Aldon Smith says “we all know” Crabtree was held

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The Super Bowl happened more than a month ago.  But since it was one of the more memorable Super Bowls in NFL history, there’s still stuff about the game worth mentioning.

Especially when people who played in the game are still mentioning it.

Appearing on WHB in Kansas City (via, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was asked if Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith held receiver Michael Crabtree on the critical fourth-and-goal fade route that fizzled.

Yes, we all know it,” Smith said.

Some would say there wasn’t holding in the technical sense, and if anything Smith interfered with Crabtree once the ball was in the air.  Others would say Crabtree was equally engaged in the hand fighting.

Others (like me) would say that the flags go deeper in the pockets at moments like that, that the 49ers knew this when they called the play, and that the 49ers benefited from that dynamic when linebacker NaVorro Bowman held/hit/whatever Falcons receiver Roddy White with the NFC title game on the line.

On a point of mutual interest in both San Francisco and Kansas City, Smith was asked about the trade that, in one week, will send quarterback Alex Smith to the Chiefs.

“You guys got a good player,” Smith said.

He apparently didn’t get the same talking points that someone gave to Colin Kaepernick.

70 responses to “Aldon Smith says “we all know” Crabtree was held

  1. As a Niner lifer I can tell you they didn’t deserve to win that game. If you can’t punch it with 4 tries from the 7 yard line against that old, tired Ravens D (without Ngata in there) you don’t deserve to be world champs.

    The refs did the right thing. Keep the flag in the pocket.

  2. Yes Smith held Crabtree… but you need to finish the statement by saying that Crabtree also held smith and got away with hands to the head/face, not to mention the whole Bowman White thing in the NFCCG. Classless whiners just like their coach and fans.

  3. Not saying the call was right, but there were plenty of calls the whole game that could have went either way.

    The game could have been decided on any other play.

    Shouldn’t have put themselves in that position to rely on one last play.

  4. Crabtree was held AND he pushed off, should have been off setting penalties and replayed the down.

  5. the officials emabarassed the NFL on the intentional safety play. If no flags were coming out then, nobody should expect a flag to come out again the entire game.

    Baltimore intentionally held every player on the 49ers, admitted it afterwards because there was no downside to it, and the officials just weren’t bright enough to realize it.

  6. yeah, the calls went both ways, it wasn’t like the Ravens got all the calls and the niners got none. Dennis pitta was robbed in the end zone and flacco was leveled after he was about a yard out of bounds.

    keep crying aldon

  7. We all know that Ravens defenders were held most of the game so that Kap could get outside too. But nobody is crying about that because the Ravens aren’t a bunch of losers like the Niners.

  8. “Others (like me) would say that the flags go deeper in the pockets at moments like that, that the 49ers knew this when they called the play, and that the 49ers benefited from that dynamic when linebacker NaVorro Bowman held/hit/whatever Falcons receiver Roddy White with the NFC title game on the line.”

    Spot on Florio…spot on!

  9. Well first off, he was asked. He answered.

    Second….I’m really sick of the “they got away with it in Atlanta” thing. Bowman jammed White at 5 yards, rode him parallel to the LOS (legal…look it up), let go when the ball was released and deflected the ball away with his hand.

    That is all LEGAL.

    The PI/Holding on Smith was BEYOND 5 yards and involved the jersey actually being pulled.

    Yes, we as Niner fans need to move on, but ENOUGH of the “they got away with it in Atlanta”. They didn’t. In Atlanta it was the proper call. The rulebook is quite clear in this regard.

  10. In total agreement with each of the preceding three entries: been a Niner since 1957 who has seen his share of bad calls over the years and was beyond mortified at the same idiot calls in a row; and Yes Aldon, we got robbed, they got robbed, and its called football so let it rest; and, just some are still crying – and will be dozens of years from now. So – everybody – lets move on. As a “wrap” the Niners actually “lost” the game in the first half. They came out “blinded by the light” and the Ravens didn’t. And Yes – Jim was correct, in that game, his brother John WAS the better coach. Them’s the facts, folks. Live with it.

  11. Doesn’t this sound just like Seattle a few years ago in the SB. Whine Whine Whine.

  12. I’m not a fan of either team, but the second Ray Lewis announced his retirement I know right then and there that the NFL was going to make sure he went out with a win!

