Browns dump PSLs

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Folks buying tickets to the Factory of Sadness have new cause to be happy.

Somewhat buried in a Monday press release announcing that the Browns won’t be increasing prices for the fifth straight year is an acknowledgement that the Browns are dropping the Personal Seat License requirement for any new season-ticket buyers at FirstEnergy Stadium.

In the past, some areas of the stadium did not have a PSL attached to the season ticket.  Now, all new season tickets will be PSL-free.

“Our fans have exhibited tremendous loyalty over the years and we want to continue to reward that loyalty through affordability and by putting a team on the field of which they can be proud,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said in a release.  “To maintain that affordability, it was important that we keep the status quo on ticket prices for the fifth consecutive year and also extend the sections of the stadium that do not require a PSL.”

But what about the current owners of seats that have a PSL?  Those folks will continue to own the license, which can be bought and sold.  And the license will continue to attach to the seat until the holder of the license stops buying season tickets (or otherwise violates the PSL agreement).

At that time, the season tickets would revert to the Browns, who under their new policy would make them available without a PSL.

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  1. A wise idea. No way fans would be willing to pay a higher price with the terrible football the Browns have been playing these past…forever.

  2. This is great…for people who actually go to the games. I guess PSL’s get you an assigned seat at the stadium but you have to pay more for it. Thanks, but no thanks. My NFL Sunday ticket will do me just fine.

  3. So, in other words, the PSL owners are pretty much screwed. The PSL owners who supported this crappy team for how many years? Good job Clowns.

  4. So basically owners of current PSLS are screwed. Why would anybody buy your PSL from you if the team is selling season tickets directly without a PSL requirement.

  5. Great move on behalf of the new ownership understanding that PSL’s make it too pricey for blue collar fans to buy season tickets.
    If you have them Browns fans, be pissed at Lerner for making you buy them, dont be down on the new ownership who got rid of them.

  6. Yea the Browns stink but are on the rise at least our fans show up for the game i live by Cincinnati and Cleveland games are always on because Cincinnati’s pathetic fan base do not show up if the team is losing or winning the games, the games are always blackout.

  7. Don’t think for a moment that the Browns did this to “reward” loyal fans. The backlash outweighed any monetary value from the PSLs.

  8. The owner of the PSL’s are not screwed at all unless they have some attachment to the seats they’re in. If not they can quit buying the license and season tickets without the PSL. If everyone did this the PSL’s would cease to exist.

  9. The Browns aren’t going to refund the PSL revenue they’ve already collected.

    Season ticket owners that have already purchased a PSL are stuck in a garbage situation. They’ve paid for something that others are now getting for free, and they will likely be unable to sell the PSL forward in the future because other fans know they no longer need to buy one in order to get season tickets. They basically flushed that money down the toilet…

    …and the team they have to watch is still the Browns.

  10. Unless I am wrong on how the PSL’s work for the Browns, a PSL is a one time fee that the PSL owner pays. They can then sell the PSL like an asset.

    So looking at it that way, the PSL people’s assets have just been completly devalued, and they are in fact, screwed.

    I would be suing the Browns for my PSL money back.

  11. You’re all idiots. If you like your seats, you buy the PSL. If saving money is more important, don’t buy the PSL. If you’ve bought it in the past, you were ensured of your seats. No need for the team to refund money when you received something.

    Getting rid of PSLs is good and the rest of the NFL needs to follow.

  12. ahawkalypse says:Mar 5, 2013 12:35 PM

    Sounds like my cell phone company. ” Sorry sir that deal is for NEW customers “

    So true! Oh and Direct TV as well…

  13. They just devalued every PSL owner in the stadium so they can sell more tickets and pocket the money for themselves. That is just Lil Joey Banner doing Lil Joey Banner does best. Making the owner a lot of money while screwing over the fans.

  14. The Browns should be offering to buy back the now worthless PSLs purchased by their amazingly loyal fans. Use some of that “naming rights” money for the good of the fans Banner!

  15. I’m thinking the PSL holders will retain their more favorable placement of seats vs the new (non-PSL) holders must start via purchse of the least desirable seat locations (by hierarchal price-related section).

    Each year of renewal the ticket holder can work to upgrade their seat location (subject to availability through death, cancellation, other likewise seat/section movement, abject pathological ennui, etc) . PSL holders will still be more favored for constantly consolidating to the lower seats & middle yard line vantage points.

    Soooo, new “non-PSL” ticket buyers are NOT going to just be able to jump into the preferred area of the “DAWG POUND” w/o purchasing a PSL in that specific vicinity to be able to do so … likewise the lower bowl of nearing the 50 yl, etc.

  16. Wait, so new season ticket purchasers don’t have to fork out the money for a PSL. That’s good. So what does that mean for the current season ticket holder that shelled out a RIDICULOUS sum of money to have “a right” to purchase season tickets? If I was that season ticket holder, and I decided I didn’t want to purchase tickets anymore, someone else can buy that same seat without also purchasing a PSL? So that means that I basically threw that money away, yes?

  17. I cannot believe that people who got conned into paying money for the privilege of buying something are now complaining!

    You who bought PSL’s kept this SCAM going and made the cost of season tickets unaffordable for middle class families.

    I’ve no sympathy for you. None.

  18. This is great to hear! I hope it becomes a trend in the league. PSLs are detestable. My family has had Lions season tickets for 33 years, but if they ever tried to pull that crap, we’d be gone!

  19. Now legally i am sure that the team only offered PSL’s in exchange for the specific seats – so people who bought PSL’s have not had anything taken from them.

    However, I personally think from a PR perspective, the team needs to do something here for PSL owners. (Otherwise they are alienating their $$$ spending fans)

    1. How about a discount on the price of tickets?
    2. How about offering special events for PSL holders?
    3. How about (as someone else mentioned) they allow the Seats currently available as PSL’s to be made available on a first come first served basis to PSL holders when they become available. You don’t want to have PSL holders sitting next to non PSL holders.

    At the end of the day, the new owners are trying to clean up the mess made by the previous administration. However, you don’t want to alienate your loyal fans in this process.

  20. I earn in the top 20% of Americans and still can’t afford the $1k each for my family of four, let alone 18k! VERY detestable!

  21. Golonger,

    Isn’t the definition of the word “incompenent” misspelling the word “incompetent?”

    Fortunately, the Cleveland Browns have a long way to go until they’re as incompetent as you.

  22. This doesn’t seem fair to PSL owners. How are they ever going to recoup their investment? No one is going to buy their PSL. They’re worthless. It’s supply and demand though. If the Browns start winning, seats will become more valuable.

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