Harrison’s agent, Steelers looking for “common ground”


The agent for Steelers linebacker James Harrison said early on in the process he didn’t think he should have to take a pay cut.

But agent Bill Parise said Tuesday he’s talking to the Steelers, to see if there’s a way to carve into Harrison’s cap charge.

Parise told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the two sides were working to find a resolution.

We’re talking,” Parise said. “Both sides want to try to do something. We’re trying to [find] common ground.”

The soon-to-be 35-year-old linebacker is scheduled to make $6.57 million this year and $7.575 million next year. Parise did not say whether the Steelers offered a pay cut.

It would be easy enough to drop the cap charge if Harrison hadn’t dug in heels on a pay cut, but it might be tricky to balance the need for short-term room with the long-term interest of the team.

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  1. With such a top-flight quarterback and an explosive offense, I can’t see the need for keeping a top-5 defense intact.
    Complete waste of money.

  2. With such a top-flight quarterback and an explosive offense, I can’t see the need for keeping a top-5 defense intact.
    Complete waste of money.

    Give it a rest. Everyone knows about your stiffy for Ben. Harrison talking with the steelers is a start to him taking less to play where he wants to retire. I see him having a great year…as well as Troy and others. He has something to prove and for someone who had to work very hard to get in the NFL he doesn’t want to leave on a bad note.

  3. “It would be easy enough to drop the cap charge if Harrison hadn’t dug in heels on a pay cut,…”

    So youre citing PFT’s own article on this, which links back to a story that says his AGENT said he doesnt think he should have to take less money?

    I havent seen one quote from harrison that says he’d be unwilling to take a pay cut, just from his agent saying he thinks he shouldnt have to. Thats not “digging in your heels,” thats trying to get the focus off your client taking less money.

  4. Harrisons best days are way behind him. A major paycut is in the cards. The only thing left to fear from him is an illegal hit.

  5. 7 mill for him, at this stage of his career is crazy, i would release him, and let him sign as a backup in INDY for 2.5 milli a year

  6. Easy there, drool.
    I love Big Ben and his 23 TD passes and three missed games per season. What’s not to love? All for the low, low price of $110 million. Such a bargain.
    By the way: The Steelers are 6-3 the past three seasons when someone named SuperBen has been their quarterback. The nerve of a less-expensive quarterback getting the job done!!! Outrage!!!

  7. Harrison, Troy P…a whole bunch of Steelers.

    Well, they cannot play anymore the way they used to…And Steelers hold on for sentiment?? Thats why Steelers in trouble…Too old, broken down, and team needs to be blown up and made younger fast. Otherwise, when a Weedon or Dalton beats them..it may be common.

    Steelers got some major issues.

  8. Yeah boobzilla “SuperBen” has only been 2 three SB and won 2 rings…… Wow, way over paid and un-deserving!!!!!!

  9. The steelers aren’t going anywhere. They will be battling for the division like they do every year. The only problem this team needs to worry about his staying healthy and that includes James Harrison. If he can stay healthy, Im all for carving into the cap and bring him back for at another year.

  10. Ben had 26 tds and 8 ints last year, thank you, and a pass rating of 97. Thats actually pretty good, considering how serious his injury was. He just wasn’t the same when he came back. The o carried the team early and the d carried the team late. They just never quite got everything together at the same time. Not that anyone bringing up Ben in an article about Harrison has any relevent point to make, of course.

    Harrison will probably take a pay cut, if the alternative means getting cut from the team and having to go play somewhere else for as much as the cut salary would be, or less. So he will most likely end up back in Pittsburgh in 2013, but we’ll see about ’13 before we can talk about ’14. It’s year to year nowadays for most players in the nfl.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the Steelers do in the draft.Odds are good there will be an outside linebacker sooner or later. If Harrison can stay healthy enough to let a new player get some time to learn the system before they are pushed into full-time action (or for back-up players like Robinson, Worilds or Carter to prove their worth), the Steelers will be fine. When healthy like he was later in the season, Harrison was pretty darn good last year. If he can play 12-14 games this in 2013, and be healthy at the end, he’ll be worth the effort.

  11. Hate to break it to you Steelers fans but Harrison has the upper hand here. With the cap floor being set in motion this year, you will see a TON of teams overpaying for lackluster talent. So if Harrison hits free agency because the steelers cut him? Don’t be surprised to see Indy or Miami or Cleveland offer up some decent money to reel him in. Will it be the same as his current contract? No. But will it be more than what the Steelers are most likely pushing him to take? Without a doubt. And no matter what you think, green is every players favorite color, not urine yellow and black.

  12. As a Steelers fan I’d have no problem letting Harrison go.

    Pittsburgh rarely hangs on and over pays veterans.

