Cowboys cutting Gerald Sensabaugh


Gerald Sensabaugh is on the way out in Dallas.

Sensabaugh, a safety who started 15 games for the Cowboys last season, will be released, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

The cap-strapped Cowboys will save about $1.4 million on this year’s salary cap by getting rid of Sensabaugh. The move comes just 15 months after Sensabaugh signed a five-year extension.

The 30-year-old Sensabaugh becomes an unrestricted free agent as soon as the release is official, giving him a one-week head start in finding a new team before the beginning of full-scale free agency next week.

19 responses to “Cowboys cutting Gerald Sensabaugh

  1. The salary cap is a pain, but it really helps with parity around the league. Gerald will land on his feet. Nice move by the Cowboys for cutting him loose early.

  2. In other words, sorry Gerald, but since you haven’t done anything since you got paid, and we REALLY need your money to sign our other linebacker, you’re toast…..

  3. add gerald sensabaughs name to the long list of bums available on the free agent market.

  4. Strange cut for a team with almost zero quality depth at safety. Sensabaugh was their best player at the position last year, and without a doubt their most consistent there over the past few seasons.

    I know they drafted a safety in the middle rounds, but he didn’t play. They’d better have a plan, because Barry Church and Danny McCray aren’t going to suffice as a backfield duo.

  5. The Cowboys have a plan. Whether or not it’s a GOOD plan remains to be seen. Barry Church was a late round prospect that went undrafted. He was starting until his Achilles cost him the season. They have high hopes for last year’s 4th round pick Matt Johnson, but he could barely finish a practice without pulling a hammy. Backup Eric Frampton was good on special teams, and Danny McCray may not make it back.

    Kenny Vaccaro probably won’t fall to 18th in the draft. Any other safety is probably a reach at that point.

    As I said, they may have a plan. Just not sure it’s a good one.

  6. Sensabaugh was a waste of money. Flat out. Matt Johnson has a lot more potential and this year’s draft is loaded with franchise safeties.

    Kenny Vacarro, Matt Elam, etc.

    The Cowboys are getting old, so cutting a 30 year old FS who hasn’t lived up to his potential is actually a great move.

  7. So what happened to the rookie wage scale and more money being available for veterans.

  8. How stupid was it of Jethro to extend him to that contract to begin with? What was the most INTs Sensabaugh ever had in a single season? With that kind of money, you’d think he was an elite FS.

  9. loubearkane says:Mar 4, 2013 2:06 PM

    So what happened to the rookie wage scale and more money being available for veterans.

    Maybe you’d better direct that question to the top five quarterbacks who are averaging over $19 million per year.

  10. Out of the current safeties on the roster, I thought Sensabaugh was the best fit for the new scheme. Kiffin must be changing some things up if Sensabaugh is getting the ol’ heave-ho

  11. Just did not make Sense with wanting ball hawking, fast safeties maybe? Thank you Gerald for being a positive member of the team. Good luck getting on elsewhere.

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