Rams’ plans for Amendola aren’t clear


Rams G.M. Les Snead went out of his way during the Scouting Combine to make it known that the team won’t be applying the franchise tag to receiver Danny Amendola.

Beyond that, who knows what the Rams will do?

Adam Caplan reports via Twitter that the Rams are “considering other options” for keeping Amendola.  But there aren’t many:  Sign him to a new deal or use the transition tag.

The transition tag has been used less frequently since 2006, when the rules changed to make it fully guaranteed once the tender is signed.  With Amendola getting $8.867 million under the receiver transition tag and the Rams getting only the right to match, that’s not a much more attractive option than the $10.537 million franchise tag.

Caplan tweets that there’s a rumor the Rams are considering applying the transition tag to Amendola as a tight end.  Yes, as a tight end.  That would allow the Rams to secure a right to match, in exchange for a one-year $5.194 million offer.

It sounds ridiculous on the surface.  But in reality it’s a no-lose proposition for the Rams.  If the Rams have an argument that can be made with a straight face (e.g., the proliferation of tight ends who are also slot receivers has converted the position of slot receiver into an extension of the tight end position), they can plant the flag in the ground, advance their position in the grievance process, and hope for the best.

If they lose, what have they lost?  Amendola becomes an unrestricted free agent.

If the Rams win, they will at a minimum have helped frame the manner in which the teams may be trying to characterize tight ends like Jared Cook.  Wide receivers line up wide; tight ends line up tight to the line or in the slot.

And if the grievance can’t be processed on an expedited basis by the time free agency begins, the Rams possibly will scare off suitors for Amendola until after the point at which the big free-agency money has flowed.

Whatever the Rams do, if they’re considering an aggressive approach like this it’s possible that they’re merely reacting to the tampering that likely has been transpiring in the 10 days since Snead said the franchise tag won’t be used.

Either way, we’ll have an answer as to the Rams’ tag plans for Amendola by 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday.

10 responses to “Rams’ plans for Amendola aren’t clear

  1. Slot receivers need to be careful. They don’t fit into every situation or with every team. He could play for years for the Rams … or one season somewhere else.

  2. Florio, some kid made this point yesterday on twitter that the Pats should do this with Welker and you shot him down. Now when a team says they’re thinking about doing it its a great idea all of a sudden a day later? I don’t know Florio…

  3. Even if they “win”, they lose. I doubt Amendola will be happy with a tag that’s half of what he’d be entitled to as a WR.

    I still think that eventually the whole WR/TE tag controversy will sort itself out. Gronk and Hernandez already got paid, Graham will get paid, and your other top TE’s will eventually get paid. This will adjust the TE tag to be more in-line with the top talents at the “hybrid” position for the athletic TE’s that put up WR numbers.

    I wish the CBA would have made a better distinction between offensive tackles and interior lineman. You may have a guy who’s a top 5 guard (maybe worth $6-8 mil tops on the open market), but you’d have to tag him at close to $10 mil to make sure you keep him.

  4. And this is why I support the players the majority of the time in contract situations. A players career is only so long, get all the money while you can.

    That would be some shady business on the Rams part. Either sign him LT or give him the tag on actual position that he plays.

  5. They lose plenty if it pisses off Amendola to the point where he won’t even consider re-signing with the Rams once this is eventually, and it will be, shot down.

  6. What are you doing Rams? This guy is the spark plug on your offense. With Givens on the outside and hopefully Quick on the opposite end, they have a chance to really get things going. But they have to realize that DA is a huge part of that offense. And a fan favorite.

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