More proof that Silberman tryout was a publicity stunt

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From the moment it was disclosed by the league’s in-house media conglomerate that a female kicker will be among the participants in a Regional Scouting Combine process that the league wants to see grow into an American Idol-style competition, we were skeptical that it was a publicity stunt.

And it was.  Apparently for both the league and the female kicker.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today has more details in the aftermath of Lauren Silberman’s disastrous Sunday tryout.  Per Garafolo, other kickers at the tryout said Silberman was asking them how to properly approach the ball before kicking it.

It’s not surprising, given that Silberman had never played football before.  Never.  As in ever.

And so, as former Colorado kicker Katie Hnida told Garafolo after seeing video of Silberman kicking, Silberman was “terrible.”

So what in the hell was she doing as a participant in an NFL Regional Scouting Combine?

Apparently, anyone can participate — if he or she (or Gus the donkey) is willing to pay $275.  Sure, the NFL claims that “[a]pplicants must meet NFL eligibility rules and be able to perform at a high skill level” and that “[t]he NFL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any applicant it determines to be unqualified or unfit to compete.”  But those are just words on paper.

Whether accidental or intentional, Lauren Silberman slipped through the cracks.  She apparently wanted the publicity.  And the NFL wanted it, too.

Even at the risk of applying a speck of tarnish to the otherwise unassailable shield.

29 responses to “More proof that Silberman tryout was a publicity stunt

  1. I don’t understand. Even as a publicity stunt, she (or her partners) couldn’t find a kicker to at least show her how to do it? Rather than asking people as she’s walking out the tunnel?

  2. its a shame because they have to have a limited number of spots open for registration, and one of them was taken by a joke of an applicant.

  3. You can’t complain when there are QB’s who go to the combine and don’t even throw.

    Apparently she passed every other tests to get there and she said she’s kicked well in practice. But, she failed to perform there.

  4. NFL needs to do better job of finding talented females. You make a mockery of football and woman when it is done this way. It is really too bad for all those involved.

  5. They should be happy. This is the earliest anyone has talked about a kicker, before a draft, ever.

  6. This reminds me of the scams modeling agencies and talent organizations use. If you want a portfolio, it’ll cost you $10,000. Obsessed parents can’t resist. Ultimately, though, if you’re beautiful or talented enough, they’ll be paying you to take pictures, or at the very least, charge nothing. The NFL should be ashamed.

  7. She will go down in history as the first female to try out for the NFL. Just like females who demand to try out for elite military teams and then quite on the first day, there is a reason.

  8. she said she had never kicked before. she should not have been there if that’s the case. period.

  9. If she had to ask someone how to approach the ball, then she obviously hadn’t kicked a football before (at least not from a tee). My guess is that most of the people who post here could kick a football off a tee more than 19 yards.

    Not sure what the point of this was, but the fact that the league was in on this publicity stunt should be an embarrassment for the NFL. Can’t wait to hear Roger Goodell’s take on this.

  10. If the NFL could figure out a way to make money watching housepainters, I think they’d do it.

  11. Sackville Rc says: Mar 4, 2013 12:04 PM

    NFL needs to do better job of finding talented females. You make a mockery of football and woman when it is done this way. It is really too bad for all those involved.
    No. They don’t. If a female football player comes around at some point who can compete with men, whatever; we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. But the NFL has no responsibility to anyone for finding anything. There are no players in the NFL who were born in Mongolia, is the league responsible for finding those too?

    The NFL has a responsibility not to discriminate, but it has no obligation to recruit “players” from different demographics in order to create a facade of artificial diversity. How about senior citizens, or fat guys who run a 10 second forty?

    The NFL’s only responsibility is to supervise the players that have the drive, ability, and talent to play in the league.

  12. Did she even make the fifty yard line with those kick offs. How can a lady be expected to tackle if the returner breaks one i know some kickers look a bit slow and awkward but come on man what the hell is going on. The only chance she and other girls will have if they move kickoffs to the opposition`s ten yard line.

  13. *raises hand*

    How exactly do you perfect finding a female football player?
    All your qualifications for a football player are based on males.

    If she’s athletically fit, well-conditioned, and can kick a football (which she said she has), what’s to stop her from trying out?

  14. Sackville Rc says: Mar 4, 2013 12:04 PM

    NFL needs to do better job of finding talented females. You make a mockery of football and woman when it is done this way. It is really too bad for all those involved.
    What exactly is your point? If the NFL found a “talented” female athlete to put through a humiliating and moronic publicity stunt, that would be OK and not degrading to women?

    Moreover since when has the NFL needed to “find” anyone? With 66000 NCAA football players and 1600 NFL roster spots I don’t think the NFL has had to lead a recruitment drive in a while; much less for a demographic that doesn’t participate in men’s football at any level. (Which is not to say women couldn’t/can’t/don’t play football, just that women’s sports and men’s sports are separate from youth league through the Olympics)

  15. I’m just trying to figure out why she needed the publicity? When a company designs a publicity stunt aren’t they usually trying to publicize something?

  16. Shame on the NFL and shame on Silberman.

    This embarrassment will only make it more difficult for women who have legitimate aspirations to be taken seriously.

    Wisconsin actually has women’s varsity soccer. However this girl played only club soccer. The point? There are probably thousands of women more qualified than her to have participated in this combine.

    Then to read that she didn’t even bother to prepare diligently?

    Insulting to EVERYONE.

  17. The only place for a woman on the football field is on the sidelines either reporting a stroy or in a short skirt with pom poms. I’m sick of this kind of nonsense. Men should be able to have their own sports without a woman trying to make a mockery or a publicity stunt out of it. Go play in the lingerie league ladies and let the real football be played by men. sorry if this offends any women out there, but this is the way it should be.

  18. When it comes to men’s pro sports , EVERY thing women do is a stunt or a scam ! Just ask the 20 NBA players that Gloria Allred has or is suing for support and child payments.

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