Carson Palmer isn’t sure what will happen in Oakland

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Last month, Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie told Pro Football Talk there will be competition at the quarterback position.  Which could open the door for Terrelle Pryor.

And close it for Carson Palmer.

With a $13 million base salary in 2013, the cap-strapped Raiders will have a hard time keeping Palmer at that level of pay, unless he’s the clear-cut starter.

Not sure what’s going to happen,” Palmer told Paul Gutierrez of via email.  “Would love to be back in Oakland and compete.”

To make that happen, Palmer may have to take less money.  Maybe a lot less money.

And while he may not be willing to do that, the real question is whether the Raiders will be offering Palmer more than what another team would offer.  Technically, Palmer isn’t supposed to know that while still under contract with the Raiders.

As a practical matter, Palmer’s agent will know what’s behind Door No. 2 before having to decide on whether to take a reduced offer from the Raiders.

71 responses to “Carson Palmer isn’t sure what will happen in Oakland

  1. Trade him to ‘zona. You’ll never get what you paid, but even a 3rd is better than noting!

  2. really a bummer about Carson’s career. was one of the best QBs around until that brutal knee injury.

  3. What will happen is that the Raiders will take their rightful place alongside the Broncos and Chargers as the doormats to the resurrected Chiefs. The KC dynasty is in full assembly mode and will dominate the pathetic Raiders for the next decade just like old times

  4. I wish him the best, but he should take a pay cut. The man was set to retire before Oakland rescued him. He should return the favor and take a pay cut so they can get some help.

  5. Buh bye Carson. If he’s smart he’ll take what Reggie offers. He hasn’t proven a thing so far and certainly hasn’t earned his paychecks. I’m not sure Pryor is the answer, but CP isn’t worth 13 mil. Buh Bye……

  6. Palmer can’t catch a break. Draft by Cincinnati and traded to Oakland. It’s like a Greek tragedy.

  7. Quote from the QB PR handbook – “I just want a chance to compete. Competition is good at all positions. I just want to come in and work every day and keep getting better.”

    I’ve heard some variation of that statement a kazillion times. Find some new material, all you QBs out there.

  8. Anyway, Palmer would wipe the floor with Pryor in a competition. Whether Pryor is even a viable NFL QB is still very much in question. He didn’t embarrass himself in his spot start last year, but he hasn’t even proven to be an adequate number two.

    Oakland should have never fired Hue Jackson. The guy’s an offensive wizard, and you all saw how McFadden performed in Knapp’s ZBS last year.

    That defense just needs a total overhaul. Palmer is nearing the downside, if he isn’t there already – but he’s not their big problem right now.

  9. Carson Palmer
    Matt Leinart
    Mark Sanchez

    And soon to be….

    Matt Barkley.

    USC is all about defensive players and system QB’s

    Oh, let’s not forget Todd Marinovich

  10. He’s their best option right now, but $13m?
    Nope. They could be bad for less.
    I still don’t see them being very good this year, without a phenomenal off-season.
    And I’m a Raider fan.

  11. I actually feel bad for Carson Palmer.

    He has been unfortunate enough to play for two of the NFL’s worst franchises of the past decade. The poor guy showed flashes of outstanding talent early on in Cincinnati, but once the team starting falling apart (and landing in prison) he sort of fell off the radar. And I’m sorry, but Joe Montana in his prime couldn’t take this current Raiders team anywhere. If only he could have played on a half-decent team…

    Such a waste of a very talented QB.

  12. As much as I would like to see him succeed, but with all the problems that the the raiders have I known it’s not going to happen.

  13. Granted that Carson Palmer did not play for the entire 16 games the past two years….

    Carson is still carrying a 35 Td to 30 INT ratio and an overall passing rating of 54% for the combined 2011 and 2012 seasons.

    According to NFL.Com comparable QB with those stats would be…. Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert, Kevin Kolb, and (Less Then) Matt Cassel…..

    Would you pay $13 Million this year for that kind of consistent expectation every Sunday?

