PFT Live: Seahawks need to dump Flynn

The Seattle Seahawks shocked the NFL world by riding a rookie quarterback all the way to the divisional round of the playoffs. Heading into the 2013 season, dumping Russell Wilson’s backup, Matt Flynn, should be an offseason priority.

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6 responses to “PFT Live: Seahawks need to dump Flynn

  1. Disagree-The don’t need to dump Flynn……If quality trade makes sense; O.K. , but that is only reason.

  2. I’d rather have Flynn as a backup than anyone else they can come up with. Wilson’s style of play puts him at risk of injury. Flynn knows the playbook, and he was a QB the team was willing to risk their future on.

    The total $ spent on the QB position is what’s important, and for the time being, I believe Wilson is mature enough to handle it and he knows that his day will come for the big $.

    Unless, of course, somebody wants to make a trade for a quality WR, or maybe Revis. I’m sure the Jets need a QB.

  3. Do you ever get the idea that Florio just likes to hear himself talk? Next to Obama, I’ve never heard someone use so many words without saying anything.

  4. So the fact that Seahawks got a C grade for drafting Wilson didn’t bother him, his height didn’t bother him, his opponents didn’t bother him, going to the playoffs didn’t bother him, but somehow having a backup that was signed before he arrived making more than him is going to blow his world and affect his performance? Does Florio even think before he comes up with this stuff?

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