Steelers bring back William Gay

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William Gay is returning to the Steelers.

Gay, a cornerback who was cut by the Cardinals last week, said on Twitter that he’s back with the Steelers, who selected him in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL draft. Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Gay will be at the Steelers facility today, and Gay’s agent said there’s mutual interest, although he declined to say whether a contract has been agreed upon.

Although Gay started 15 games for the Cardinals last season in the first year of a two-year contract, Arizona decided to cut him rather than pay him the $3.225 million he was owed in his second season.

Gay played for the Steelers from 2007 through 2011 and started 15 games in his final season in Pittsburgh.

54 responses to “Steelers bring back William Gay

  1. Sweet. Now we can expect Joe to attack their secondary all game long. This team gets worse and worse as the offseason continues. One team has to restructure deals to keep players while the other team wins championships and contends the right way. Cheers!

  2. These players couldnt make it anywhere else but Pittsburgh. Willie survive Steeler’s roster for 5 years go to another team and gets released in 1 year. It’s amazing how the Steelers do it with the talent at some of these positions.

  3. Lol this is a sign of bad time for the steelers. First bringing in breaston. I know they didn’t sign him but still and now gay. Maybe if u guys had Ozzie running the show u would be better off

  4. WHY?? I guess I’m all for competition and filling rosters. But Gay stinks. His last two seasons in Pitt were very hard to watch. Everytime someone got beat deep or a on a slant, it was him getting beat. And I can’t the image of AP plowing him out of my head. I really hope he doesn’t make the final roster. William Gay is a 4th option at DB at best.

  5. He was really bad last year… Very seldom did he make a play on the ball. Seemed like everything got caught that they threw his way. The picks that he did get were deflections off the receivers hands that should’ve been caught. He definitely did not deserve a raise in pay. Not sure if there is a better answer at corner on the Cards right now. Toler looks from time to time. No consistency tho… Hope we get a steal in the draft somewhere…

  6. The Steelers are bringing this guy back? I thought they let him walk b/c they were tired of him getting burnt so often? Then he has a terrible year in Arizona. This makes no sense.

  7. Rooney leads the charge again. We have an openly “Gay” player! And no one in the locker room seems to object!

  8. Awesome nickel corner who can spot start at corner in a relief role. As long as they get Keenan Lewis signed, this should be a fantastic move to round out their group of corners.

  9. Please Pittsburgh. Don’t have short-timers. There is a reason we let Gay go and a reason the Cardinals didn’t keep him the second year of his contract. He gives up too many big plays!!! He can’t be trusted. Take risks elsewhere!!

  10. For some of those Steelers fans that don’t have mutual respect for the Ravens and just talk trash, they would be blasting Baltimore if they made a move like this.

    But honestly, I’m not sure what the Steelers are thinking here. If this is for anything other than simply creating competition for a roster spot, the Steelers secondary is in trouble.

  11. Ravenator i dont like u one bit but ur right this time the Steelers are declining as the yrs go on an i hope they do i hate the Bengals more than the Steelers but it looks like it will be theirs an Baltimores division for a while untill Cleveland can get a QB an win some games.

  12. I hope they give this guy 5 years, this is some of the best off season news ive heard so far!! Guy flat out cant cover, this is beautiful!!

  13. LOL at all this ignorance. This signing is for cheap depth. Already knows the system. Gay actually plays average to good in the slot. He won’t see the outside (he better not) and will help on ST. I also love all these Ravens comments that imply the Ravens own the Steelers now because the Ravens won the SB. Batch slapped and nearly lost to a crippled Leftwich if it weren’t for a punt return TD. The Ravens are a great team and will be for the foreseeable future, but that’s no excuse for posting such stupid comments. IMO.

