Hargrove says Ayodele said, “Give me my money,” and Ayodele disagrees

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We considered over the weekend writing a postmortem on the Saints bounty scandal, which landed unexpectedly in the lap of the media (and in turn the fans) on the late afternoon of Friday, March 2, 2012.

But football fans want to look forward, not backward.  Besides, I’m still a little lazy when it comes to writing anything that actually requires, you know, planning and thought.

Still, here’s a chance to point out that BountyGate feasted on a one-candle cake this weekend, thanks to a new skirmish between a pair for former teammates.

After months of silence on the question of who actually said, “Give me my money,” Hargrove now claims what the video reasonably suggests:  It was defensive tackle Remi Ayodele.  That’s what Hargrove told ESPN’s Outside the Lines on Sunday, via Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Ayodele sounded off on Twitter in response, contending among other things that Ayodele said “NOTHING” and that “nobody on the team did.”

Well, somebody said, “Give me my money.”  And while outside counsel Mary Jo White clumsily explained last year in a session with the media that it must have been Hargrove “[b]ecause you can see his lips moving,” the truth is that you can’t see Hargrove’s lips moving.

In the end, none of it matters for Hargrove.  Cut by the Packers as an eight-game suspension was looming, Hargrove was regarded as radioactive until December, when his suspension was overturned by former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.  Here’s hoping that, if Hargrove’s unemployment continues, it will be because he no longer possesses the skills to play football at a high level, and not because he’s being blackballed by the league.

In the end, Hargrove possibly is out of a job because he was accused of lying when, according to Tagliabue, there’s no clear proof he did.  In contrast, Mary Jo White, who insisted to the media that Hargrove said “give me my money” based on visual evidence of moving lips that indisputably doesn’t exist, is awaiting confirmation by Congress as the next chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sounds about right.

19 responses to “Hargrove says Ayodele said, “Give me my money,” and Ayodele disagrees

  1. This whole thing was a disaster. EVERYONE involved lost; Goodell got egg on his face, the players dealt with suspensions that never happened, and the league looks foolish for it’s awful “evidence”(remember those “ledgers” that we haven’t heard about since?).

    The media share a lot of blame for this, too, for blowing it up and taking months to actually question the NFL’s allegations, but the media stopped being responsible in this country a long time ago…

  2. This whole bounty scandal has been a game of “he said, she said” for quite a long time now and it got old rather quick. I’ll let you decide who is acting like the “he’s” and who is acting like the “she’s”, but thumbs up if you think Hargrove is acting like the “she” in this instance and thumbs down if you think it’s “Ayodele”.

    I apologize in advance if this post sounds at all sexist, but that is most certainly not my intent. Just pointing out the obvious…..

  3. Most knew it was Ayodele. Vikings cut him shortly after the bounty scandal news broke. And for those that are in denial, get a grip. It happened.

  4. Just to clarify a bit – Hargrove was accused of lying to the investigators about the existence of the bounty program. Tagliabue found that one did in fact exist. Hargrove told investigators one did not exist. It was not just the recorded statement (which clearly was not him) that was at issue. He lied when they asked about it.

  5. If Mary Jo White is going to be the next head of the Security And Exchange Commission I just have to laugh.
    I know Wall Streets 1%ers are about to get a free ride. The rich get richer.

  6. This probably won’t stay online, but can you think of any reason MJ White should hold a very responsible federal position after her extraordinarily bad job (is rotten more appropriate?) involving the NFL vs. Saints?

  7. themohel says:
    Mar 4, 2013 10:03 AM
    Just to clarify a bit – Hargrove was accused of lying to the investigators about the existence of the bounty program. Tagliabue found that one did in fact exist. Hargrove told investigators one did not exist. It was not just the recorded statement (which clearly was not him) that was at issue. He lied when they asked about it.

    Looks as though your clarification needs clarifying. Tagliabue stated that he felt that a bounty program existed but like Goodell, he couldn’t prove anything. It was Goodell and so called “independent” Mary Jo White that named Hargrove publicly, then had to recant their claims.

    Go figure, something breaks months ago and ESPN is just now reporting on it. Maybe soon, we’ll see their retraction of their Loomis wiretapping story, right?

  8. I wish the NFL would have handled the bounty situation the same way that they handled Spygate…. Burn the evidence.. Oh wait, that’s right, there was NO EVIDENCE to burn… If the bounty B.S. was implicated on the Pats or Giants, we all know how that would have ended… Burn baby burn, burn, burn…

  9. Hargrove got cut because he’s not good enough to keep on the roster during an 8 game suspension. He likely won’t find work, not because of the bounty scandal, but because he can’t play well enough to warrant an NFL roster spot anymore.

  10. The NFL blew this out of proportion anyway. It was obvious that the Saints weren’t/aren’t the only team that used the “pay to play” reward system.

    What should have happened was: Goodell send every team a letter of reprimand telling them to stop if they are doing it. It should have stopped there. The NFL turned it into a bigger battle than it needed to be and in the end, came out looking like the losers of the battle.

  11. While I’m certainly ready for all of this to be put to rest, and I’m not even sure why this is relevant at this point, it clearly wouldn’t have been Hargrove who said “give me my money”. Why? Because it was Ayodele and Bobby McCray who combined on the hit that potentially could have taken Favre out of the game. Why would Hargrove have said that if he wasn’t even involved in the hit?

  12. Goodell should’ve burned the evidence ala spygate, but this time there was nothing to burn.

    What a joke. Patriots get off while the saints and their players get rolled.

    It helps to have the commish bought and paid for. Rooney, Kraft and Mara have little Rog in their pocket.

    It’s obvious at this point.

  13. The American mainstream media is for sale to the highest bidder.
    At no point was there a hardcore 60 minutes style investigation into the facts and contradictory evidence presented by the NFL.

  14. If I murder someone and get caught red handed, does the argument “Other people commit murder and get away with it all the time!” hold any water? The fact that other people also do it means you should not be punished? Did you study law at Sesame Street University?

  15. If “Cheesie” Kraft’s comment about the NFL’s great fortune in having Goodell does not tell you something, you haven’t been paying attention.

  16. gochargersgo – you apparently washed out of Sesame Street University. Try this analogy – it’s a little more appropriate. Say you are speeding on the highway, 15mph over the limit, and so is everyone else. You, however, are the one pulled over by the cops. The cop arrests you, takes you to jail, and you are charged and convicted of reckless driving and vehicular homicide when all you did was speed – just like everyone else who was not punished. Are you going to claim that you are OK being singled out and punished this way because you were speeding?

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