Predictably, Jarvis Jones says he’s fine


Last weekend, multiple reports emerged that multiple teams had taken Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones off their draft boards, for the same reason USC took Jones off the Trojans roster.

Spinal stenosis.

It’s a narrowing of the spine that makes a football player more susceptible to a spinal-cord injury.  Thus, some doctors (like those at USC) won’t be comfortable signing their names to paperwork clearing the player for potential paralysis.

Predictably, Jones scoffs at the report.

That ain’t true,” tells Jeff Schulz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “People are still talking to me.  Nobody has taken me off the board.  The doctor said I was fine and cleared me and the Combine went fine for me.  I was cleared medically.  Teams know my situation.  Everything went great.  I did everything they asked me to do.  I’ll have my Pro Day [at Georgia on March 21], and then I’m going to meet with a whole lot of teams.”
All due respect to Jones, how does he know that teams haven’t taken him off the board at the insistence of their own doctors?  The teams aren’t going to tell Jones that in advance of the draft.  Teams that don’t want a player want other teams to want him, so that another team will use a pick on the player and push other players farther down the board.
Trainer Tom Shaw also believes he has access to the inner thoughts of every team on the question of Jones’ health.  “No one has taken him off the board,” Shaw told Schulz.  “That’s just news reporters.  Jarvis got real upset about it because he doesn’t even know why that was going on.”
Yeah, that’s just news reporters.  Reporting, you know, news.  Relying on, you know, sources who know what team executives are really saying at a time when those executives don’t realize that the people to whom they are speaking might share that information with, you know, news reporters.
Schulz writes that Jones attributes the dynamic to the pre-draft misinformation process.  But Schulz fails to account for even the possibility that the things teams are directly saying to Jones constitute pre-draft misinformation.  Indeed, Schulz seems to be more concerned with taking some sort of bizarre pleasure in the fact that Jones opted to do the obvious and predictable thing:  Deny the reports regarding the health condition that prompted USC to dump him.
None of this means Jones will plunge down the draft board.  Georgia welcomed Jones when USC became reluctant to keep him, and there surely will be teams that are willing to resolve the risk-reward analysis by taking a chance on a guy who knows and accepts the possibility of a serious injury.
“[I]f you discount a player because of injuries, you miss out on a lot of good players,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz recently told Anwar Richardson of  “This league is filled with guys that have had major injuries in college that have bounced back and had successful NFL careers.”
Jones could be one of those guys.  And someone will roll the dice on Jones.
But that doesn’t mean multiple teams won’t.  And that was the gist of last week’s report.

27 responses to “Predictably, Jarvis Jones says he’s fine

  1. well, if any team takes a chance on him…I do believe that he will have some type of injury neck clause in his contract that will protect the team, other than that..he’s a good football player

  2. I hope the Browns pass on this guy i think they should trade back and try to package picks so they can trade a ton of picks next year to draft our franchise QB like Bridgewater,Jonny Football,or David Sales we need to focus on next years draft more than this years we need a stable QB badley.

  3. Welcome to the lying season! Maybe teams have taken him off their boards. . .

    It is also possible that teams are leaking that to reporters to try to scare some other teams off.

    We just will not know until draft day.

  4. He’s got his heart set on being a pro football player and he very good at what he does so I hope a team takes him on.

    I hope it turns out that he plays out his pro career without missing a beat–after all, that is just as likely as not. Good luck Jarvis.

  5. Many people and athletes have spinal stenosis without knowing it. It’s more common than you think. If you have bad back pain that comes and goes you probably have it. Disc operations are a result. Many athletes have it and don’t know it.

  6. Media speculating on medical reports could cost this kid a lot of money. That’s messed up.

  7. Theres a time and place to take a chance on someone like Jones, if hes considered a top 10 pick and he falls to the end of the 1st or into the 2nd its probably worth it then to take your chances on the guy.

    The Packers are probably one of the teams that have actually taken him off their draft board because they have lost 3 players recently to neck issues. WR Terrance Murphy(stenosis), DE/OLB Jeremy Thompson and the latest S Nick Collins.

  8. He probably isn’t “off” any draft boards, just red-flagged and downgraded due to the perceived risk of his stenosis.

    So whereas a team may have had a 1st round grade on him, he may just be bumped down on their boards.

    I think it would be absurd for him to be completely off teams boards considering the sheer number of players who get drafted, especially the number with more immediate & pronounced injuries (Willis McGahee anyone?).

  9. With all due respect to the Lions coach. Comparing spinal stenosis to a player with bad knees is beyond stupid. Perhaps that is why the Lions felt confident they could use a second round draft pick on a severely concussed running back.

    How’w that working out for the team and the player?

  10. @kev86 . . . Really? Do you think any team will rely on media reports over their own medical information?

  11. When he blows up the league, I wouldn’t want to be one of those G.M.s when the phone rings and it’s the owner on the line.

  12. What were you expecting him to say anyways? “yeah guys you dont want to be drafting me anywhere in the first, this injury means you can grab me anywhere in the 2nd-3rd round if you’re lucky”

  13. C’mon Mike…Make a story where there is not one…You are a master…Start suggesting that RG3 will never come back and the Skins are awful…Do what you do…Punk

  14. As you said, teams that take him off their board don’t want other teams knowing it, so why was anything leaked? My guess is that the teams leaking the info are doing so to keep their interest in him secret. He’ll still be a very high pick

  15. Jones will fall in the draft because dumb GMs working for dumb teams will talk themselves into passing over this kid. Then a smart GM like Reese, Schneider, Thompson or Newsome will draft him and he’ll be a great player. It happens almost every year, and not just in the first round.

  16. Ok … I have looked at ESPN, SI, NFL, PFT, etc., and with the exception of Peter Gammons (and a few others) at MLB I haven’t seen a ‘news reporter’. I have seen a lot of gossip types who, in the days of old, where real ‘news reporters’ existed, would have been writing for 17 or Tiger Beat … if they could have found a job. So maybe Jones and Shaw are just guilty of overestimating the capacity and capability of the message bearers.

  17. Remember 2007 when the Raiders, Cardinals, and Bucs passed up Adrian Peterson because he was injury prone for Jamarcus, Levi Brown, and Gaines Adams? Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and agree with Jim Schwartz on this one.

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