Flacco celebrates riches with box of processed chicken parts


The Ravens just trusted Joe Flacco with a giant pile of money.

Maybe now they need to keep an eye on his cholesterol.

Flacco said at his press conference yesterday he was having pizza with his family when his contract was finalized last Friday.

Then on the way home after signing the deal, he celebrated with a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets meal.

According to Bryna Zumer of the Baltimore Sun, Flacco stopped off at a Maryland McDonald’s for a snack, which had employees taking cell phone photos of the local celebrity.

“I was kind of shocked, kind of shaking a little bit,” McDonald’s employee Sherry Norman said Tuesday.

The best part of this isn’t the daily updates we can expect on Flacco’s fast food habit. The best part is that the quarterback whose own father called him “dull,” is now the subject of the drive-through paparazzi.