Chiefs give themselves options for top pick with moves


The Chiefs did a lot of business in the hours before the franchise tag deadline, signing wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and punter Dustin Colquitt to long-term deals, and tagging left tackle Branden Albert.

Now they have something even more valuable than good players — they have options.

While many will immediately assume this takes them out of the market for a left tackle (specifically Luke Joeckel) with the first pick in a quarterback-less draft, that doesn’t seem wise.

First, they should create the full impression that it’s still a possibility, if only to create a trade market that might not otherwise exist.

But the realities of their line wouldn’t preclude drafting him anyway.

Even though they just tagged Albert (keeping him there for a year, at $9.828 million), there’s no reason they can’t draft Joeckel, and have one of them play right tackle. While Eric Winston has been solid, he’s also entering his 30-year-old season, and isn’t so good that you’d bypass a potential left tackle because of him.

And Albert’s back injury, which coach Andy Reid referred to as a “fairly significant injury” at the Combine, might also give them pause. At the very least, the uncertainty over Albert’s long-term health or contract status would make it wise to keep Joeckel as an option. Many also thought Albert was better suited to play guard when he entered the league, which creates another layer of possibility.

With the chance at a solid offensive line in front of an average quarterback (the recently acquired Alex Smith), along with a good run game, a solid receiving threat in Bowe and a coaching staff that knows how to move the ball, it gives the Chiefs the chance at a new look on offense.

And it gives them more options for the first pick, which makes it more valuable by definition.

18 responses to “Chiefs give themselves options for top pick with moves

  1. Isn’t this one of the scenarios where the Chiefs could shop the pick around to see what they can get? Then if they do end up selecting a left tackle with the first overall pick they can just drop Albert’s franchise tag if he hasn’t signed it already.

  2. No team is going to pay THREE guys like starters at tackle.

    Winston just got here last year on a new contract. They just drafted a tackle last year in the 3rd too.

    Does anyone know anything about football here?

    PS: Branden Albert is a top 5-10 LT. He’s never going to play guard you dullard.

  3. The Chiefs just franchise-tagged their left tackle, Branden Albert, for almost $10 million. Clearly, they must like him as a left tackle, or they’d let him walk.

    The Chiefs signed right tackle Eric Winston to a four-year, $22 million contract LAST YEAR. The deal contains $8.4 million in bonus money, meaning the dead money cap hit from cutting him would be $6.3 million. He’s getting paid $3.9 million if he’s not cut.

    That means the Chiefs have officially tied up around $16 million at the offensive tackle position (left and right combined), whether or not they keep Winston. And since Winston played reasonably well last year, they have no reason to cut Winston and deal with the cap hit.

    SO does ANYBODY think they’re going to pick a left tackle in the draft and have him be a backup in year 1? Probably not.

  4. Alex Smith is average QB? Did you see his numbers the last two seasons? He is good QB, and given the right system (short quick/intermediate passing, ahem, Andy Reid’s), he can be a very good QB. But just to be sure, I would draft a banger RB, like Gore, cuz guys like that make everyone better.

  5. worse time for a team to have the #1 pick, no franchise type QB’s in this draft, might as well pull a rams, and trade the pick and stockpile picks and talents,

  6. Super Chiefs will be back! It’s only taken 40+ years but, who’s counting. If only they could exhume Hank Stram then all would be OK. Andy Reid? Not so much. The fat man is DONE!

  7. The absolute smartest moves Mr. Dorsey and Mr. Reid could make. Now this gives the Chiefs multiple options.
    Trading down just became much easier.
    The building of a dynasty is in full force. Denver, Oakland, and San Diego will now be put back into their rightful places…………………behind the mighty CHIEFS in the AFC WEST.

    The division will be reclaimed this season, and in future years the road to the Super Bowl MUST go through Arrowhead.
    Finally Alex Smith has a system to thrive in.
    Finally Mr. Reid has an intelligent, supportive, and classy fanbase.

  8. chiefs might actually be something to watch out for. plus their schedule will make it nice for them to get some wins. since the they were bottom in their division they will play the bottom teams of other divisions in their conference. I see for a big improvement

  9. Why is it necessary to call Alex Smith average? Just report the news without giving us your editorial opinion please. The news is the Chiefs gave themselves options for making their 2013 team much better than the 2012 Chiefs.

  10. Chiefs, with a few breaks, could be competing for that 6th playoff spot.

    I mean, if the Colts can do it with that defense, then the Chiefs can do it with some solid play from Alex Smith. I remember watching a few Chiefs games and thinking, “Man, if they could score 17 points this could be a win”

  11. 2012 Chiefs were such a great example of why you need all three tiers of an NFL franchise to be successful. 6 Pro Bowl players on a 2-14 team was no fluke, those were good players. The problem is coaching and depth with this team.

    Let’s just see what the Master Plan is with Reid and Dorsey is. I put my faith in the Pioli Plan, it was bad. But, this team was probably a top choice for any Head Coach candidate.

  12. I don’t think Joekel is a sure enough thing, and I don’t think their OT needs are serious enough to make him the pick at #1. I don’t expect the Chiefs to make a smart decision here, but I also would be shocked if they took Joekel. I just can’t see them doing it.

  13. Now lets go get a solid #2 receiver to play alongside him….if we can do that, we may be a force to be reckoned with this year

  14. slickster35 says:
    Mar 4, 2013 5:18 PM
    No team is going to pay THREE guys like starters at tackle.

    Winston just got here last year on a new contract. They just drafted a tackle last year in the 3rd too.

    Does anyone know anything about football here?

    PS: Branden Albert is a top 5-10 LT. He’s never going to play guard you dullard.


    Maurkice Pouncy is widely recognized as the best center in the game, and you have to at least credit him as top five. He moved over to guard during last season for Legursky to play center because of team needs. If you have a team that wants to win, you’ll have players move where ever they are needed.

    Also, it is not all that silly to think that you have Joeckel come in and spend a year behind Albert (with the new rookie wage scale) and Stephenson spending another year developing before moving or cutting Winston.

    As far as the comments that there needs to be a #2, this season watch out for Baldwin. He was coming on at the end of the year and is poised for a breakout season.

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