Bowe moves into top three with $56 million deal

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We’ve got the full breakdown of the five-year deal signed by receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, here it is.

1.  $15 million signing bonus.

2.  $750,000 fully-guaranteed base salary in 2013.

3.  $250,000 workout bonus in each year of the contract.

4.  $8.75 million base salary in 2014, $4.25 million of which is fully guaranteed now and $4.5 million of which is guaranteed for injury only now.  The $4.5 million becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 league year.

5.  $10.75 million base salary in 2015.  $1.5 million is guaranteed for injury now, and it becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2014 (not 2015) league year.

6.  $9.75 million base salary in 2016.

7.  $9.75 million base salary in 2017.

It adds up to $36 million over the first three years, and $56 million over five.  Of the amount, $26 million is guaranteed.  $20 million is fully guaranteed now.  The other $6 million becomes fully guaranteed next year.

It puts Bowe behind only Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, and barely in front of Buccaneers receiver Vincent Jackson.  (Which means that the new regime views Bowe as a top five, not top 10, receiver.)

Of course, Bowe could soon slide down the totem pole.  He has provided the starting point for soon-to-be free agent Mike Wallace, and if Percy Harvin gets a new deal from the Vikings or someone else, it’ll surely top Bowe’s contract.

The real question is whether Packers receiver Greg Jennings can match or beat Bowe on the open market.

In one week, we’ll find out.

47 responses to “Bowe moves into top three with $56 million deal

  1. Alex Smith just relaxed a little knowing Bowe will be there when he get there.

  2. in one week we’ll find out…

    not unless dan synder holds it up, trying to get his money back..

  3. Cris Carter says…. …oh forget it. Who cares. Congrats, Dwayne. Have a great season!

  4. Wow. That’s a lot of money. D. Bowe had a great year two season ago but top 3 money? Too much.

    I would rather have Andre Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, and Dez Bryant (when having his pants up and not causing problems at the mall)

  5. I feel like I’m in bizzaro world:

    A 4th & 26 checkdown QB, and an Alligator Arms receiver both being paid like they’re top tier.

  6. This is a good deal for both sides.

    I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with this, but Bowe is on the verge of being considered an “elite” WR.

    The guy has size, speed, and tough after the catch ability. He has produced with some of the worst QBs in the NFL each season.

    I also don’t understand the “head case” label Peter Queen of SI and others have labeled him. As far as we know, he has never assaulted anyone, had a domestic violence issue, DUIs, etc. (He did test positive for a banned substance twice, the last one being 2009 I believe which led to a 4-game suspension)

    He also won over Tood Haley. One of the first things Haley did when he became HC was to demote Bowe to 4th string WR. Bowe worked his way out of hte doghouse to have his best season in 2010 under Haley (wiuth Matt Cassel throwing the ball!)

    Alex Smith is far from great, but he is much better than anyone Bowe has had throwing him the ball.

    I expect him to be the focal point of the offense and have a “Terrell Owens 2004” type of year.

  7. That’s a lot of money to pay a guy who people weeks ago were trashing, saying “he drops easy catches”, “he has bad work ethic”, and “he lacks concentration”. I am a Packer fan, and don’t watch too much of the Chiefs, but that is a hefty sum to pay a guy who all those things have been said about, even if he does make some spectacular catches.

  8. The rest of the AFC west just giggled.

    I’m sure on the open market with so many team needing WR’s he’d bring stupid money also but the truth is he isn’t worth half of that.

    Alex Smith is going to love his alligator arms.

  9. Jennings was a decent player on a very good team with a great QB. Right now, he is at best a 2nd receiver. He’s 30 years old and injury prone. At 5’11 he’ll need a team with an already established #1 that can draw some attention, so he an get open. I think its going to be a soft market for him.

  10. I have a bad feeling like this ever increasing contract salaries are about to ruin the NFL. One player should not take up so much cap room when there are 52 other players on the team.

  11. I’m probably in the minority but I’ve always seen Bowe as a bit under rated. I think he’s just as good as Vincent Jackson and pretty similar in skill set. He just doesn’t have very good players around him.

    Not sure if the Vikes can resign Percy but I was really hoping that if they did part ways that Bowe would be the player they went after instead. That’s not going to happen now.

    Personally I think Wallace and Jennings are a big jump down from Bowe or Harvin. Wallace and Jennings can beat single coverage but Harvin and Bowe change your whole defensive gameplan.

  12. First they get ripped by the Niners … now Bowe bends them over. It’s like the land of the lost. What a complete mess that franchise has become.

