Will Bucs make a splash in free agency?

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With free agency only nine days away, it’s unclear whether the Buccaneers will be doing a proverbial cannonball into the free-agent pool.

Earlier this month, G.M. Mark Dominik suggested that, with the spending space created by the late-2013 restructurings by receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks, the Bucs will be ready to splurge.

“That has actually opened a lot of cap room for us going into 2013 – a tremendous amount,” Dominik told the Tampa Tribune. “We’ve got a chance to be [heavily] involved in free agency again.”

But Rick Stround of the Tampa Bay Times writes that it’s unlikely the Bucs will spend big, pointing to the relatively flat cap in 2013 and 2014 and the need to keep cap space around to sign quarterback Josh Freeman (if they choose to) and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

If the Buccaneers make another aggressive move at the launch of free agency, one thing is fairly clear:  They won’t be writing any big checks in the immediate future.  The guaranteed money initially will come in the form of guaranteed salaries.

Positions of need include defensive back and defensive line.

The broader need is to win, and to win consistently.  For plenty of reasons, the current Bucs don’t connect with the locals the way the 2002 Super Bowl champions did, and still do.  To re-connect with the fans base, the Bucs need to contend once again for championships.  Buying up big names won’t matter.

Thus, the Bucs need to spend, or not spend, based on no factor other than that one.

11 responses to “Will Bucs make a splash in free agency?

  1. better do some research. if freeman signs a new contract, his number will be at or lower then todays number. so his new contract doesnt hurt that much.

  2. Don’t spend too much….as an Eagles fan….I assure you that spending is NOT the answer. You can have both our 2012 CBs if you’d like….

  3. 9 times out of 10 the splash the Bucs make in Free Agency is due to painful belly-flopping.

  4. After posting the worst defense against the pass last year, the Bucs have no choice, they have to go after a corner.

  5. 32 million in cap space leaves plenty of money for everyone, Rick Stroud doesn’t realize that after this year Donald Penn will be cut and McCoy’s new deal will be worth less than his inflated rookie contract. To the idiot hating on Vincent Jackson, 1,400 yards and 8 TD’s last year, worth every penny. Stop sleeping on the Bay

  6. The way the Glazer’s treat the city and residents of Tampa, don’t ever expect the team becoming able to sell out 80% of their stadium.

  7. Its not so much the 2002 Bucs as it was Tony Dungy’s Bucs. Dungy was a great guy and a true leader of men.

    Those Bucs also built the team with guys who already had local fans wth players from Florida (Keyatta Walker, Reidel Anthony, Jacquez Green), Florida State (Brad Johnson, Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn) and Miami (Warren Sapp). They even took flyers on guys like Shaun King who played his prep ball in the Tampa Area.

    Gruden and Morris where pompous and disagreeable and it will take a while to overcome that.

  8. cuda1234, Are you suggesting that Reidel Anthony, Jacquez Green and (IIRC) Kenyatta Walker weren’t awful NFL players?

    Those were incredibly wasteful high choices.

    In fact, in 1995 they took Sapp and Brooks, and after that Dungy only drafted 6 more players who made the Pro-Bowl in the next 6 drafts. One was a 3rd round kicker, and Warrick Dunn was the only one drafted in the 1st round.

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