Vikings part ways with Michael Jenkins


The Vikings didn’t need to clear any cap space to use their franchise tag on Monday, but they did a little housekeeping anyway to rid themselves of a player they didn’t want to pay a roster bonus later this month.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Vikings have said goodbye to wide receiver Michael Jenkins. Jenkins was due a $2.425 million roster bonus on March 16 after restructuring his deal before the 2012 season, a number that was prohibitive even with the Vikings unsettled, to put it mildly, at wide receiver at the moment.

Jenkins had 40 catches for 449 yards and two touchdowns while playing every game and starting eight for the Vikings in 2012. It was his second year with the team after leaving the Falcons as a free agent in 2011.

The Vikings now have five receivers under contract for 2013. Percy Harvin is part of that group, although his status with the team is somewhere south of certain as the offseason begins to unfold. According to Tom Pelissero of, cutting Jenkins now saves the team about $3.25 million under the cap and it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising to see them use a chunk of that to find some help at receiver for next season.

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  1. Use some of that money to sign Jennings, if that’s an option. Jenkins was a good blocker and a decent possession reciever, but really he shouldn’t be that difficult to replace with a younger, cheaper version of a reciever just like him. I wouldn’t even be opposed to bringing him back at the right price, but that’s not guaranteeing he’d be good enough to make the team. He has lost a step and is expendable, especially for that kind of money.

  2. We need receivers, receivers, and receivers. Also, if Percy is going to say he is sitting out then let’s say good bye to a great return guy and play maker and get a decent draft pick.

  3. He was a solid team player, a decently reliable target, especially on slant routes or others that were tailored for him.

    He couldn’t separate anymore and was over the hill, but was a good teammate that provided veteran leadership.

    He also readjusted his contract last year to stay on the team.

    Really hope we make a WR move now, thinnest I’ve seen the Vikings at WR in awhile.

  4. Go after Robert Meachum! Great addition to the Vikes. Ask San Diego how that worked out.

  5. No surprise here. Jenkins is a good guy, and always seemed to have his best games against the Packers- which was good- but nevertheless isn’t worth that kind of money.

    Wouldn’t shed a tear if the Vikings let Aromashadu and Burton go too. Harvin and Wright are the only two keepers at WR for the Vikings.

  6. It is about time. I don’t care if we have to use half our draft picks this year on receivers. If we can find a starting receiver its worth it.

  7. The vikings never have been very good at evaluating talent and have wasted plenty of the fans money year after year.

    It is not surprising that the vikings talent evaluators missed again on this player.

    That Minnesota team should have cleared out their front office and scouts years ago.

    Don’t be surprised if the replacement player is more expensive and has less production.

    Be grateful Mr. Jenkins that your agent found a team dumb enough to sign that contract.

  8. WR= the weakest position of the Vikings this past year with the exception of the dynamic Harvin.

    What say you Vikes fans: would you be happier with a high pick or two used on wide-outs or signing a top tier free agent wide-out this off season?

    I think for Ponder to continue to develop he’s going to need more consistent receivers. If I were Spielman, I’d try my damnedest to sign Welker, trade the malcontent Percy for a 2 and use one of their higher picks on a top shelf wr prospect.

    I know you won’t get great value back by trading Percy… But if hes not buying into the system or team play, you would rather have players that believe in what your coaches are preaching and wants to be there.

  9. Trade Percy for Revis…straight up. Then draft a receiver in the first round. Pick up Jennings as a free agent, and then use Wright in the slot.

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