Fred Davis: I don’t want to just go for the money

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Redskins tight end Fred Davis got some good news recently about his recovery from a torn Achilles and that means it’s time for him to start thinking about where he’d like to end up as a free agent this offseason.

Other than saying that he likes being in Washington and that it would be “awesome” to play in his hometown of Cleveland if he couldn’t stay in D.C., Davis didn’t offer much in the way of specifics about where he’d like to play in 2013. He did offer up some thoughts on what would be guiding his ultimate decision.

“I mean, you want to end up somewhere where you know you could fit and feel comfortable,” Davis said during an interview with 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “If you’re talking about two or three million dollars difference with a team, I would rather go for happiness any day than some more money. I’d rather be somewhere where I know that they’re gonna use me to the best of my ability, believe in me, a team that wants to give me a chance to come in and help them any kind of way, right away, and let’s win some games. That’s what I want. I don’t want to just go for the money and just start losing. I kind of want to be in a position where I can help a team win.”

That’s pretty much free agent-to-be boilerplate, but years of watching these things play out has reinforced that it usually does wind up coming down to the money. Davis should get a chance to prove otherwise, especially if a strong team concerned about Davis’ Achilles offers him a deal that reflects that uncertainty while a lesser team decides to throw caution to the wind.

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  1. I wish I had a job where 2 or 3 million were not enough to sway my decision to go to one company or another. Hate to admit it, but I’d be one of those guys trying to get as much money as I can while I’m able to get it. I’m a Redskins fan, but my pops used to say, “You gotta get all the hay in the barn before the sun goes down.” Never really knew what it meant as a kid because I grew up in S.E. Washington D.C. No barns there. I would like to see him stay, but with the $18M cap hit, the Redskins probably won’t be able to compete with a motivated Browns organization. The fact that they got beat to the RGIII deal probably adds a little motivation for them to snatch Davis in FA too.

  2. So he wants to sign with the browns and he expects to win hahaha, but i think a more logical choice would be the bengals because its near Cleveland,they have actually started winning games, and there would be a awesome tight end tandem between him and Gresham

  3. I am a Redskins fan and I dont even think that he is as good as he thinks that he is. He is an average TE that can block and make some catches. He had a few good games because teams weren’t scheming against him and once they did his numbers slowed down. I like him but i would rather get some other TE for the kind of money or a little more then what he is going to be asking for.

  4. im sure the skins will re-sign him..probably gonna let him see what he can get on the street and match the offer if its not too high..come on goodell let the skins have some of that money back!!!!!!

  5. I wouldn’t want to pay him big money; every time I watch the Skins he is injured. Brandon Meyers would be a nice fit there and cheaper. This is one where they need to be smart for obvious reasons – they aren’t playing with a full deck in regards to cap space.

  6. Two opposing forces are at work with Fred landing a lot of money:
    1) Skins franchsing him a year ago – pumped his stock beyond what it was/is worth
    2) The torn achilles injury – not easy to recover from this; there is almost always a loss of some speed.

    No question the dude can block and catch, but something tells me with the $18 million cap hit, the Skins will move on and trust the position lumbering Logan Paulson. Paulson had an average of 2.5 catches per game started last year. Not horrid.

  7. WR and TE are two key pieces the Browns are trying to acquire thru FA and the draft. Davis could be signaling his desire to join the team in his hometown and I’ll bet the Browns are signaling back.

    A healthy Davis would be a fan favorite as the Browns rebuild.

  8. Go to San Francisco if Delanie Walker leaves. Cleveland wouldn’t be a terrible choice either. They have some work to do, but they are the youngest team in the league with some talented players sprinkled in.

  9. Good TE’s can be found all over the NFL these days, it’s just not that hard to find a quality tight end. That works against him, along with the Achilles and the cap penalty.
    The Redskins can keep Niles Paul, Logan Paulsen, and Chris Cooley and let Davis go, and they’ll be fine. He can be fantastic, no doubt, but the team simply cannot keep everybody. I think he probably goes, and has a nice career somewhere else…Skins have other more pressing priorities than Tight End this off season

  10. Fred Davis, Attorney-at-Law is a heck of a football player when he can get out of his own way.

  11. Athletic TEs cannot be found all over the NFL and that’s what “Sleepy” is…athletic. Decent blocker and good receiver. Paulsen is servicable but he’s no Sleepy. Hail!

  12. his departure won’t make or break the Redskins. if it’s playing time he wants he will get it in a Norv Turner offense. don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  13. Fred Davis could be just what the doctor ordered in Cleveland. He’s actually got a reliable set of hands. So, you mix that in with Gordon popping the top off the defense, and a healthy Trent Richardson and it has the makings for a good offense.

    Picking up Greg Jennings, or Anquan Boldin if he isn’t signed in Baltimore, would give them the missing possession receiver.

  14. Fred is from Toledo, Ohio not Cleveland. It’s not even really close enough to consider being the home team. If anything that would be Detroit, which isn’t much of a step up but at least they won a few championships in some sports.

  15. Don’t the Browns have like $48M in cap space? Get another TE like Cook who wants more money, and let the more frugal teams like the Bears pick-up Davis.

    Also, if the Browns could overpay for some other FAs like Wallace, that’d be nice.

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