“Progress” reported on Welker deal as tag deadline looms

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As the clock ticks toward this afternoon’s franchise tag deadline, the Patriots have yet to declare their intentions.

But they may be approaching another key piece of business.

According to Tom Curran of CSNNE.com, “progress has been made” on a new contract for wide receiver Wes Welker.

Tagging Welker again would have been difficult, as it would have cost them $11.5 million for another year, but until the deadline, it exists as a possibility, which lends a little heat to any negotiation.

A long-term deal for the veteran wideout leaves open the possibility of using the tag on either right tackle Sebastian Vollmer or cornerback Aqib Talib, though neither appears a certainty.

As it pertains to Welker, “progress” is a nebulous term, but the salary cap relief offered by Tom Brady’s deal certainly makes it easier to accomplish.

11 responses to ““Progress” reported on Welker deal as tag deadline looms

  1. They have to franchise Welker if they don’t sign him today. They already made the mistake of declaring Brandon Lloyd was in the dog house. Now Welker has all the leverage.

  2. The deal was done when Brady redid his deal.

    What is it like inside the Patriots locker room zappaisgod with your inside info?

  3. Why does Belichek hate Welker? Where does this come from. I think he wants to build an offense that Welker is part of and not the center of but I don’t think he hates him.

    Probably hates his agents but not Welker….

  4. Bill hates Wes for not shutting up off the field but loves his play on the field. Brady loves him because he comes through on the field and can live with his off the field trash talk.

  5. It did not start with the sexy rexy quotes a few years ago. Welker tends to run his mouth in practice too. Yes, he was a steal and yes he is a good receiver that Brady can depend on most times. He just doens’t know when to shut it. Belichek doesn’t like talk, any talk.

  6. i didn’t know belichek hated welker, but who cares….welker is an effective offensive weapon, give him whatever he wants and keep him in a pats jersey

  7. I remember when a mic picked up wes after he made a first down against the fins. He turned to the fins side line and yelled, you fing suck. so I can believe maybe Bill has issue with him.

  8. Welker won’t be franchised. This is one team that everyone should know won’t pay out 11.5 million dollars to a 32 year old WR with a major knee injury.

    If he is retained, it will be by a new contract. If anyone will be tagged, it will be Vollmer, who is young and plays at a premium position as well as is an elite level player at it.

    Talib might be an option, but I think they will avoid angering him and just let him walk (getting their pick back as a compensatory pick next year). Talib doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that NE wants to keep long term. But maybe he is (Corey Dillon, Randy Moss, etc).

  9. Where in the world does your info come from on WW being hated by BB because of trash talk in practice? A lot of guys talk trash in practice I am sure.
    WW is definitely too outspoken at times, no doubt. BB has never gone off just personal hate or love as far as I know. He’s ruthless when it comes to dollar value for a player.

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