Cowboys franchise Anthony Spencer

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After thinking it over until the last day, the Cowboys have made their decision: They’re placing the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer.

Spencer’s agent, Jordan Woy, wrote on Twitter that the team confirmed Spencer will get the tag. Woy added that he and the Cowboys will continue to work on a long-term deal.

Although reports as recently as this morning said Spencer was expecting not to get the tag, the Cowboys have apparently decided they can’t afford to lose him.

Spencer is coming off a 2012 season in which he had a career-high 11 sacks despite missing two games.

21 responses to “Cowboys franchise Anthony Spencer

  1. For once, Jerry made the right move. Tag him and keep him for another year and try to work on a long term deal throughout the year. This was Spencer’s breakout season, and giving players a huge long term contract after one break out season which just so happened to be his contract year…

    That could end up like Chris Johnson or Mark Sanchez.

  2. Thank God! For a few seconds there I thought the Cowboys would use the franchise tag on Jerry Jones!!!

  3. Always thought Spencer was underrated, he would always make a good stop in the running game, this past season he was great all around but they better get him signed long term because they are paying bin too much

  4. I think the first thing is to cut Free and franchise Spencer. Then cut Spencer next year. If you sign Spencer to a multi year contract then in 2 years you are going to have an over paid player in his 30’s who has no incentive to play well. Franchise him and he has to continue to perform at a high level in 2013 so he can sign a contract in 2014. It would take 11 million to franchise him for 2013. Cutting Free gets you 7 million of that. You could probably resign Free for the NFL min. I doubt other teams are gonna want the worst graded RT in the league. Next year you would have 7 mil in dead money, but we will not have that 5 million penalty we have this year. Then replace Spencer with a younger player in 2014.

  5. Big mistake…Spencer is playing for his contract For three years he was mediocre, now for one year he is “all world”….Cowboys can take this 10.6 mil and sign a motivated Dwight Freeney or a rejuvinated John Abraham for half the price and concentrate on the O-Line (can you say Jake Long or Andy Levitre).

  6. I don’t wanna say it But to hell with it! Spencer is now a down lineman. He will be lucky to get A sack! He’s to light and the sad part is..the same thing goes for D. Ware…I’m just calling like it is! We don’t have to worry about D. Ware’s contract right now, but we really should have let Spencer walk..So now I guess we are a lock to get Vaccaro in the 1st rd..I am so through with Jerry and the Cowboys..We really shot ourselves in the foot with this one.

  7. Spencer was in his contract the year before last that is why he is getting the Franchise Tag two years in a row. So for all those who think he played well just because he was in his contract year, you are dead wrong. Some think he got 11.5 sacks just because he wanted to get paid but what about the year before when he was first seeking a new contract and had only 6 sacks. Money isn’t the only variable when it comes to a player performance.

  8. This move actually makes some sense. In todays overpriced NFL, Spencer would have gotten more than his franchise amount on the open market. In order to keep him for multiple years, Dallas would have had to compete with every other team out there. Competition benefits the player. Dallas has locked down a good player in a position of need for another year, enabling them to focus on their many other issues. If Spencer has another good “contract year”, then pay him longterm. Good job Dallas….

  9. Chattcowboy what is your rationale that he will get less sacks now that he will be not be dropping into coverage? You give us Cowboy fans a bad name with your lack of knowledge that is clouded by your hate for the team you supposedly love. The door is that way.

  10. Looks like a clever move if the team negotiates a multi-year deal, or trades Anthony Spencer before training camp starts.

    The Cowboys cannot afford Spencer playing DE for that much money in 2013, so they must have another move or two in mind.

    It’s also conceivable Gerald Sensabaugh could be brought back at a lower salary…after all, his value is also affected by the so-called glut of safeties in the draft and in free agency.

    I know Doug Free played terribly last year. However, I think it would be a mistake to cut him so quickly. I’d like to keep him at least through training camp, especially if the team can renegotiate his contract.

  11. He’s a 250lbs 3-4 OLB and they are switching to a 4-3 and expect him to play with his hand in the dirt at 250lbs. Good luck with that. He may not be the same player if they expect him to pack around 20lbs to play at 270.

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