No franchise tag for Greg Jennings, market next


There was some recent chatter that the Packers might consider using the franchise tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings.

Apparently, the possibility of hanging onto him or using the tag to facilitate a trade wasn’t worth a $10.537 million gamble for Packers general manager Ted Thompson, as’s Alex Marvez reports the Packers will not use the tag.

That opens the door for the 29-year-old wideout to test free agency.

Given his age and the fact he missed eight games with injuries last year, it’s hard to gauge what the market for Jennings will be. He’s made plays when he’s been well, but there are younger alternatives in the market with as much big-play ability or more.

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  1. Although I like Greg Jennings as a player/person, I believe that it’s a good move for the Packers. As stated above, the Packers didn’t really seem to miss Jennings too much last season, making him expendable for his high price tag over $10mil.

    Green Bay needs to spend their money to resign some of their key players like Matthews & Rodgers on top of (hopefully) a couple key free agent defensive players.

  2. Perfect example of why free agency most of the time is a bust. You hardly knew he was around last season even when he wasn’t hurt. Rodgers threw for more than 4K yards. Some team thinks they will be getting Packers #1 receiver when he was really #3 (or 4) last year behind Cobb, Jones and Nelson.

    $10M? No way. Major snicker to the team that signs him. Good guy, but his time might have passed.

  3. This guy is a stud. The pundits get on him because he’s not a speed freak, but out of the top 10 WRs, who is? Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson – everyone else (A.J. Green, Welker, Vincent Jackson, Dez Bryant, Fitzgerald) are all average, 4.5-4.6 guys.

    This guy was a huge playmaker in an offense that spread it around A TON. He had one seriously unhealthy year and he’s getting undeserved flak for it. Someone will pay him $8-9mm / year, and he will be worth it.

  4. Considering he’s looking for 12 million, which apparently has him being the third highest paid receiver in the league behind only Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, I don’t think Thompson really had a choice.

    I suppose they could have franchised him, but both him and his sister would have been unhappy and could have been a distraction.

    Greg is a good receiver, but I’m not sure that he’s third in the league, 12 million good at his age with his injury history. Plus, you have to wonder how much of his success is attributable to Rodgers and Green Bay’s passing offense. I’m not criticizing his talent – he’s good for sure – but I think part of the reason his numbers are so good is the offense he’s a part of which heavily features the WR.

    I’m sure the fans of whatever team will be real pleased to get him, the trouble is that your team might have to spend too much $$$.

  5. I would not be shocked if the Pack brought him back. The market may not be what he is expecting, and the bottom line is this: He is their best WR when healthy. You could see some of that again last year in his last few games.

    I would love to see GB get him a modest three year deal. Get rid of Finley and keep Jennings.

  6. I love Greg Jennings, but the Packers simply can’t spend that much money on one receiver when they have so much talent at that position. I wish Greg the best, and honestly I expect his numbers to go up when he doesn’t have as much talent around for his QB to spread the wealth to. I think he’ll have a good chance at being a pro-bowl receiver again this year.

  7. A guy who from the moment he was drafted was downgraded for not being fast. But I’ll always remember him making up ten feet on Jordy Nelson, who was streaking down the sidelines after a catch with DBs in pursuit. Jennings overhauled everyone to throw a block and insure that Nelson scored. Not to mention the 80 yard overtime winner against Denver.
    Jennings is such an unbelievably smooth route runner, who can throw three moves in two seconds and make any defender look silly.
    More importantly, he’s the type of person you want any role model to be. During the Pack’s Super Bowl run he always referred to Donald Driver as the team’s #1 receiver, even though Jennings had clearly taken over that position.
    I don’t expect him to be back, but I’ll always be glad he was here. I couldn’t even have anything bad to say about him if he showed up in Black and Orange or Purple and White.
    Don’t know how much the team will miss him but I’ll miss him a lot. Best wishes to him always.