  14. Terrelle Pryor has to deal with the mealy mouthed malcontent freshly fired from Jacksonville now. Poor guy, TP never catches a break.

    Now he has to go to the facility every day and look into those beady little close set rodent eyes and try not to get doused by the used engine oil treatment the former Jacksonville QB coach uses on his hair. Well, either that or Mazolla Oil.

  15. I heard from Mike Silver, (who heard from someone in the locker room) that Raider teammates call their starting quarterback “Cursin” Palmer behind his back. Always looking to shift the blame. In a loud, vocal, and profane manner.

  16. Talk about a tough crowd: 10th in yards, 14th in completion %, 15th in TD’s and yards per completion, in 15 games on a team without a receiver who could start on most teams in the league.

    That’s about what you should expect for $13M at the QB position.

  17. An unnamed, recently hired Raider offensive coach is going to clean up the quarterbacking situation there. His 23 year old protege has such a proclivity for publicly shifting blame, teammates call him “Tellall” Pryor behind his back. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  18. Btw, the Bengals have a better record than the Jets over the last decade.

  19. I liked Palmer here in cincy as a player. The way Flacco played in the playoffs reminded me of the old Palmer. Something really did happen to him after those jealous Steelers chopped his knee.
    The community here dont miss him coz he was a cal boy. Stayed indoors,went hunting and went to the stadium..didnt see him anyhere in cincy

  20. Why so much hate for Carson Palmer?? The guy completed over 60% of his passes, threw for over 4000 yards (!), had over 20 TDs and fewer INTs than the league average. And he did this IN OAKLAND! He’s the least of the Raiders worries!!!

  21. I love how the Raiders are in cap trouble but still can’t field a competitive team. Top pay, bottom results. Sounds like the Raider way. Commitment to excrement.

  22. KC dude,..clearly you are kidding,…KC is about as terrible as it gets,…more then likely in your lifetime youve never seen them in a superbowl,…you cant beat the Raiders at home, just got swept from them,…just hired a fat pig that got run out of Philly cause he sucks,…oh, and you went and paid a high price for Alex Smith,..hey good luck. LMAO

  23. Well hell, if we’re still gonna be in cap purgatory or whatever let that ginger walk, Pryor didn’t look too bad in his debut against the chargers, give him a legit shot… A full off season to learn Moore and fords styles, and then let him loose…

    Palmer is not the answer, not for the nation at least.. If we’re still gonma be in rebuilding mode for another year or two, them screw it what we got to lose????

  24. Watching C Palmer EVERY Sunday has been rather painful. Never saw him play that much while with the Bengals. Prior to his arrival, I thought he was pretty capable. I wonder now where in the world I got that from. From the Bengals to the Oakland Raiders – wow – that sucks bit time.

  25. Gabbert sucks, and it isnt the fault of the OC Olson. Jax came to Oakland last year, Oakland tried to give them the game but Jax couldnt take it. LA would rather have no NFL then get that bunch of trash.

  26. Im a lifelong raider and carson palmer is an outstanding qb. If he was put in the right situation we could be talking about a hall of famer. All the baby fans in cincy ssy he sucks causr he left that joke franchise, look what that team did for him..nothing. then a joke assistant from cincy who al davis hires goes and plays gm and ruins the raiders drafts and payroll for 3 years. Gives cinvy all they want snd then gets hired by then again the next year. CP has done great for oaktown, he is the only position that is stable right now. If he was a packer raven steeler or even though I hate to say it, a patriot he would be a top ten qb. But he got lousy cincy and now the end of the al davis era. There is now win for CP. Even if he stays its still gonna take big reg 3 good years to fix the mess sl davis left then cp career will be at the end. For big reg this is just a moral issue. Save a bright spot cause cp is a good guy and will plug the hole for the time being or release him save money and see if tp is the future. Its a no win for cp. The only thing I could see if he restructures to 7-8 mil and is ready to coach tp and the next qb we get….whoever that is.

  27. Well I’m a Raiders fan and i think Palmer is an absolute bum. He doesn’t have the heart or drive that Raiders fans like to see in my opinion, people can rest on them stats but they dont impress me. Carson represents a what could be for me, not a actually what is!

