D.J. Moore won’t be back with the Bears next season


Chicago Bears defensive back D.J. Moore already knows he’ll be looking for a new team for next season.

According to Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears have informed Moore that he is not in the team’s plans for the future.

Moore will become an unrestricted free agent on March 12. Moore had lost his backup job to Kelvin Hayden last season.

Moore played the first four season of his career for the Bears after being selected in the fourth round of the 2009 draft out of Vanderbilt. After appearing in just three games as a rookie, Moore played more extensively the last three seasons. He’s made three starts in three seasons and intercepted 10 passes. Moore intercepted two passes and recorded 32 tackles for the Bears last season in mainly reserve duty.

10 responses to “D.J. Moore won’t be back with the Bears next season

  1. Great nose for the ball in open space, absolutely horrendous in man-on-man coverage. Needs very apt safety support. Not a candidate to start at either corner position. Has a big head and a bigger ego. Will go to another team with unrealistic expectations and end up exactly where he is on the depth chart now.

  2. Good player, he will not have trouble finding a new team…This is probably just the first move in the Bears’ quest to refine their roster and free up more cap space.

  3. Sad to see this man go, he was a freak with the ball in his hands after an INT, dude has extreme talent and amazing reflexes, still can’t see how they think Hayden was better, he doesn’t have the dynamic this kids does. He’ll compete for a starting job somewhere and wont be out of work long. We’ll all miss you D.J. and the fights with Stafford. Good luck #30

  4. Not a bad player at all. He had attitude and could make some plays. Someone will pick him up no doubt, but most likely not the Lions given that scuffle he had with Stafford lol.

  5. A decent player who has room to be pretty damn good. He wasn’t any better or worse in pass coverage than Hayden was, but where he lost his favor with the Bears was with his awful play against the run.

    If he can work on that and further develop his coverages, he could be a solid starter?

    You hear that Baltimore? Another backup/special team from Chicago is in the market. Graham and Abyanwhateverdejo seemed to work out pretty good for y’all.

  6. Who dropped the interception on Seattle’s winning drive last season? Was it DJ? It hurt to lose to those broads and I wonder if that was DJ, all alone, up in the air around the thirty late in the game….just couldn’t get a handle on the ball….. and, as someone up there wrote, he was terrific in the field with an interception…..

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