Report: “A little paranoia” in Welker camp about Pats role

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The Patriots and wide receiver Wes Welker are reportedly making progress toward a new contract, which helps explain why the Patriots opted not to use their franchise tag on Welker even as a way to buy time for a new contract.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that Welker is weighing a couple of different issues as he decides where to sign on for 2013 and beyond. One is whether he’d rather stay in a familiar role and offense with the Patriots for less money than he might be offered from another team and the other is whether that familiar role has been replaced by another one.

Cole spoke to a source close to Welker who said that Welker is still “miffed” about the limited playing time and targets he received early last season. It’s left him with “mild disdain” for the team and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and reportedly stuck “in his craw” all season. What’s more, Cole reports that there’s “a little paranoia” in Welker’s camp about what his role in the offense would be if Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are healthy all season.

Welker wound up with 118 catches last year, so it’s not like the early playing time was indicative of the way things went over the entire season. With Julian Edelman also heading for free agency and Brandon Lloyd reportedly on thin ice with the team, there’s a fair chance that Welker will be the only receiver with meaningful experience in the Patriots’ offense on the roster heading into next season.

That doesn’t exactly set the stage for a limited role in the offense, but we’ll find out soon enough which way the wind is blowing in regard to Welker.

58 responses to “Report: “A little paranoia” in Welker camp about Pats role

  1. A “little” parananoia that little Wesley “comes up a little bit short” or “drops the ball” so-to-speak in the biggest of games.

  2. I would imagine everyone on that team is paranoid – big brother monitoring you, unnoticed.

    That, and Gisele will yell at you in public.

  3. How many catches did you have before you went to the Patriots? Go sign somewhere else and see if you get 118 catches, crybaby.

  4. In all fairness to Welk, they definitely tried to phase him out of the offense in the first few games and it was completely stupid. It looked like it took way more effort to keep the ball away from him than it did just to get him involved.

    But on the other hand, get over it. Welker proved his point, led team in targets, receptions, yards and first downs. He’s at a place with the organization now that he definitely wasn’t a year ago: getting a long term deal nailed down. Bury the hatchet, 83.

  5. He is this productive b/c of TB’s exterem loyality to him n the offense pats run. He better take whatever money Pats offer, work his tail off on whatever role his coach gives him, if not go to Jets!

  6. It must suck to be a Patriots player and know that you will be replaced at some point.

  7. Nothing personal against Welker, but he would be a fool to leave the Patriots. He may get an offer a bit larger than by the Pats, but his role would be unknown and he, most likely, wouldn’t be an elite QBs primary target like with Brady. He has made a boatload of money and that will continue, even if he re-signs with New England.

  8. WW is an emotional player and it’s something I love about him. That said, it can also work against guys. Might his being miffed have stayed in his head to the point that he dropped a bunch of balls trying to prove his point?

  9. Flash back to 2007. Pats brought in Welker and Moss, and set a record for points scored. They will be just fine. If Welker leaves that system, he will revert back to an 70-80 catch guy. Nothing special without Brady and the Pats system. A later rounder in fantasy football, as opposed to a second rounder in PPR leagues now.

  10. Wes, you wouldn’t have those numbers in another system. What were your numbers in Miami? Anything like the years with the Pats? Hmmmm. Everyone is replaced eventually (And yes, St. Thomas won’t be here forever either!) All Pats fans appreciate your contributions, but crying to the media isn’t going to help you in New England (Pats, media, etc.) Get a “grip” and stay and play. Otherwise, see what you can get elsewhere, ask your wife where she wants to live, and we wish you the best.

  11. I don’t blame Welker. It was clear they were going to phase him out until injuries to Edelman, Gronk and I believe Hernandez. Sure it’s a “business” but don’t fault the guy out for looking out for himself. He has been the most reliable player on the team. More reliable than our secondary, special teams unit and the pro bowl offensive line which fell apart 2007.