  28. Wow. Sorry, but most of my fellow Raiders fans commenting here are not too bright or do not watch the games.

    Carson Palmer was easily our best player last year and easily our best QB since Rich Gannon won league MVP.

    Age is a factor only if we’re really going to embark on some sort of 4-year rebuilding effort … which is unheard of in today’s NFL.

    We need a better team around him. Including coaching. That’s our problem. Would you spend $13 mil for him on the open market? Maybe not. But you also wouldn’t spend less than $10 mil so, in relative terms, he’s not being overpaid by much. Palmer is one of about 15-20 QBs you can win with in this league. I’d certainly rate him ahead of guys like Cutler and Rivers.

    Heck, the Ravens just signed a guy who has never thrown for 4,000 yards and had the same or even slightly lesser passing numbers than Palmer last year (with a much better offense around him than Palmer had) to $20 mil + per season.

  29. Hate the Raiders all you want, it takes years to recover from a screwed up owner. Just how many of the teams you like have been to 5 Super Bowls, winning 3? Thats what I thought.

  30. beerbudsnbevo says: Mar 5, 2013 10:54 PM

    Carson Palmer
    Matt Leinart
    Mark Sanchez

    And soon to be….

    Matt Barkley.

    USC is all about defensive players and system QB’s

    Oh, let’s not forget Todd Marinovich

    You forgot to add Matt Cassel to that list.

  31. Carson, remember how you quit on Cincy and said you’ll sit and that you have $80 million set aside? Well my brother, there ya go. Sit your country a$$ down and call it a day.

  32. All you Raiders fans talking smack about the Bengals is so funny. Look at the records since 2000, the Bengals have won 91 and the Raiders 82. Quit living off the 70’s – pathetic! Fact is your franchise sucks! “Just win baby”
    As for Palmer i watched every game he played in and at times he was amazing. Carsons biggest problem is Carson. – he has no heart or desire to be great. He has never been a field general just a dopey Cali boy with no leadership qualities.

  33. Raiders won’t win without Palmer. There are 3 Qb’s in the Division that can sling it(Mannins, Rivers and Now Smith)…and a scramble first pass 2nd Project Qb like Pryor isn’t going to cut it to win the division. SURELY the Raiders have to know this….then again…this IS the organization that chose Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson…. and traded away a Super Bowl winning coach…. yep…this team will find a way to screw this up too.

  34. 13mm, that’s easy – no thank you.

    I’d prefer to complete the total teardown and start building from the ground up again. The mess RM inherited cannot be fixed without getting rid of the overpriced/under performing players on the current roster – CP3 being one of them.

    It’s simple, they’re still in salary cap hell, zero pro-bowl caliber players (special teams excluded), and frankly don’t have 8 players that would even start on a decent team.

    Complete the dismantling, rebuild using RM’s blueprint, and if he isn’t showing progress in 2014 and making the playoffs by 2016, his model didn’t work. Unfortunately, this franchise was so bad, it’ll take 4 more seasons just to see if he’s the right person with the right plan.

  35. According to Ron Ameri of, per a team source, Dallas Cowboys have been in talks with the Seattle Seahawks to send Dez Bryant packing for Kam Chancellor and unconditional picks in future drafts.

  36. I love that he says he wants to come back to Oakland. Hopefully he’ll be back for cheap.

  37. Re: mike5832

    Of all the comments, I think yours is closest to being correct. While I didn’t see every game of Palmer’s early career, it was my thinking I was watching a future HOFer until the knee injury. Won’t make any statement about leadership, but do not ever remember negative press prior to injury. Afterwards, it is my thinking he was on a sharp downward efficiency trend. Since it takes courage for any player to be on the field trying, I always thought most of the problem related to a subconcious reaction protecting the knee. As a Steeler fan, I hope he winds up in Ariz so a true HOF receiver can catch about 150 passes.

