Report: Bucs considering first-round tender for LeGarrette Blount

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The Buccaneers used a first-round pick to bring running back Doug Martin to Tampa last season and they might want one in return for allowing the guy who Martin replaced in the starting lineup to leave as a restricted free agent.

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune reports that the Bucs are considering placing the first-round tender on running back LeGarrette Blount. Doing so would pay Blount $2.879 million for the 2013 season if he didn’t sign a multiyear deal with the team as well as force any team that wanted to sign Blount away from the Bucs to fork over a pick in the first round.

The rationale for such a tender would be that General Manager Mark Dominik doesn’t want the team to find itself in a place where they’re short of healthy bodies in the backfield. That’s a genuine concern, but it might not be one worth spending $2.879 million to put the team’s mind at ease. Given current trends in regard to running backs, it’s hard to imagine any team giving up even a second-round pick for Blount and that tender would cost the Bucs $800,000 less than the first-round option.

Blount ran the ball 41 times for 151 yards and two touchdowns last season, numbers that wouldn’t seem be hard to replicate at a lower price. Blount might provide a greater sense of security than other options behind Martin, but it’s a pretty sizable price to pay for that piece of mind even with Martin locked in for less than $700,000 in 2013.

20 responses to “Report: Bucs considering first-round tender for LeGarrette Blount

  1. Way too one dimensional for anyone to pay a first round pick for. Blount is what he is, a great guy to have as a complimentary piece, but nowhere near an everydown guy.

  2. Why would you give him that high a tender?

    Nobody’s going to steal him from you. He’s an average to slightly above average RB with a serious attitude and conditioning problem.

  3. WOW, 1st round tender for a guy who ran for a whopping buck fifty one. They must be smoking a “Blount” if they think someone’s going to give up that. I think a guy of his talents can be found in the 5th round.

  4. buccfaninhawkeyecountry says: Mar 5, 2013 2:18 PM

    Id rather “overpay” for Blount than end up with the likes of Kreg Lumpkin again as a secondary option.

    This man has it.

    After watching Lumpkin and that other bum a couple years ago, having 3.6M tied into 2 RB’s (one of which is under contract for 3 more years and the other that is just 1 year removed from near back to back 1000yd seasons).

  5. What the what? a first round pick for Blount? I would give a first round pick for him only if you could package Vjackson and Gerald McCoy. There are better players in free agency that you could offer that much too, cut this bum loose and find anybody to replace. 260 lb marshmallow.

  6. I would love to see Blount running behind a healthy Joseph / Nicks. A 2nd round tender would probably be sufficient but then Blount would probably be pissed and become a distraction. Maybe Dominick is just trying to trick teams into giving the Bucs a 2nd. If I was Atl. I would give up a late 2nd for him. Blount crapped on them in 2011.

  7. I’d take Him over shonn green at least , 1 dimensional, but I think he has better balance than most bigger backs will make more people miss than shonn too

  8. If they put him on a 2nd round tender, can’t you just use that 2nd rounder to get another runningback? Or would it be a 2014 pick?

  9. Giving a guy like Blount a first-round tender is the Bucs way of saying “please make us a trade offer for this guy”. Like the Broncos did with Brandon Marshall a few years back.

  10. pretty sure they’d be safe with a second round tender. Possibly even the low tender offer. Lets be real. Not a big market for slow, plodding RBs with bad attitudes.

  11. Irregardless off the bad press and reputation Blount has accrued, he’s a “good soldier” that the Bucs have had the good fortune of having on the roster, for a minimum amount of monies.

    There’s nothing wrong with giving him a decent salary as a show of good faith and/or reward for “towing the company line” and performing dutifully throughout the process.

    With the amount of available cap space and minimum funds tied up in that position, it’s a smart move to ensure his continued support and good behavior for being ready to start in case of an injury to Martin.

    It’s a smart investment in my opinion.

  12. The guy was awful last year. He dances around the hole, goes down at first contact way too much for a guy his size, and couldn’t be more of a liability in the passing game. He was completely unusable last year. He sucked, and there is no way Dominik is keeping the guy around.

    There are plenty of other healthy bodies out there who can sit in the backfield and fail to pick up first downs, and I’d much rather have any of them.

  13. It ain’t like we are using this guy so I don’t see why not to trade him, but a first round tender maybe to much!! Maybe a third if we get a 2nd that would be robbery like the Gaines Adams trade, but hey I’m down for it if there’s a team that’s silly enough to give it to us! Its a bucs life!

  14. Two seasons ago he ran for 1000 with most coming in the 2nd half of the season and with a 5.0 ypc. No, he isn’t a great pass catching threat, but he catches the balls that are thrown to him. He isn’t as one dimensional as most people think.

    He is definitely worth a 2nd round pick. Anybody that doesn’t see it, knows absolutely nothing about football.

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