Bradshaw hopes to get medical clearance on Wednesday


Cut last month by the Giants after literally being cut in the foot by a surgeon the month before, running back Ahmad Bradshaw has not yet been cleared medically.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Bradshaw is scheduled to see his doctor on Wednesday, with the goal of receiving the green light to visit teams and take a physical.

Bradshaw believes the door is open for a possible return to the Giants.  He also has expressed interest in the Jets, but the Jets reportedly aren’t interested in him.

His head start on the free-agency market ends in eight days, when every running back with an expiring contract will be able to pursue new contracts.

15 responses to “Bradshaw hopes to get medical clearance on Wednesday

  1. Good luck Bradshaw. You rested your rookie year and were a huge part in the Superbowl run that year. The giants will miss your angry running style and hopefully you can stay healthy elsewhere.

  2. The chances of Bradshaw signing to a team is the same chance Marcus Lattimore has of getting picked up….WHICH IS A SOLID CHANCE!!

  3. The jets? Must not want to put his house on the market. That’s the only reason to wanna play for that dumpster fire…

  4. Packers would be the best fit but I don’t know if he would like the GB lifestyle so he might not be interested in them.

    He is interested in the Jets, tells me that he likes the NYC lifestyle (why else would the Jets interest you?)

  5. christopher525 says:
    Mar 4, 2013 3:27 PM
    We need to trade off Stewart for cap room. If we don’t get Jackson, I would gladly take a backfield of Williams and Bradshaw.
    Right because every problem with the Panthers can be solved by signing another injury prone runningback.

  6. He’s a tough runner and always gave his all for the g-men so for that i thank him, a team like the colts or bengals could use him as a solid option to catch passes outta the backfield.

  7. Bradshaw gives everything he has every play, doesn’t get into trouble, says intelligent football related things in interviews and by all accounts is a motivator in the locker room. Complete opposite of play like a Jet.

  8. Please bring him back. Wilson can carry the rock 15-20 times a game (maybe), but I still worry about pass protection in the backfield; something that Wilson has yet to demonstrate, and Brown nearly got Eli killed early in the season. I only view Scott as a speed back. Goes down way too easily from what I saw of him at UMD and in his first season here.

  9. Giants need to get this guy back. He’s been my favorite running back for the Giants since Joe Morris (I did love me some Rodney Hampton though).

    He runs with a Fire and Passion and he just keeps moving his feet, as bum as they may be. This guy has the heart of a champion (and 2 rings to prove it).

  10. I always liked Bradshaw. He’s a real team player and not an egotistical head-case like most others in the league. I wish him all the best wherever he winds up.

  11. good team player from media/ supporter perspective.. hard runner, usually carried like 2-3 ppl at a time, ran over numerous people (rodney pool knows what i mean) gave 100 on half a leg every year.. good luck to u in the future sir with w.e team u land on.

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