  38. i really think if you put tom brady, aaron rodgers, peyton, etc….with Gregg Knapp play calling , they would be nowhere as good as they are. I like Carson, plus we have already invested a lot to get him. With that said lock him down to a 3 year 30 million dollar 8-10-12, with 18 of it guaranteed. Find out what you have with Pryor, and if not draft a qb next year. Next year draft if underclassman come out early as well as some of the talented seniors will be the deepest QB class in the past 20 years. (If they do…clowney will not go 1 or 2, maybe 3 to 5.

  39. Its a matter of economics at this point. -Reduce/cut CP to get way under the cap. Like 8 million saved by cutting him. Cut bait with other high priced malcontents. (Kelly, Huff, DHB & McFadden via trade) Let TP have a shot for today. Draft defense defense defense.

    2014 could be a very nice year with a strong young core, balanced cap with picks and cash to spend.

  40. Iknoweverything says: Mar 5, 2013 10:27 PM

    What will happen is that the Raiders will take their rightful place alongside the Broncos and Chargers as the doormats to the resurrected Chiefs. The KC dynasty is in full assembly mode and will dominate the pathetic Raiders for the next decade just like old times

    LMAO!!! Just a reminder, you still have the worse QB in the division………

  41. “All you Raiders fans talking smack about the Bengals is so funny. Look at the records since 2000, the Bengals have won 91 and the Raiders 82. Quit living off the 70′s – pathetic!”

    Dude. you just compared the Raiders worst decade to the Bengals most prolific…LOL Go home.

  42. Carson Palmer is the epitome of what most NFL teams fear – an inconsistent QB. When he’s on, he’s DEAD on – amazing numbers, big scores, the kind of numbers you expect from the top 10 in the NFL ranks. But when he’s bad, he’s abysmal. Throwing picks in open air, horrible decision making, dropping balls when sacked, etc. Ask any Chicago fan what life was like with Grossman as QB. One week, they look like a contender. The next, like they couldn’t beat the Browns.

    Unfortunately Palmer had a nasty injury in the dawn of his career, and it pretty much destroyed his level of consistency. He’s not Jaworthless Russell, but he’ll never be Tom Brady either. Heck, I don’t think he’ll ever be Eli Manning.

    The best thing the Raiders could do right now is cut bait, ditch Palmer and hopefully make something happen with Pryor or in free agency.

  43. The cost to value on Carson Palmer doesn’t make sense for Oakland. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s got no heart and never will be a winner or if you think he is better than Brady, Manning, and Aaron Rodgers (both ridiculous assessments for the record). What does matter is if they are able to get value for him in the form of draft picks they should do so now. Oakland has no room in the salary cap and have tons of needs on the team. Looking at the price Smith is going to pull because there is nothing in the way of a QB out there right now. If you can get a third rounder in this draft and a conditional in 2014, does it make more sense to do that and go 7-9 or keep Palmer and go 8-8?

    Clear some room under the cap, move Palmer to Arizona, Buffalo, Cleveland, or any other sucker that will take him and trot out Pryor. At least he’ll make the team exciting to watch while they lose.

  44. To quote Judge Smails… “You’ll get nothing and like it.” Carson’s best and most lucrative years are behind him as are his days as a starting QB for a contender. He’d be best advised to take the most appealing option available, whether it’s potentially more money or playing time because he is no one’s long term solution anymore. Side note: Why does Iknoweverything insist on showing otherwise?

  45. vex24 says: Mar 6, 2013 7:21 AM

    Cincinnati is looking for a decent back-up QB right now…. just sayin’
    The Bengals already have a decent back-up, but for some reason they’re starting him.

  46. CP3 isn’t the problem. He wants to stay and the Raiders want to keep him. At the right price. $13M is too steep for that QB right now. If he will work for $8-10M, then CP is a no-brainer. He is the best option we have at the lower price point.

    Yes, he is frustrating at times (KILLED the comeback against TB), but 90% of teams in the league would love that production every year at QB.

    Someone above compared his stats for last year and this year to others in the league. That’s a false comparison. He came in week 7 off the couch without knowing a damn thing about the playbook. In just looking at 2012 – he was an above average QB, so he deserves to be paid like one.

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