  13. it was fair, giving that all game both sides weren’t call on several P.I.’s. i totally agree with @thereisfootballwestofjersey if you can punch it in the end zone in the super bowl you dont deserved to be champs. i was rooting for the 9ers but the Ravens won it fair hands down.

  14. And we all know you guys needed a power outage to take the Ravens’ momentum and regroup from being curbstomped 28-6.

  15. I just love the people trying to come up with something clever and failing…

    example… San Crybabies 49ers

    When San Francisco Forty-Whiners is so obvious to use

  16. I think the post by thereis football is the perfect response to that play.

    If Kap ran the ball 4 times from the seven there might have been a different outcome.

    I’m thinking he scores.

  17. It was definitely holding, the ravens got a way with one but he 49ers should have scored a td way before then. I agree with the post above, its almost like the league wanted bmore to win because lewis was retiring.

  18. I wonder if ASmith is going to also be complaining about all the the times the “other ” Smith was holding those OG’s so he could come around a make sacks. Oh….I guess its only wrong when YOUR team doesn’t get the call

  19. There are so many of these bad call/no call plays it is hard to keep track of. My team has both benefited and been hurt-(Browns fan) I guess it balances out in the end… When Seattle lost to the Steelers a few Super Bowls back I remember thinking how they got robbed big forward to this year and you have the win vs GB and what I thought was the worst post season non-call of all when Santana Moss got ankle tackled without the ball in the fourth quarter. Those same Steelers who benefited from the Seattle penalties in the Super Bowl were ousted from the playoffs back in early Y2k by the Titans via a bogus roughing the kicker call……It all balances out…

  20. you Raven fans would be crying if it was the other way around. and you know it!

    enjoy 6 years of mediocre qb play and 8-8 records (if you’re lucky)

  21. Forty Whiners act like Crabtree didn’t initate contact. By his logic, the Giants would have had a beef about the call on Ramses Barden vs. Philadelphia. You don’t see Giants players and fans whining about that (with that game in the bag, you lose to the Giants once AGAIN and don’t even get to the Super Bowl in the first place).

  22. To quote Tom Cruise in ‘A Few Good Men, “It doesn’t matter what I know. It matters what I can prove.”

    Okay. They know it, but it doesn’t matter. Billick said 12 years ago: “As much as some of you want to, we’re not going to retry this. It is inappropriate, and you are not qualified.”

    That’s it.

  23. “We all know” the Ravens are SB XLVII Champions. “We all know” that Aldon Smith had a grand total of zero sacks from the moment Justin Smith left the game against the Patriots through the rest of the season. Those are two facts that do not hinge on opinions – they are what they are.

  24. Why is this considered whining? Someone asked him the question and he answered it. I guess I can see it though since none of your teams could even make it to the conference title game 2 years in a row (except the Ravens and Patriots).

  25. patfanken says:
    Mar 5, 2013 2:54 PM

    I wonder if ASmith is going to also be complaining about all the the times the “other ” Smith was holding those OG’s so he could come around a make sacks. Oh….I guess its only wrong when YOUR team doesn’t get the call
    Now THAT’s whining!

    If that’s holding, it would be called, especially since it’s been brought up over and over and over and over……

  26. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Harbaugh and your San Francisco FortyWhiners!

    It’s no wonder the players whine so much, look at the temper tantrums Jim throws on the sideline.

  27. @Mr. Wright 212

    That would all be good if it actually MATTERED who iniated contact.

    The contact was intiated within 5 yards. Thats legal for both the offensive and defensive player.

    What is ILLEGAL is maintaining that contace and holding BEYOND 5 yards.

    I really think that most peeps who comment and even Florio simply don’t know the rules. Please go read them and get back to me.

  28. As a long time 49ers fan, I was initially upset about a no call on that play but it took all of 3 minutes for me to realize the 9ers lost the game because of bad play calling in the end and poor execution. Ravens deserved to win that game, they were the better team.

    Time to look to next season and hope for another run at it again.

    Go Niners

  29. Mr. Smith, We also know that you guys loss!

    But for the technical difficulties with the lights, the game may have been over early in the 3rd Qtr. in Baltimore favor!

    Let’s just say, for example, there was indeed. holding by the defense. What you and your Coach failed to realize is that there was holding on the offensive side of the ball ALL DAY LONG that wasn’t consistently called also. Kinda even things out to me.

