcells!!!!! Come on out and take a bow!

  7. Jay Cutler and Phillip Rivers should be ringing Long’s phone every single day telling him how great Chicago and San Diego is.

  8. I wasn’t the only one who thought he was very overrated coming out of college. We were right.

  9. Would love to see him come home to Michigan. I know the Lions think highly of him. A broken Jake Long is better then Jeff Backus ever was. No offense Backus….just the truth. Bring him and Andy Levetrie in and lets give Stafford some snaps with out getting hit.

  10. What’s with all the Chicago fans here thinking they can sign Jake Long?

    After franchise tagging defensive tackle Henry Melton, they have $4 million in cap space left for this year, which is barely enough to sign their 2013 NFL draft class.

    Long is demanding $10+ million per year – which is why nobody wants to make a big play for him – so I don’t see the math working out on that for the Bears given their lack of cap room.

    Also, the Bears are the third-best team in their own division – behind the AFC North-winning Packers and Wild Card-winning Vikings. So I don’t see Long taking a discount to play for a “contender” like the Bears that is only the third best team in their own division…

  11. As a Dolphin fan Jake Long has been injured for the last 3 years, and with different injuries each time.
    I think he’s injury prone now, and has to prove he can last a season which he hasn’t done.

  12. now people can see why it was dumb to draft a franchise LT before you have a franchise QB. passed on Matt Ryan for Long. now the dolphins finally have a QB worth protecting and the “best LT in the NFL” is done

  13. Any team that throws huge bank at Jake Long obviously hasn’t viewed the tape on him. Injuries can account for some of the drop off sure but the bottom line is he’s ranked in the 70’s on PFF for OT’s and I couldn’t see paying him even 7-8 mil. per year. Considering the salary cap situation of many teams this year I think Mr Long is going to be in for a huge wake up call.

  14. Long would be nice in Chicago but not at that price. there is a middle
    ground here now its up too Emery
    to find it. salary cap or not Long needs Chicago just as bad as Chicago needs Long. ASK MARSHALL

  15. If he gets healthy and stays healthy he is the best there is. Jesus he is still a young man. He played hurt last year until his body told him no more. It all depends on his health, if somebody gets him and he is back to his old self JACKPOT! He’s a leader and a hard working solid guy. Sign a one year deal prove yourself again and name your price next year Jake.

  16. it wasn’t just last year… his performance fell off a cliff 2.5 years ago…

    and his leadership did too… last two seasons that O line has averaged about 28th in hits on QB, pass blocking, and run blocking

    the Phins can pay the league minimum to get a guy that performs like that…..

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