As promised, Ravens tag no one else


Plenty of teams try to sign an impending free agent to long-term contracts, so that the franchise tag can be used on someone else.  Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome had said last month that the Ravens wouldn’t be doing that, if they signed quarterback Joe Flacco.

And they didn’t tag anyone else.  Which means that, absent new deals, players like linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, linebacker Paul Kruger, tackle Bryant McKinnie, safety Ed Reed, and cornerback Cary Williams will be hitting the open market.

So why did the Ravens rush to get a deal done with Flacco?  Obviously, they didn’t want to have to choose between the non-exclusive and exclusive tenders.

The latter would have put Flacco on track for a year-to-year haul that would have approached $75 million, $13 million more than he’ll make from 2013 through 2015.  The former would have exposed him to a front-loaded offer sheet from a team like the Browns.

So instead of grossly overpaying Flacco over the next three years or risking losing him for the next six or more, they got the deal done.

11 responses to “As promised, Ravens tag no one else

  1. Mmmmmm….. Exclusive tenders. Those sound delicious. I’ll have those, please. Do they come with honey mustard and barbecue sauce?

  2. no money left, Flack-o drained their bank accounts, enjoy it now ravens fans, cause u guys will be picking in the top 10 of the draft here on out!!

  3. “So instead of grossly overpaying Flacco over the next three years or risking losing him for the next six or more, they got the deal done.”

    What? The ravens ARE grossly overpaying this guy!

  4. Flacco will count less than $7million against the cap…..haters! great move by the Ravens. Best front office in the NFL. suck it

  5. only one who think flack-o isnt overpaid are ravens fans, guarantee u in 2 years, u guys will be asking him to “restructure” his deal so u can sign somebody, just anybody!!!

  6. All this bitterness from fans. Hah, world champions are easy targets. Must be the last five years of being the only team to win a playoff game, three AFC championship appearances, capping it off with a Super Bowl victory (which by the way they re undefeated in). What’s your team done lately?

  7. Hey morons for the next three years he will not count as much against the cap as you think. It’s almost less than Brady. He will restructure in three after at least one more trip to the dance

  8. I know it’s a QB driven league, but I don’t understand why the QB of the winning Super Bowl team must automatically become the highest paid QB in the league?

  9. How can you say the 3 year haul would $75M!?! No team is EVER going to tag a QB 3 straight years, EVER! So using that as your basis is just ridiculous.

  10. The deal is cap friendly for the Ravens for 3 years. You haters can continue to delude yourself that the Ravens will regret it. Joe is deserving of this contact, besides when you examine his career body of work, he has one of the highest winning percentages over a 5 year span. He has just as many Super Bowl wins as Peyton, Brees, and Rogers. Ask Dan Marino if he would trade in some of his prolific stats for a ring. Stats are for losers, give me a winner any day. The Ravens and Joe Flacco are the current SB champs, live with it.

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