  14. The guy out performed his contract in Arizona and hit a escalator in his pay , that’s the only reason the cardinals cut him , gay is a strong blitzing corner that is a good nickel back , and knows the defense. Good solid pick up , raven fans are pathetic , go worry about your team and all it’s holes before you start talking
    You lost all your leadership , now it’s all on joe , lets see what he is really made of

  15. Good, he stinks. The only thing he is good at is diving to draw holding flags while being blocked.

  16. Sweet. Now we can expect Joe to attack their secondary all game long. This team gets worse and worse as the offseason continues. One team has to restructure deals to keep players while the other team wins championships and contends the right way. Cheers

    Sweet now we have more help for Charlie Batch if we need it to beat the rat turds in Baltimore .. It was sweet to make fan boy eat his words .. Yikes

  17. William Gay is not a guy we should be looking at. We already went down that road. He was constantly getting burned and giving up the big play or missing tackles. For every 1 play he made, he gave up 4 big plays.
    Time to get younger, not to re-sign older guys for a second time around.

  18. What has happened to the Steelers they continue to go back to players that they did not think enough to sign when they went to another team.

  19. Lol. I guess im just gunna sit back and watch us crumble more and more. Anyone who makes fun of us now…well we sure as heck deserve it now

  20. This doesn’t bode well for Keenan Lewis coming back, or Ike Taylor staying. Cortez Allen is going to start at one CB spot, Gay/Brown will battle it out for the Nickle, so who isn’t coming back to Pittsburgh? This signing tells me the Steelers know they can’t/won’t pay Lewis what he thinks he is worth. It took Lewis 3 years to get on the field, so I won’t be surprised if the Steelers let him walk, don’t see them paying him the money he thinks he deserves, Gay knows the system is a cheap slot option and gives the team another year to find someone to replace Ike.

  21. William Gay played significant time on at least 2 Steeler Defenses that were ranked #1 in the NFL – so all these comments about how he can’t play are total BS. He’s an excellent nickel corner.

  22. Even the level headed Steeler fans know how bad a position their team is in. Only the blowhards talk as if this team will be competitive.

  23. Not too concerned as long as he isn’t starting. I agree with the posts about his coverage skills and a lot of QB’s know this and take advantage of it. Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Drew Brees are a few that come to mind that sat back and threw at him all day long.

    He is a heck of a special teamer though. I can’t seem to remember anyone else who has stuck out the way he has.

  24. steeltroll says: Mar 4, 2013 9:49 AM

    LOL at all this ignorance. This signing is for cheap depth. Already knows the system. Gay actually plays average to good in the slot. He won’t see the outside (he better not) and will help on ST.
    engymass2 says: Mar 4, 2013 10:39 AM

    This isn’t etched in stone. He still has to make the team.
    Well put by both these guys. I have no love for the Steelers, but bashing bargain bin veteran pickups is just dumb.

    I’m from DC and remember how much flak the Redskins caught a couple years back for bringing in aging Larry Johnson and Willie Parker for a try out. It was mocked as the stupidest set of signings in NFL history, but, lo and behold, both were cut before the season, and it was just like they had never even been signed.

    It’s called “kicking tires” and a team that doesn’t bring in end-of-career vets for a try out is only hurting themselves.

    If Gay has any juice left in the tank, the Steelers made a solid move and everyone wins. If he doesn’t, he’ll be cut and no one comes out any worse.

  25. Ravenator you have not a clue about the Steelers organization although you should because your team mimicked everything they could the entire decade to get on our level and beat us for once. Not sure how you don’t think this team will be competitive. We waltzed into your house with a 3rd string QB and beat you on your homefield and 2 weeks before, came within 3 points and a special teams misalignment in beating you with our 2nd string QB. Oh yeah, as bad as you think we were last season with “8-8” banter, we lost almost every game within 7/3 points or less not being able to hold 4th QRT leads. Better check again and get educated on what “competitive” means because even though you qualified and won the Super Bowl at the right time, Baltimore was ANYTHING BUT competitive in their awful 1-4 stand to end their season. What a mis-judged 70 yard bomb could do to an already insufferable fanbase!

