Joe Flacco blames nerves for his “tackle Ted Ginn” idea

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Just before the final play of the Super Bowl, with the Ravens about to kick to the 49ers, Joe Flacco walked up and down the Baltimore sideline offering a strange suggestion to his teammates: If 49ers return man Ted Ginn breaks free, they should run off the sideline to tackle him.

That didn’t happen (and if it had, the referee would have awarded the 49ers a game-winning touchdown), but Flacco was asked about it at his press conference on Monday, and he said talking to teammates like that was just his way of burning off nervous energy.

“I saw that people were kind of geting a little mad at me for that,” Flacco said, via the Baltimore Sun. “There was four seconds left in the game, and that was probably the only time all year that I was really, really nervous. I thought it was a pretty funny thing to kind of get my mind off of the fact that there is a possibility that he could run this thing back. I’m sure if I did do that, I’m sure that they could probably give the guy a touchdown.”

Although teammate Anquan Boldin says Flacco was serious, Flacco says he wasn’t.

“Yeah, not really serious,” Flacco said. “They all looked at me like I was crazy. I told the linemen and they kind of backed up for a second like, ‘What are you talking about?’ But, hey, it was just all in good fun, kind of to distract my mind a little bit.”

It wouldn’t have been so fun if one of Flacco’s teammates had taken him seriously and committed a penalty that would have given the 49ers the Super Bowl.

41 responses to “Joe Flacco blames nerves for his “tackle Ted Ginn” idea

  1. If it happened it would have been the biggest story ever and it might have cost Flacco 120 million. However, it didn’t happen… Nothing happened. It’s a non-story.

  2. Hey look, its another bash Flacco story. I guess when you’re on top, everyone wants to knock you off your perch. Everyone seems to think Flacco is this droning, monotonous guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks.. Well, I can tell you he hears everything people say about him, and like Ray Lewis, he uses it as fuel to become better.

    Everyone acts like they hate Flacco, yet if he were a free agent, he’d probably get WAY more than the Ravens gave him.

    Don’t be surprised if Flacco and Caldwell light your team up next year. Just sayin’

  3. He may not have a personality….but he does have a Super Bowl ring (not to mention $120.6 million)

  4. Who really cares about Joe Flacco seriously or kiddingly telling his teammates to tackle Ted Ginn if he broke free, on the subject, who really cares about Ted Ginn Jr. either

  5. Goodell would have been forced to suspend Flacco for a full season, but he would have gone down as a fan favorite and would have easily made his 120 mill just from new endorsement opportunities.

  6. I still like how he was telling the guys that are probably the slowest players on the team to chase down and tackle Ted Ginn.

  7. Whaaaaa, Joe Flacco is superbowl MVP and it’s now harder for me to hate on him, says every Flacco hater. Let me just blame Boldin for making him look good. Don’t mind the fact that the ball had to be thrown to him at a spot where only he could grab it. Some of you people are rediculous. Ravens are World Champions, soak it up. And don’t hate, appreciate.

  8. Well if he broke free and is guaranteed to score, why NOT tackle him?

    Oh wait. Because it was a JOKE.

  9. The most hilarious thing about this was that one of his teammates said something like, “After you, Bert!” when Flacco suggested they jump off the sidelines and tackle Ginn.

    He looks just like Bert! And Tom Brady’s wife looks like Big Bird…

  10. Okay, Joe Flacco has convinced me. In my next lifetime, I want to be tall, athletic, and dumber than a bag of hammers.

  11. Am I the only one who has had enough of the Flacco stories? Florio and his crew need to get off their keisters and do some basic journalism.

  12. And they paid this cat 120 million. We will all look back and get a huge laugh out of flacco and this pathetic Ratbird front office! Classic stuff! You can’t make this crap up!

  13. Don’t be so sensitive Ravers. Saying someone doesn’t have a personality isn’t a knock on someone and certainly isn’t a knock on your SB win.

    Fact is a fact, the man is dry, quiet and almost uncomfortable, at least in front of a camera.

    Someone wants to say the dude didn’t deserve the money or got lucky in the playoffs then sure, defend the man because you should but there’s no denying he’s dry with a lack of much personality which makes it unclear when he’s joking.

  14. When you’re 20 seconds from winning a Super Bowl you can be excused from having some crazy thoughts. It’s not like Joe started sprinting onto the field on the punt or anything.

    It’s a funny quote to be certain but I don’t think there was anything really bad about it.

  15. The only quarterbacks dumber than a bag of hammers are Roethlisberger, Brady, Brees, Both Mannings. and Aaron Rogers.

  16. There would be no need because the refs already came off the sidelines and ‘guided’ the outcome all game long.

  17. @ravenmuscle… Interesting. Every QB you mentioned is better than the guy you just paid 120 million! Haha silly baltimorons! And the chicken nugget meal is more expensive than the big Mac ericn42000. Genius!

  18. Revisionist history. That’s when you make stuff up after the facts to sort of protect somebody. His own players thought he was serious, so Ravens fans are engaging in revisionist history. Flacco had a great playoff run and will sink back to mediocrity or just above it. Meanwhile the Ravens will have crippled themselves for years to come in terms of salary cap room. In a way, I think it’s hilarious that the Ravens paid over $120 million for a QB. They will get exactly what they paid for: a QB who won a Super Bowl in the past and who will never make the big game or All Pro again.

  19. I have no idea why that comment would make anyone upset, and I’m a 49er fan. I do have to add if he did tackle Ginn, it probably would not have been called anyway.

  20. Well hey, they already cheated to get to that point riding on the slippery antler extract covered back of Ray Lewis. Why not try to cheat some more and tackle a guy to ruin what would have been the greatest Super Bowl ending ever?

    2012 Ravens*

    *Won Super Bowl due to the inspiration provided by CHEATING linebacker who would have been on IR if not for the help of a banned PED.

  21. Just the thought of the 49ers actually winning the Superbowl makes my stomach turn thinking about having to hear that stupid slogan actually makes sense for once.

  22. The thing is, it didn’t matter if he was about to score or not the referee would have ruled it “Touchdown 49’ers!” End of game.

    Everyone remembers when Bill Cowher almost did it against the Jaguars one year. It’s just the thought of “This one play beat me. One play,” that’s all. It’s tough for a player or a coach to have all you worked for evaporate in one play, the last of the game. Can’t say I blame Flacco for thinking about it, and I doubt very seriously that he knew that he would have given them the game anyway.

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