    Oh, when LMJ fumbled the ball during that crucial drive, there was holding there too! why aren;t you complaining about that?

    Get over it, the TEAM that persevered through all the bs won the game…..BTW, that sound you hear in the background is the confetti falling from the Super Dome ceiling……remember that ….if and when you and the Niners ever get back to the big stage!

  30. He was asked about it and he gave his honest answer so it’s not like he brought it up which WOULD have been crying or whining, besides its not like any of the accusers on here would say that to his face now would ya?

    There were a ton of egregious calls. The two special teamers mauling Bruce Miller that sprung Jones for the TD return not to mention the multiple players getting anaconda’d on the fake punt to run out the clock at the end of the game.

    And whether or not they messed up the first half is not a valid reason for them not deserving the win if they had pulled it off. I agree they shouldn’t have put themselves in that position but there come back and near victory was impressive.

    Of course they should have drilled it in there. Cover zero and no Ngata easy call, just do what got them there, run the ball.

    That didn’t happen and we all know who won and deservedly so, but lets be fair in our assessments

    IF that’s possible

  31. It should have never come down to whether or not an official throws the flag there. They should have been able to punch it in from the five but they couldn’t. The Ravens were lucky to get out of there with the win.

    But, Aldon Smith was simply asked a question and he answered it truthfully. What is it about that that’s “whining?” He’s not the only person who thinks there was a hold. Lots of people who aren’t Niner fans think Crabtree was held because he was held. I could call the people who refuse to stop pretending he wasn’t held whiners as well. Stop whining about the complaining!

  32. Also quit comparing what happened in ATL to what happened in the SB

    two totally different situations and I believe there should have been offsetting on the play with Crabtree it looked like WWE out there for crying out loud!

    Bowman knocked the ball away and it was within 5 yards and he didn’t make contact with White until the very second the ball arrived and you’re allowed to flatten them if you want then.

    Anyone who rests on that argument is saying they got away with it in ATL so the refs or the gods paid them back in the SB?

    Ludicrous. One had absolutely nothing to do with the other.

  33. There is a HUGE difference between the play Bowman made and the play Smith made.

    1. The falcons had a 4th and 5 and Jones ran a 4yd pattern. Bowman is allowed by rule to maintain contact with 5 yards. Once the ball was in the air he dis-engaged and made a play on the ball. So there was no holding penalty on that play.

    2. The 49ers were 4th and goal at the 5yd line. Smith was still engage with Crabtree two yards deep in the end zone and still while the ball was in the air. Smith did not allow Crabtree to dis-engage after 5yds. By rule you could have called 3 penalties. Holding, illegal contact or pass interference.

    If the refs are not going to make calls during the 4th quarter of football and basketball games then they should just leave the field. It doesn’t make sense to have them there if they are not going to continue to do there job.

    The short is that ref didn’t make the call and by not doing it he allowed the refs to become the story of the Super Bowl. If the ref would have made the correct call the talk would be about how Smith was beaten bad on the play and had to hold the receiver to prevent the TD, not the refs blowing the call in the most crucial time in the game.

  34. If you only played good enough to where the refs can make the call to determine the game you didnt play well enouh to win. And i was pulling for the niners

  35. Difference is, 9ers will contend next year, Ravens won’t. Ray Rice is overrated and Flacco is overpaid.

  36. I love how reporters take quotes out of context so much. He was asked a question about the call and answered it….he didn’t bring it up again/whine about it. People can say what they want about the smith trade, dont ask a rookie rude questions, he obviously feels bad for smith and looked up to him as a leader.

  37. It was a clear penalty and it was the perfect way to cap off the Ravens penalty and lucky play aided Super Bowl run.

    The 49 ers should blame Jim Harbaugh for not running more read option. The Ravens stiff hipped front 7 had no way to stop Kaepernick on those plays.

    They let him run later in the game but it was too late. If they did it from the start, the game would not have been close.

    It seems Jim wanted to prove Kaepernick was a passer and not just a gimmick player. That may prove true in the future, but you cost your team a ring by trying to force it.

