Troy Aikman: Cowboys have to get better at protecting Tony Romo

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Hall of Fame former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has never been shy about his support of current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, saying recently that fans don’t appreciate how good Romo is. But Aikman says Romo can’t do it all by himself.

And so, Aikman told the Dallas Morning News, it’s time for the Cowboys to do a better job of protecting Romo.

They have to shore up the offensive line,” Aikman said when asked about the draft. ”You can’t have a quarterback hit as much as Tony is.”

But the man who will make the decision in the Cowboys’ draft room, owner Jerry Jones, may not agree with that assessment. Jones says Romo can handle a porous offensive line and that he thinks the Cowboys can get by without great pass protection. So Romo may have to make do with a less-than-stellar line in front of him.

36 responses to “Troy Aikman: Cowboys have to get better at protecting Tony Romo

  1. Romo just has to stop throwing picks when the game is on the line. Lets not act like the cowboys are the only team with a bad o-line

  2. Aikman is right. As the QB of a high profile team, Romo gets the blame for losing even though Dallas has one of the worst O-lines, a bottom half of the NFL defense who rarely gets off the field on 3rd down, and one of the worst play calling and game/clock management coaches. 8-8 the past 2 seasons would have been 4-12 without Romo.

  3. look if the one QB who is justified in using the no protection excuse, Jay Cutler is not allowed to use it because he is not Mr. warm and fuzzy with the press then nobody let alone romo should be allowed to use it! again you may hate him because he is not all smiles but I would love to have seen any of the “elite” qb’s play a game behind the lines and in the “systems” Cutler has and see what their stats looked like if they made it thru the game. stop being such a homer troy and remember the no protection line the next time you do a Bears game.

  4. And this is why the 31 other NFL teams and their fans are glad to see Jerrah be Jerrah. Between the Jets and Boys it couldn’t get any better.

  5. The more time he has in the pocket the more he will try to “fit one in” and throw a costly interception.

    He performs better when the pocket breaks down and he scrambles out of the pocket.

  6. Romo is not the future for Dallas, they just dont like change. Dallas needs to get their defense back before they start going crazy on their QB play…Dallas D ranked 23th in points allowed per game with 25

  7. So The Great Jerry says Tony can make due with a porous offensive line. How’s that working for you so far Jerry?

  8. Aikman is right. Give Romo 4-5 more seconds in the pocket and he could become a good QB.

  9. What’s Romo’s record in lose and go home games again in Week 17? Thought so. Dude can put the ball in the air, but lacks everything else in the “clutch” department. Nice screen pass, BTW against Washington. Typical Romo.

  10. Its not so.much that the ‘boys line is bad, its that they have no stamina. They can’t block in the 4th quarter.

    Not that they need to block in the 4th anyway. Giving Romo more time means giving him more time to think, possibly leading to even more late-game meltdowns

  11. Romo is actually a very good quarterback – EXCEPT when he has defenders in his face. When he has time, he throws touchdowns. When he has any close pressure, he panics and throws interceptions. So, yes, if he had solid protection and a good running game, he would be pretty dangerous.

  12. All of you Cowboy haters can be ignorant as much as you want, but Aikman is right. Romo only had one year of consistent line protection and that was in 07. Even in 09, they struggled.

    If it isn’t bad blocks, it is holding penalties and false starts that kill momentum and destroy drives. And to Romo’s credit, he never criticizes them in front of the media. He’s a team player.

    The only lineman that was any good last year was Tyron Smith. Maybe Phil Costa is good, but he was injured last year. Jerry Jones needs to make some good picks on offensive linemen more than any other position.

  13. Don’t listen to a 3x SB winning HOF QB. He can’t possibly know what he’s talking about.

  14. Romo is a great QB, until you absolutely, positively need a great QB, then he isn’t.

    I was at the Washington game. It was as if he was near sighted or something. The truly great ones adjust when the situation calls for it. He didn’t. Story of his career.

    Of course it could be worse, He could be stuck in San Diego.

  15. San Diego? You mean the franchise who has more wins in the post-season since 1995 (3) than Dallas does (2)?

  16. If Romo’s problem has been the offensive line, then why aren’t the so called experts saying anything about it? They all still always have the cowboys being so great and having a chance to win the NFC East and being a player in the playoffs…the problem is the Cowboys are predictable as is their offense…everyone knows his go to guy is Jason Witten you take Witten out of the play and force Romo to look or go elsewhere there is your problem, most of Dallas’s offense is dump offs, quick slants which in some case if you’ve got bad angles and or poor coverage end up as big plays ala D. Hall in most cases. Things won’t get any better for Romo because with the number of hits and injuries his age his go to guy will need to be replaced by another go to guy and I don’t see him on the roster.

  17. Dallas Homerism going on today…

    Besides the fact that Troy has a huge man-crush on Tony… EVERY QB needs good protection.

    Fact are: Tony choked MANY times when he WAS protected and NOT rushing throws.

  18. Actually Romo doesn’t get hit that much as he scrambles and throws INTs instead.

    I wouldn’t disagree about the offensive line in need of upgrading but that will be a challenge as Romo seeks a contract too.

  19. Romo is actually a very good quarterback – EXCEPT when he has defenders in his face. When he has time, he throws touchdowns. When he has any close pressure, he panics and throws interceptions. So, yes, if he had solid protection and a good running game, he would be pretty dangerous.
    Name a quarterback who is good when he has defenders in his face. The problem is that Romo is also INT-prone late in games when there’s no defensive pressure, midway through games regardless of defensive pressure, and sometimes early in games regardless of defensive pressure.

    As for “if he had solid protection and a good running game, he would be pretty dangerous”, name me a QB of even mediocre quality who wouldn’t be dangerous under those circumstances.

  20. I doubt Aikman know there is only 1 Romo out there not the 4 ghosts his concussions show him

  21. Has there ever been a champion that did not have solid line play on both sides of the ball? Quite obvious where you start to build a contender.

  22. Agreed. Everybody rags on Romo, and he does make mistakes, but he is running for his life out there.

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