  13. as a steelers fan, wallace should NOT earn more than bowe! he wanted 5 years $55 million last year when we had offered him $50 million, then underachieved in 2012…do the math

  14. I like “pay as you go” contracts and that’s what this is. Sure it is a big number but there won’t be a lot of “dead money” should something go south. And performance/injury will dictate that more than the contract, unlike other contracts that have big cap # jumps. John Dorsey learned well.

  15. Bowe My God! That’s a serious payday. I hope he delivers, we’re really counting on him this year.

  16. KC will need more help at WR if theyre planning on getting more than 6 wins this season. I think they need TE help as well. Keep your fingers crossed Jamal Charles plays a full season too.

  17. Wow. That’s big money. Might be deserved for a guy whose loyalty was running up for a chance to win. I think him and Smith will put up good numbers and the Chiefs will be a potential wild card contender. They have some great pieces in place.

  18. Wallace can not catch or run routes so who ever pays him more then Bowe is out of thier minds.

  19. I’d pay Percy Harvin that deal, and maybe more, but not Bowe. Scary what the Vikings are gonna have to pay Percy to keep him.

  20. Bowe doesn’t hold a candle to Anquan Boldin…anxious to see if the Ravens can afford to pay him after the Flacco deal; I’m betting they are going to find a way to reward him for an amazing season and Superbowl. Q is still very much respected in Arizona and we have felt his loss.
    Kansas City is just in a unique position this year in having not only high draft picks but a lot of loose cash to spread around.

  21. The only Receiver I would pay that amount to not named Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald is Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones or Steve Smith. Marshall and Jones are the third and fourth best Receivers in the league and Steve Smith rounds out my top 5. Vincent Jackson does NOT deserve the money he received. Another Receiver that is grossly over-paid is Dez Bryant. Between the drops, his mouth and off-field actions, he doesn’t deserve the money he is getting. The rest of Receivers throughout the league are deserving of what they make at the present time.

  22. The one year of Dwayne Bowe’s career that he had solid QB play (2010) he was almost unstoppable. Just under 1200 yards and 15 TDs on a team that led the league in rushing and had the 4th fewest pass attempts.

    The amount of passes won’t be an issue with Andy Reid. If Alex Smith doesn’t revert to his pre-Harbaugh days, Bowe’s most productive days may still be ahead of him.

  23. Dammmmmmmmmm!

    He is #1 in the NFL over last five years in drops with 40-ish

    He just got paid biiiiig time for being a good WR on a bad team, he is not great.

  24. EJ says: “Another Receiver that is grossly over-paid is Dez Bryant. Between the drops, his mouth and off-field actions, he doesn’t deserve the money he is getting. ”

    You mention drops, mouth and off-field actions as reasons Dez is overpaid… Yet you consider Brandon Marshall (a guy who has never been to a playoff game) one of the top 3 WRs in the league. You may want to re-think that for a minute.

  25. Surprising to see Bowe get that kind of money. They are paying for what they hope he becomes, which he never really has been. The argument could be made that he has played for a bad team and that has kept his stats from blowing up.

    As far as Harvin is concerned, there really is nothing to justify the excitement that he seems to inspire in people. 29 touchdowns in 500 plus touches in his career, not to mention the injuries, migraines and piss poor attitude. Some of the same could be said about Wallace as well.

    Jennings is by far the most accomplished and is only one year older than Bowe. There is a lot of talk about the injuries with Greg, but he probably has quite a bit more football left in him than people think.

  26. Wallace is going to be a Dolphin and they are going to give him an obscene amount of money to do so. Which will move Hartline out to be signed by New England and put Welker out on the open market.

    Jennings makes sense for the Lions if they can afford to pay him, but they probably can’t. Cleveland or Buffalo might make decent sense, as well.

  27. Harvin’s going to San Francisco sooner or later. SF has no room on their roster for all those draft picks and have an open spot at headcase wr with Moss gone. And Harvin wants out of East Dakota.

  28. Andy Reid. Dwayne Bowe. Brandon Albert. Jamaal Charles.
    They’ve surpassed the Chargers in securing the “AFC West All-Hype Team” banner.

  29. Sorry twilight,

    The Raiders always have been and always will be the “AFC West All-Hype Team”. At least until everyone that has a rememberance of Al Davis is long gone. RIP AD.
    The only title the Chargers have ever had is “What! they are still around?” or “When are they moving to LA?”

  30. normswifevera says: Mar 5, 2013 12:14 PM

    The amount of passes won’t be an issue with Andy Reid. If Alex Smith doesn’t revert to his pre-Harbaugh days, Bowe’s most productive days may still be ahead of him.
    Harbaugh got what he could out of Smith, decided it wasn’t enough, and got value for him while he could. Even when Smith was completing 70% of his passes they were short, and he took a ton of sacks.

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