    If he’s healthy, he’s still “very good”. But he’ll never be the same and “very good” is not what the Steelers are looking for.

    Not worth taking a chance with a team over the salary cap. He’s likely to miss 4-6 games this year.

  13. Long term interest of the team? They restructure and max out the company credit card every single year. Harrison should NOT take a pay cut, he’ll be released and ultimately paid more by another team. Steeler fans are in denial, only the knowledgeable ones know how much trouble they truly are in. I would say I feel bad, but I don’t. This couldn’t of happened to a more deserving franchise. Remember when I called this and said your team will be cutting players you would not of otherwise if the checkbook was properly balanced. Well, here’s your sign. Cheers!

  14. Yes ravenator, they must really be making some bonehead moves in order for them to contend each and every year. Heck, we could cut BR and still beat you.

    Money aside, Harrison’s skills are no longer where the Steelers need them to be. A 3-yr contract with low base salaries and roster bonuses is in order.

  15. Contend? 8-8 is contending? Ah, yes, the steeler way would be to ignore facts and harp on past results from the seventies. Cool man. I hear ignorance is bliss.

  16. 8-8 was definitely a disappointing year. But yes, I would call a team that still controlled its own destiny with 3 games to play, and still in the race up until the last week a contender.

    Can we get back to some more articles on how Ray Rice needs to get the ball more.

  17. The Steelers were in contention for the playoffs until week 14. Up until then it was looking like the Ravens were going to miss the playoffs and had just fired their offensive coordinator for calling too many pass plays from the $120 million dollar QB that lost his college starting job to Tyler Palko.

    Since the 1970’s the Steelers have been to four Super Bowls and won two. That would be twice as many appearances as your beloved Ravens and the same number of rings. Try not to act like winning one every fifteen years makes your guys the premier franchise in the league.

    That out of the way, the Steelers have a history of releasing LB that get old and lose effectiveness, especially when they want too much money. If Greg Lloyd in his “prime” can be replaced, there is no reason Harrison can’t.

    The best way out of any future salary cap issues is having rookies on your team that contribute for rookie wage scale prices with a couple of key vets making real money.

  18. 8-8 is contending?

    Yes, actually it is.

    Why would a Steeler fan have to “harp on past results from the 70s?” They’ve been to 3 of the last 8 Super Bowls.

  19. DONT blame James..blame the Front office for Not knowing how to Structure contracts…numbers. gettin bigger as the players get older?? What kinda BS is that? that’s what happens when you keep restructuring contracts over and over again. Stern 7 years all contracts needa be mostly INCENTIVE based..Tired of consistently being in the red..redoing contracts.. I know every team has to do it..but we don’t get any better..we just do it to resign our own players..to keep “Status Quo” If they wana keep this method up atleast IMPROVE the roster. On the other hand, if these dudes wana go to a Browns..Miami..Vikings..Arizona..Carolina. for more $ God bless um! 9/10 Steelers that leave are rarely heard from again!

  20. 8-8 is contending when Baltimore only finishes 10-6. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but if Big Ben doesn’t play bad because of his injury problems down the stretch and the ravens don’t convert a 4th and 29 against San Diego, things could be the other way around……..The ravens might have won last year but lets not act like the ravens are a dominant team now because their not.

  21. And let’s not act like the Steelers are competitive, because they’re not. Please reference losses to the browns, titans, raiders, and chargers. Not to mention the poor drafts as of late. Hard to reload, when your picks are being charged with crimes. Yikes!

  22. Your kidding right, the steelers are absolutely competitive. We proved that by beating the ravens in their HOUSE this year. If the ravens were so dominant they would have killed the steelers, didnt happen…. did it………Matter a fact, you split the season series with the the steelers backups. Not alot to be proud of there.

    Sure you have a point, the steelers loss to the raiders, titans, chargers and browns, but so what the ravens went 1-4 down the stretch losing to the steelers, skins, broncos and should have lost to the chargers. I guess that makes the ravens not competitive either, but just a hot LUCKY team at the end of season.

  23. bclower:
    I’m well aware of the number of Super Bowl rings Roethlisberger has. One of them, the first, was inspite of himself, while the second was because of Harrison’s spectacular 100-yard interception return for a TD, a pick-six that was set up by a Roethlisberger interception late in the second quarter.
    Thanks for jogging my memory.

  24. And let’s not act like the Steelers are competitive, because they’re not. Please reference losses to the browns, titans, raiders, and chargers. Not to mention the poor drafts as of late. Hard to reload, when your picks are being charged with crimes. Yikes!

    This has to be your dumbest and most hypocritical post of the year, of which you have had many. How dare you bring up crimes when you worship slasher Ray Lewis and draggum by the car Suggs….come on man?

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