  38. 2 points I want to bring up

    1: I don’t hear any niners fans bringing up the three point gift they were given on that phantom running into the kicker call when akers missed. Guy clearly rolled under him without ever making contact. Without that you’re down 34-26 and can only tie even if the niners score

    2. Joe flacco had just led the ravens on consecutive field goal drives prior to the goal line stand. If you do score at the end there, he gets the ball back with 1:40 left on the clock and three timeouts down by 1 or 3 (depending on the two point conversion). Who’s to say he doesn’t drive the ravens down the field for the win anyway?

    Just some food for thought

  39. I absolutely love 40-whiners fans acting like half a season of Kap proves that he’s the greatest QB in the league, but Flacco making the playoffs 5 years in a row, 3 AFC championship games, 1 SB VICTORY, tying Montana’s post season record of 11-0 TD-INT, and a SB MVP makes him average at best.

  40. What was the score before the lights went out ?

    40-whiners should consider themselves lucky not to have been blown out by friggin’ Flacco and the washed up ravens … Would’ve been the first superbowl blowout since Bucs/Raiders.

  41. Would the 9ers and their fans have even been in a position to complain about that non-call had the obvious personal foul been called when Flacco got tagged 3 yards out of bounds on the preceding series?

    The Ravens won. It’s time to move on folks.

  42. Come on Brah! Everyone knows Ray Lewis was guilty of holdin, and the other guys stabbin.

  43. Forty Whiners act like Crabtree didn’t initate contact. By his logic, the Giants would have had a beef about the call on Ramses Barden vs. Philadelphia. You don’t see Giants players and fans whining about that (with that game in the bag, you lose to the Giants once AGAIN and don’t even get to the Super Bowl in the first place).

    Only a Giants fan could come up with such a ridiculously stupid response like this. So off-base, clueless logic. Nobody was sad to see you guys out of the playoffs… again. And they won’t be next year either.

  44. Let’s face it the Officials were no better than those they replaced after week 3. It’s been this way for a LONG time and as long as there is an Official in the Backfield instead of the Secondary Holding penalties will not be called much.

    The Ravens OLine were Holding all game long. Difficult to get Sacks as it is, but the Ravens were gettin away with murder pretty much all game long.

    On the Offsetting penalty(Unsportsmanlike Conduct) there were 3 offenses on that play. Should have called the Ravens twice for UC. The most notable was Anthony Davis on his back and a Linebacker/DB was on top of him throwing blows to the midsection like he was competing in UFC. The call against the Ravens was on someone else on the Sideline as that player was giving someone the business and they retaliated. How in the hell the Davis UFC match was missed I do not know but these Refs are no better than the Replacement Officials imho.

  45. Only thing that remotely matters is the scoreboard. Whine all you want 49ers fans, the Ravens still won and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

  46. Had the Whiners showed up to play 60 minutes of football instead of 30 they wouldn’t have had to take it down to the last play. Heck, if the lights hadn’t gone out, they would have been blown out anyway. It’s over, you lost…..stick a fork in it.

  47. I’m a Niner for life… but it’s all history now and I don’t want to be among the whiners either. However the play that made the difference wasn’t that one… but the kick-off return to open the second half. How those stupid zebras could have missed two Raven’s with their arms linked around #49 completely sealed our fate for this game. Go to hell NFL!

  48. Disclaimer: This is coming from a 49er fan for the last 19 years who’s endured Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary and is mostly glad things have changed for the better.

    That one call, missed or not, didn’t cost the Niners the game. The fact that they played like absolute ish before the lights went out did. 28-6? And Jacoby Jones wasn’t even touched on that kickoff return. I mean, it was absolutely embarassing. The Ravens were totally prepared for this game; they made the Niners look like a Division II college team.

    And as for the playcalling when they were at the 5, it was horrible. Frank Gore just ripped off a huge run and Ngata, the Ravens best d-line run defender, was out of the game. Get the jumbo package out and get it to Frank! He’s the heart and soul of the team, with all due respect to Patrick Willis. Instead they tried to get cute throwing it in. Smh

  49. Got to love the way the refs looked the other way on the 106 yd td return when Bruce Miller was held by 2 ravens and there was no call resulting in 6 points……….

    Or the way Delanie Walker was held on the exact same 4th down play as Crabtree and no calls………..

    Or they way there were at least 4 holding penalties on the Safety and no call…………..

    You can say the calls went both ways, but its pretty clear to me that at the most critical points in the game the Ravens got every call or no call.

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