  8. Reggie. McKenzie will take a shot him, after all hes a packer and RM loves packers. Hence Holmgren talks, GB practice squad signs. I begin to wonder who he is devoted to more? Green Bay or the Raiders paycheck?

  9. filthymcnasty1 says: Mar 4, 2013 3:29 PM

    Did anyone really believe that Ted would franchise GJ for $10M+?

    The Packers played much of the year with out him, and it didn’t hurt them a bit.

    Actually, I do believe It hurt the Packers to play without Jennings. Are they the world champs? No. Did they look even remotely as good as the year before? Nope. Jennings gives Rodgers that extra outlet. The almost sure handed Receiver that the QB trusts. Yes, there may be cheaper options, there may be someone quicker, runs tighter routes, but will they have chemistry like Rodgers and Jennings do? Probably not. I believe this is one of the mistakes that the Packers will make this season.

  10. Come to the Pats– Jennings running routes with Welker, Hernandez and Gronkowski? The possibilities are endless…

  11. Jennings is looking for his big payday. GB will take him back in a NY minute should he lower his price but look for a brain dead franchise like the Vikings to sign him. He is everything MN looks for a FA, he’s over the hill, he’s overpriced and he’s a ex Packer.

  12. He’ll be another Cullen Jenkins. PO’d at the organization for not offering him a deal to his liking during the season, he’ll refuse to talk to them even when his market turns out to be much less than he expected. Some team will get 1-2 decent years out of him before he starts to go down hill.

  13. joemammy says:
    Mar 4, 2013 3:46 PM
    Colt McCoy to the Packers for Jennings.



    So you’re going to trade a player for one that will be a free agent in a week and a half?

  14. Don’t forget the Philbin / Jennings connection. Even with Philbin the HC in Finland it might seem bizzaro for Jennings to go to Miami but, Ireland and Ross are bizzaro themselves. Never say never.

  15. Packers are done… Ted Thompson is a clown. Letting the second best player on the team walk.

  16. I imagine the Vikings would love to have Jennings, and maybe they wouldn’t lose twice a season (like the past 3 years) to the Packers with him.

    On the other hand, they’d still need to find a competent QB.

  17. The Green Bay packers are top WRs developers lets be honest … Clearly they have thought this thru and are willing to let him walk with the proven talent still on the team not to mention in the upcoming draft… Dout at 12mill a year he’d be in purple an gold I’d rather give that to P.Harvin

  18. With Dwayne Bowe out of the picture, Jennings will get $10M+ now. My guess is Jacksonville, Miami, Buffalo or SanFran. All you knuckleheads wanting him for your Team… We all do, but these Teams have the Cap for it. Wallace will be the highest paid WR, mark my words and he doesn’t deserve it. teams will overpay, they have to. Sad…. I really hope this mediocre Draft of WRs can produce some surprises.Without quality #1’s in a pass-happy league, no rebuilding Teams will ever catch up and the paridy will only get worse.

  19. No way in heck is Jennings the 2nd best player on the Packers team. If he’s so good why was he shut down so often in the few games he played last season? He had 1 very good game – the finale at Minnesota that’s it.

  20. Where ever Jennings plays I wish him the best until he plays the Packers. The team he goes to will be a down grade in every way from the Packers. Vikings have signed a few of the Packers former players but the Vikes just don’t learn. Jennings will get booed so bad should he go to Vikings when he comes back to Lambeau. He’ll be no better than Favre IMO. Packers will draft a WR in April & & mold him into another great Packers WR. I’d like to get Tavon Austin

  21. If Jennings lands in Minnesota and they need him and he gets the money he wants, more power to him. I would not boo him. This is not in any way similar to the Favre situation. Favre orchestrated his own departure with deception and lies, becasue he identified the Vikings as his best last chance to win a SuperBowl. He wanted an unconditional release and pretended to retire in order to get it. Jennings is simply being lost to the cost of doing business as usual. Huge difference.

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