Silberman tryout screams “publicity stunt”

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It appeared to be a curious coincidence when news that a female kicker would attend one of the various Regional Scouting Combines emerged within a day after a report surfaced regarding the NFL’s long-term plan for turning the regional events into an American Idol-style competition.

What better way to get people to pay attention to Regional Scouting Combines that were ignored when they debuted in 2012 than to come up with a new twist?

Kicker missing part of his foot?  It’s been done.

Kicker who kicks without a shoe?  It’s been done.

Donkey that kicks field goals?  It’s been done.

Female kicker who didn’t kick in college, or apparently ever?  Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

With nearly 150 NCAA football programs, each producing at least once every four years (if not more often) a kicker whose eligibility has expired, how does a 28-year-old former club soccer player at Wisconsin with no football kicking experience end up among 37 kickers at the Regional Scouting Combine in New York?  That’s a question that has yet to be fully answered.

But don’t feel bad for Lauren Silberman.  If it was a publicity stunt, she got her 15 minutes of NFL fame in exchange for a tryout at a group event that was never, ever going to result in anything more.

Based on the fact that, via the New York Post, more than two dozen media members (including the E! television network) attended the Regional Scouting Combine in New York, the apparent publicity stunt accomplished its goal of creating publicity.

And we can now go back to ignoring the Regional Scouting Combines.  Until they track down Dr. Nick Riviera’s old friend Mr. McGreg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg.

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  1. It was either Lauren or having several overweight middle aged guys with heart conditions compete. Pre stunt surveys favored the fat guys with bad hearts, but it didn’t pass with the insurance company.

  2. It;s just a joke what is happening to the NFL. The probowl is an open joke, the Superbowl is slowly heading down that path. Pretty soon all the games will have a minimum of 3 or four touchdowns per team.

  3. Of course it was a “publicity stunt” but it was a bad stunt that could have been done well. There are women who can kick. I’m sure many other female people would have done better. Why not get 5 women (Ex soccer, high school kickers…) together and do a 5 episode reality series. have them be coached by an ex kicker winner gets the spot and $10k. That would have been much better stunt than someone who looks like shes never seen a football and cant kick 5 yards.

  4. Obviously it was a publicity stunt but the league can’t have media members every year drawn to people like Silberman who have no experience and hurt themselves on a 15-yard kickoff. These combines will become a complete joke.

  5. i reckon a publicity stunt is about the only stunt lauren silberman can do without getting hurt… oh wait she did

  6. This woman just ruined the chances of legitimate woman wanting to ever try out in the future. I watched her video on YouTube a few weeks ago and saw her celebrating kicks that barely cleared the crossbar from 30 yards out. Her form looked like a bad HS kicker.

    There are probably some Division 1 women’s soccer players with a legit skill and leg strength to compete. However, this woman is a clown and should have been weeded out beforehand. Makes NFL look like a circus.

  7. Come on everyone, the Jets will sign her and keep the circus in town for another year. The cover of the 2013 media guide will be of her and Tebow.

  8. I believe that Mia Hamm did a publicity stunt at the Redskins facility a couple of years back. I believe that she hit a couple from 50 + from both the left and right foot.

    It does make sense since everyone does kick soccer style. The last straight ahead kicker that I can remember was Mark Moseley.

  9. To imply the WWF is a sport and mention them in the same sentence with the NBA and NFL is ridiculous. I have never seen World Wildlife Fund panda slam a basketball or throw a 50 yard touchdown.

  10. Interesting that my previous comments, not sexiest, were deleted when I mentioned this was an attempt for this girl to get a new job with the NFL’s front office. When this site mentioned her “credentials”, her college major and even where she lives, NYC, it was/is clear her true intentions.

  11. Or the famous kicker from springfield U that famously had this exchange:

    Dr. Hibbert: [chuckles] Your playing days are over, my friend. But, you can always fall back on your degree in…
    [reads chart]
    Dr. Hibbert: communications? Oh, dear Lord!
    Anton Lubchenko: I know! Is phony major. Lubchenko learn nothing. Nothing!

  12. Can’t wait for the lawsuit. Just because she can’t kick doesn’t mean they should keep her off the team! She a woman, after all! Grrrl power!

  13. Interesting. At a time when the NFL is so worried about player safety, they are thinking about putting a women on the field. How safe will she be when some 300 lb player falls on her.

  14. Hey, now. What is the problem with female players? If there can be openly gay guys in the locker room, what is wrong with a few chicks drooling over some johnsons too?

  15. She just took one giant step backwards for women in the NFL. No offense to females, but the NFL is a men’s sport. This sport relies too heavily on size and strength. Kickers are about the only position they can possibly play and Silberman just made a mockery of it.

  16. They should have tried out a gay kicker to please some people. Wait, the Lions have that covered.

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