  12. Josh McDaniels rubs lots of people wrong. That’s not going to change. But necessity looks to be on Welker’s side: Gronk is constantly hurt, even Hernandez isn’t the healthiest, and their other wideout spot has become a revolving door. It would appear Welker will be a major target there for quite some time.

    And how much more could he make elsewhere? He’s very productive, but he’s not the youngest guy nor that big, tall target teams like to have. No doubt every team would want him, but I wonder how many would be willing to pay top dollar for him.

  13. Welker should have a reduced role. It will prolong his career. The team needs to diversify. Maybe he was a little pissed that Edelman was getting some of his reps early on. His market value was ultimately not hurt, he was paid nine million and the team didn’t make it past the Ravens. If the team is going to win it all again they won’t be doing it with the Brady/Welker show alone. Gronk needs to stay healthy and the defense needs to play better. I feel positive about the former; less so about the latter.

  14. I’m not sure how long he felt he was being phased out but I hate to break it to him….it wasn’t that long and EVERYONE knew the team needed to find a way to open things up over the top.

    Games 2 thru 6 he had a combined 45 receptions for 608 yards. If that’s phasing out then Calvin Johnson should hate the Lions. Games 2 thru 6 for Calvin? 32 receptions for 481 yards.

    Based on those #’s I have to believe this is either Welker trying to squezze a few more dollars with a ploy or a source that’s not really a source and a slow news week has got a reporter antsy.

  15. patriots fans are the worst. Welker would be wise to sign with another team and chase the $$$ while he still can.

    It’s well known how the pats treat their players. Underpay them, use them up and ship them off. All for the “patriot way”.

    Welker will leave and hopefully will have an opportunity to stick it to the pats in 2013.

  16. Honestly I don’t know why the Pats would throw big money at Welker.

    They could sign any relatively cheap possesion guy with decent hands and route running ability and he’d put up numbers close to what Welker has. Welker also seems to have a problem with dropping balls in really bad times to do so.

    Amendola, Hartline, David Nelson, Barndon Gibson, Austin Collie…

    All guys that would come cheaper and probably produce just as well.

  17. I would sign/pay Mike Wallace instead of Wes to get an actual deep threat Brady hasn’t ever had beyond Moss. I would then draft Tavon Austin to replace Wes.

  18. I think in the early season the Pats were trying to establish a different offense than between the hashes with mostly Welker catching the ball. Let’s see what Lloyd, Edelman and Hernandez can do and if we run use them can we make defenses worry more about other things. This did not work and it led to them going back to what did work. I really don’t think it was a shot at Welker per se, it was more a way to try and establish some other things. I think Belicheck likes to tinker and test and try especially earlier in the year…. later in the year, not so much… If Welker stays then he will want to be there and the Pats want him. If he decides that life can be better someplace else, then good luck. He got 9 million last year to do his job, more than he ever made at any other time.

  19. Key drops in two major situations – and now this? Welp, it’s been nice Wes…. I thought Brady’s move might have kept you here, but I think you’re moving on.

    What a shame.

  20. this “report” makes it sound like Wes thinks he should be the only WR on the team… he’ll be back, and have a reduced role because thats the best TEAM decision.

  21. There’s no doubt that if Gonkowski, Hernandez, and Edelman had all been healthy last season, Welker wouldn’t have had the production he did. If they are all healthy THIS year his production is certain to be lower. That’s nothing against Welker and his abilities, its about about having an effective and balanced offense.

    Believe me this is nothing more than an agents leak to a frenzied media, who have nothing better to do. Welker has been the epitome of a team player. Nothing in his previous 6 years would lead us to believe that cares a bit about his own personal numbers. If were true, Pats fans would be happy to show him the door. But it isn’t.

    This was just an agent trying to stir the pot, and he did Welker no favors making it seem like he cares more about his own numbers than the team’s success.

  22. In short, Belichick was able to light a fire under Welker that lasted the whole season and led to his 118 catches and a trip to the AFC Championship. Great coach. Great player.

  23. Boys and girls, let’s not over react to an unsourced comment (a “source close to Welker”). Welker is not and has never cried to the media. He has to be one of the toughest guys in the league. He’s Brady’s on the tthe field binky and he likes being a binky.