  26. WR – boldin isn’t getting younger , jacoby jones inconsistent hands , Torrey is the future and other than him there’s nothing on the roster
    Oline – no left tackle , no center ( McKinney is old and not playing forever , gradkowski is undersized and will get pushed around )
    DT- do I really need to explain ? Terrence Cody , that should explain it all
    Linebacker – Suggs over 31, still has a few years left but let’s see how his injuries heal , upshaw young guy showed some potential, have to see more in year two , ellerbe good run stopper if healthy , no real pass rush threat outside of fizzle.
    Corner – Webb coming off two knee surgeries, I personally like Webb humble guy with great skills , jimmy smith horrible cant play the ball well and was benched for correy graham for most the season , carry Williams won’t sign back
    Safety – Reeds old , can’t wrap up anymore , and inconsistent from game to game. Pollard hard hitter , but is being targeted for head hits which can/will cost the team .

  27. QB- unwanted middle of season with lousy inconsistent performances who forced Baltimore’s hand to paying him a contract that outweights Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. If 20 TD’s and 10 INT’s on average warrants 120million dollars, then this league will crumble! Can’t throw aimlessly in the air in the back-end of your career with nobody like Boldin willing to go up and snatch ’em! Good luck Baltimore and God have mercy on your soul.

  28. In my opinion, this was a desperation move for depth in case they lose Lewis to Free Agency. Like most steelers fans, not all, I am NOT a big fan of gay and hope this is a temporary fix(if he makes the team) until they can get someone better.

  29. A lot of people need to do their homework. Gay was the 28th ranked cb in all of football last year, according to football focus. He gave up a mere 5.5 yards per completion and was ranked 6th in tackling efficiency among corners. As he was opposite patrick peterson, he was thrown at a lot – and accounted for himself very well, overall. Not bad for the likely 4th cb on the team. Y’all got google, look him up. He is also an ace special teamer and a quality prescence in the locker room. Steelers got great value on him for three years.

  30. The ravens fans act like they own the steelers. You barely won against Byron and lost on your home field to batch. Congrats you won a championship after a Flacco miracle run. You guys will be wishing you never signed him to that contract halfway through next season..

  31. Gay’s last season was decent, the 4 before that not so much. Hate to say, but Troy being the injury case is the weak spot of the secondary

  32. Furthermore, there is great depth at the corner position in this years draft. I expect the Steelers to take at least one and maybe two. Then they can safely move cortez allen to free safety to replace ryan clark next year. The Steelers finished as the #1 ranked pass d in the league, wirhout a great pass rush or a lot of turnovers, and they have a better secondary than they are getting credit for here. Allen is a very good cornerback himself and will be even better as a ballhawking free safety.

  33. I was Gays biggest crittic! he was bad in space but out of all the DBs he had the best hands and good n the blitz..He wont start and they need depth..Van Dyke is also gona battle for that spot good Ole fashion competition

  34. All these comments about Flacco on here are silly-

    The facts are that Flacco hasnt been great against the Steelers.

    Yes, he did throw for 352 yards against the Steelers last year- but it took him TWO games to do it. LOL.

    His offense has only scored more than 20 points ONCE against the Steelers in his career.

    Flacco has played the Steelers defense 12 times total and is 5-7- He STILL hasnt figured them out.

  35. Selective memory on display. True Gay had some bad years, but his last year with the Steelers was actually pretty decent – he played well and I thought he played well enough to keep the starting job.

  36. This was a great cheap move to bring back some depth at the CB position. This guy knows the system and can fill in if someone gets injured. This is good move. Carnell will help him smooth out any rough edges. Hopefully we can get Lewis signed also. This will be a strong area for us with Allen and Ike and Lewis and Gay. Not sure what this says for Brown though.

  37. Thankfully Keenan Lewis is coming into his own as a CB, so is the youngster Cortez Allen thanks to great DB coaching.
    William Gay actually does have decent to good ball skills, just NOT a cover guy. Maybe he can convert to saftey.
    At the very least he’ll add compitition for the young corners in Pittsburgh.

    Im actually more concerned with the front 7 and the lack of an inside LB to run the defense since Foote possibly wont be around when the season starts.

  38. Who was the last team to sweep in the series, ah yes, welcome to the Flacco era, thhr man just wins.

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