Only eight teams use the franchise tag


Last year, a record 21 teams used the franchise tag. This year, only eight did.

With the deadline to place the franchise tag having passed, here’s the full list of franchise players for 2013, with the one-year tender offer that comes with that player’s position:

Buffalo: S Jairus Byrd ($6,916,000)

Chicago: DT Henry Melton ($8,450,000)

Cincinnati: DE Michael Johnson ($11,175,000)

Dallas: LB Anthony Spencer ($10,560,000 Note: The linebacker tag is $9,619,000, but Spencer is guaranteed a 20 percent raise over his 2012 franchise player salary, which was $8.8 million.)

Denver: OT Ryan Clady ($9,828,000)

Indianapolis: P Pat McAfee ($2,977,000)

Kansas City: OT Branden Albert ($9,828,000)

Miami: DT Randy Starks ($8,450,000)

No player was designated as an exclusive franchise player or as a transition player.

21 responses to “Only eight teams use the franchise tag

  1. Oh wait. Wasn’t Baltimore going to franchise Flacco and risk another team signing him in exchange for 2 first round picks. Isn’t that what the “genius” Florio said about 50 times? Luckily for Ravens fans, Ozzie ain’t Florio, nor is anyone else in the front office.

  2. If the Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe and Dustin Colquit to a 5 year 18.75 million and tagged Brandon Albert.

    The Kansas City Chiefs can look at Randy Moss and Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley

    If the Chiefs can sign 1 or 2 of those players.

    Then the Chiefs can look forward to the draft to either draft a Offensive Lineman or Defensive Lineman . They can work on getting that Offensive line up to pair again so it can protect Alex Smith (If the Rumors are true of the Alex Smith trade)

    They will have 3 voids filled and they can take the best player in the draft to either as depth or as a starter.

    Just saying…Dont get me wrong on this…The Chiefs do need another wide receiver and Randy Moss, Greg Jennings would fill that void…And they also need another Tight End and Jermichael Finley would fill that void as well.

  3. Only 8 players?

    Goddell will probably come up with a “Looney Rule” over this…

  4. I should print this out and take it to my boss for salary treatment discussions. Perhaps he will “franchise tag” me. Might get me fify cents and hour but not 500K/game.

  5. Colts are retarded. Brad Wing is the best punter in the world and you could draft him with your 2nd and save over 2 million.

    I’m starting to think the Colts will waste money on mediocre players rather than put talent around Luck.

    I’m calling it now. March 4th 2013. The Colts will waste away their golden ticket Andrew Luck and get nothing done his entire career. If I was in Vegas and could bet it I would take the odds the Colts blow this opportunity.

  6. Ponder This says: Mar 4, 2013 5:42 PM

    If those are the franchise players for those franchises, those franchises are in a lot of trouble.


    Are you kidding? Buffalo’s Jairus Byrd is one of the top 3 starting Safeties in the league.

    Dallas’ Linebacker Anthony Spencer is no scrub.

    Kansas City’s Branden Albert is as solid as they come for a Tackle.

    Denver’s Ryan Clady is one of the better Tackles in the NFL.

  7. You draft, develope and keep your own Players. Bowe, yes. Albert, yes. Colquitt, yes.

    Alex Smith blows.

  8. How long until De Smith starts tooting the (once again misguided) “owners’ collusion” horn around all this lack of franchising players?

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