Flacco celebrates riches with box of processed chicken parts


The Ravens just trusted Joe Flacco with a giant pile of money.

Maybe now they need to keep an eye on his cholesterol.

Flacco said at his press conference yesterday he was having pizza with his family when his contract was finalized last Friday.

Then on the way home after signing the deal, he celebrated with a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets meal.

According to Bryna Zumer of the Baltimore Sun, Flacco stopped off at a Maryland McDonald’s for a snack, which had employees taking cell phone photos of the local celebrity.

“I was kind of shocked, kind of shaking a little bit,” McDonald’s employee Sherry Norman said Tuesday.

The best part of this isn’t the daily updates we can expect on Flacco’s fast food habit. The best part is that the quarterback whose own father called him “dull,” is now the subject of the drive-through paparazzi.

29 responses to “Flacco celebrates riches with box of processed chicken parts

  1. Not like I go to Mickey D’s a lot, but from what I recall, those chicken strips they sell are a lot tastier than the McNuggets…..and probably contain less beak/claw/lips/feet and other undesirable bits of the chicken, too.

  2. Are there any quarterbacks in the AFC North who understand how to act like a person with a 100 million dollar contract?

  3. Leave him alone! His the future of QBs after Peyton, Brady.

    Now lets go have some Papa Johns with Peyton Manning

  4. Anyone else tired of hearing about this man? Enough already…he got his money deservedly….had a great stretch run… But doesn’t walk on water invent the cure for cancer etc ..move on…yawn

  5. I gotta say that as much as I dislike the guy, the idea that he’s celebrating $120 million contract with five bucks worth of “chicken”.

  6. I wonder if he’s aware that they sell BOGO coupons for those on eBay? He could amplify his spending power even further, wow can you imagine the lifestyle of having $120MM in the bank while also being a smart shopper? Oh the possibilities are mind blowing!

  7. I’m trying to remember which of these stories became the most overplayed with about 10-15 articles a day. Is it:

    a) Joe Flacco’s Contract
    b) Bountygate
    c) Brett Favre and anything related

    Either way we freaking get it.

  8. Egomaniac!!!! A normal guy gets a 6 piece nugget but good old Mr Moneybags has to rub it in our faces with a 10 piece……..

  9. Just when you thought you had heard the last of the Joe Flacco deal… BOOM…. An update on his celebratory lunch.

    I’ll be expecting a follow-up story of what dipping sauce he chose.

  10. Do you realize that there has never been proven to be a conclusive link between elevated blood cholesterol and any disease whatsoever? In fact, I can prove 50 ways over that cholesterol is the healthiest thing you can eat. Everything in your body is made from it. There is no argument that can be made to disprove what I’m about to say. The diet you have been taught by your government and its indoctrination centers (schools) is a diet that is GOING to kill you in a short while.

    Search “The Cholestrol myths and lies exposed” on google and check it yourself. THere is far too much information out there. they are relying on you not to do this

  11. Hey Trollhammer20;

    Feet/beaks/etc, agreed, nasty, and “parts is parts”. But lips? No lips on a chicken there, Bud.

    And I also agree that most fast food is not worth the paper it’s printed on, but consider the fact that pro athletes are in far better condition than you and I, so eating that junk won’t hurt them. Besides, who are we to judge?

    Oh yeah, we judge these people every single day. Pass the stuffed cust triple pepperoni!

  12. Joe Flacco’s dumb contract is getting Tebow-Esque hype … ‘nough already …. can’t EJ Manuel pistol whip a goat or something interesting til draft day ?

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