  24. Last year the Pats had Welker on a one year tender, knew they weren’t gonna tender him again for 11.5 and knew Welker didn’t think their offer was good enough to sign. So, they experimented on offense a little to see what it would look like without him(as well a maybe rubbing his nose in it a little for not signing their offer). Didn’t work out. They obviously want him and have a role for him, they wouldn’t be trying to sign him if they didn’t. Brady also wants him, and this is the best situation for Welker. I don’t think anyone out there is gonna give him signifigantly more money. OK Wes, you were miffed, you got it off your chest, now sign the paper.

    I think people should take it a little easy on the drops. Yes, there were one or two in clutch situations. When you make 120 catches a year, on I don’t know how many targets, with your head nearly taken off on a lot of them, you’re gonna drop a few. That’s even if you call the one in the SB a drop, which is a bit of a stretch.

  25. billsfan1 says:
    Mar 5, 2013 11:24 AM
    maybe he can go to the Giants and you know… actually win a super bowl for a change
    Maybe you should become a giants fan so you could see waht its like to win a game

  26. He was fourth in the league in targets last year behind Calvin, Wayne, and Marshall; I don’t see what he’s so “miffed” about.

    If this story were true I would think less of welker, but this is probably complete fabrication so whatever.

  27. Wow all these pats fans think they don’t need him. How did you guys do the first few games when he wasn’t catching any balls?

  28. The beginning of the year they went with an offense geared towards Gronk, Hernandez, and the running game with Ridley. Eventually they started going with what they do well and that is get Welker more involved. Wes was on a one year contract at the time. What is wrong with trying to alter your offensive philosophy to play towards the younger players who you have under contract for many years. I believe the media hyped up what happened to make it look like Belichick was being punitive towards Welker.

  29. It was obvious the Pats wanted to run the ball more at the beginning of the 2012 season, and was stated by many that cover the team that Edleman was a better run blocker than Wes. With Wes trying to be paid as a top five reciever, and the possibility of him not returning in 2013, it made sense to look to the future. Go back to the AFC Champ. game and look at Welker’s effort at blocking on running plays (my opinion pathetic) and the drop. Wes used to be my favorite Pats offensive player, kept his mouth shut and performed. I understand last year him wanting to be paid and he was. This year again he’ll be paid, but to wine about last year’s first few games sounds kind of deva.

  30. Funny how so many people keep saying “take less money stay with the Pats”

    as if anyone here would happily take less money than they could get in the open market.

    These guys play football for money folks and this dude is selling his future health he deserves EVERY penney he can get.

    And those of you saying “play for chances to win the Superbowl”… when he’s 50 and limping around his house a ring isn’t going to make him feel better AND as soon as you guarantee he would definitely win one in New England let me know the lottery numbers 🙂

  31. welker is a possession received who failed to maintain possession in many instances in big post-season gms. pats would replace him quickly if they could find a suitable alternative at WR.

  32. Send him to Philly, a passing team thta now needs 3 wrs with a coach that usually has shifty quarterbacks, shifty running backs and it makes sense to add a shifty and quick hash area wr to the two burners already on the roster.

  33. Is it funny to anyone else that no matter what the subject of the article is people still find a way to hate on the patriots grow up and get over yourselves you are just holding in to something that happened a long time of I or your making stuff up at this point stay classy haters.

  34. The Pats aren’t getting another SB before Brady retires and they’ll never pay you fair price so take the highest offer. Even the Ming Dynasty fell and the Pats dynasty is on the down slope. Go for the money Wes.

  35. All good things come to an end eventually.

    Wes, get ready for Donald Driver land…’s been a hell of a run.

  36. Funny how most on the comment board take what’s written here as gospel. Unnamed sources are dubious at best and any reasonable adult should be able to see it for what it is. Welker is a beast, he’s productive and healthy all the time. Even when he had an ACL he missed ONE game. Patriot for rest of his career and he’ll be in canton too

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