Jags wondering if “Blame Gabbert” can win starting job


The Jaguars have declared their quarterback job a “wide-open competition,” which might be good news or bad news for Blaine Gabbert.

The previous regime’s first-round pick doesn’t have the same kind of mandate from a new coach and general manager, but he’s at least got a chance to reclaim a job that was handed to him previously.

Of course, the previous regime’s affinity for Gabbert might have been overstated.

According to Yahoo’s Mike Silver, in a thorough deconstruction of the quarterback trouble spots around the league, Gabbert’s not the most popular man in his own building.

He’s apparently referred to as “Blame Gabbert” for his willingness to move responsibility onto others.

“Nothing’s ever his fault,” one former Jags assistant told Silver.

Add that to his on-field issues such as an inability to feel a pass rush, and it’s hard to imagine the Jaguars new braintrust giving him too much rope.

But in a year when the second pick in the draft isn’t going to yield a Robert Griffin III (or even perhaps a Russell Wilson), the Jaguars aren’t in the best position to replace him, and might be forced to live with him until a better option presents itself.

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  1. To think that a bum like this was drafted in the first round and guys like kaepernick and dalton were still available is mind blowing. Idiots up there in jacksonville.

  2. Said a “former Jags assistant”….

    well – if that former Jags assistant was from last year…then he DESERVES to be a former Jags assistant…Mularkey and his entire staff were about the most pathetic excuse for an NFL staff that I have ever seen.

    Gabbert has been in a tough spot on a HORRIBLE team with a roster full of NOT NFL WORTHY talent built by our previous in over his head GM…Gabbert MUST get better…but it is easier to do when the rest of the team improves as well. Still too early to give up on him unless we can trade for a proven, quality starter.

  3. I would rather give the starting job to someone who never picked up a football before. Would not know the difference.

  4. “inability to feel a pass rush”??? Are you kidding me with that statement? Goldie Locks definitely feels the pass rush, that’s why he digs a hole and hides everytime he sees a shadow.

  5. Gabbert wasn’t even any good in college. He threw 16 TDs and 9 picks in his final season, while running the spread.

  6. So glad the 49ers did not draft him in the first round like many were predicting. That Aldon Smith guy we took instead has worked out pretty well.

  7. This is a GROSS mischaracterization of Silver’s source. Neither Silver’s article nor source asserted or even implied that Gabbert was “willing[] to move responsibility onto others.” He only said that Gabbert’s nickname was “Blame Gabbert” because “nothing’s ever his fault.” But according to whom is nothing Gabbert’s fault (Gabbert or others?)? PFT’s assertion that Gabbert is the one who eschewed responsibility for his own performance is totally baseless speculation and is horrid journalism.

    Presumably, the origin of the supposed “Blame Gabbert” nickname is that all of his advocates have pointed to his inadequate supporting cast as an excuse for Blaine’s own struggles so far, and NOT because of anything Gabbert has said or done. Because, in fact, his advocates very frequently do point to those things. And because, say what you will about Blaine’s ability, but I actually follow this team and have never seen him pass responsibility onto others, even though he had to endure a very bad offensive line, running game, and receiving corps last year (note that Cecil Shorts did not start until midway through the season, and Blackmon had serious rookie growing pains early in the season).

  8. This report is contradictory to every postgame interview he has ever done. But since Michael Silver got a quote from a fired employee, it must be true.

  9. Gabbert is not going to work. Matt Flynn is available via trade or just roll with Henne.

  10. Chad Henne is on the roster, and even he is a FAR better option than Gabbert. And his “blame others” attitude was evident when he went on his diatribe about fans…

  11. Being able to accept criticisms and take responsibilty is an important part of improving at something. If Gabbert doesn’t have that ability, he’s not going to get better.

  12. sportsmeccabi says:Mar 4, 2013 2:08 PM

    This guy has Cecil Shorts, Justin Blackmon, Mercedes Lewis, and MJD.

    What’s the excuse?

    As a Jags fan – i’ll tell you what the excuse is :

    Gabbert Rookie Year : Should not have been playing – had NO receivers…Shorts was also a rookie – had 4 catches the entire year
    Safety Net of TE Marcedes Lewis during Rookie year? Would have been nice but…
    Lewis was HORRIBLE…drops everywhere and blamed lousy season on baby mama drama – look it up…Coach FIRED/TEAM SOLD…
    Last year : NO MJD…Defense was PATHETIC..
    Shorts was good…Blackmon played like he was ina stupor for first half of year…Gabbert gets hurt…plus he had Mike Mularkey as a coach…

    He needs to be better but that all adds up to a big fat pile of SLOP that he was thrown into…

    Last Year :

  13. Gus Bradley and the front office will get a mulligan on the season from Khan. Suck it up this year with Gabbert, then draft an actual QB like Bridgewater or Manziel next season, even after those 2 there are better prospects than this years class.

    I’m not saying this to make fun of the Jags. They seriously need to take a step back to go forward.

  14. As a Titans fan I’m just glad there’s one team in our division that stinks worse than us.

  15. “Even a Russell Wilson.” You mean the guy who’s already better than Luck or RGIII? Jeez. Do you guys even WATCH football?

  16. I’m so tired of other fans making excuses for Gabbert. Truth is he is not a leader!

    Anything else is irrelevant and it looks like MR.”There are 31 other guys that can do my job, and that’s it.” Gabberts days of being an NFL starter appear to be coming to an end.

  17. The first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem.

    Jags fans, Gabbert is a problem. Get rid of him.

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